Prayer Group Miracle on Thursday, October 3rd 2013

Below is the story of our first prayer group miracle, which we have decided to share:

Email sent by Donna Liane on Friday October 4th, 2013

(Sent to all prayer group members to record the miracle experienced by all present. Later spread as testimony for the encouragement of ALL Crusade Prayer Groups; miracles belong to everyone!)
It seems that I cannot fail to write this because I have just been reminded by a heavenly being! While I'm not really sure who, I suspect St Therese.
On Thursday while at prayer group, just after the Rosary, and prayers for the Pope, I quite unexpectedly smelt a beautiful smell of flowers; a beautiful bouquet, not quite like standard roses. I don't know how to describe it except that it was heavenly as it seemed to me and It reminded me of a healing balm, maybe because I was thinking of another prayer group member with a serious illness. I thought it smelt like a holy oil that I once had,  that had come from a miraculous statue of Our Lady. It wafted my way several times and caused joy and wonder in me. I thought I would not say anything in case it seemed like 'pride', unless someone else spoke of it. 
When we finished our prayers, my mum spoke up and asked if anyone had smelt that beautiful perfume that entered the room? I then felt free to confirm that I had! So did a couple of others. 
Another member (B) wanted to be prudent (and be sure we weren't misguided) so she suggested that we check it was not each person's personal perfume they were wearing or the flowers beside Our Lady's Statue. It wasn't, as far as we could tell.One person realised it was the Feast of St Therese of Lisieux (traditional feast/Latin Mass calendar) and suggested that it may have been St Therese.  It was not anyone's scent that we could find or trace in the room, but letting the matter rest, we went back to begin Our Divine Mercy Chaplet and Crusade prayers. 

Again as we prayed several of us smelt the perfume again, which came and went, appearing at different places around the room. T smelt it too (near the coffee table under the cuckoo clock)  (B) said "someone is there".
After prayer time, Mum discussed whether, if it was a sign from St. Therese, that we should adopt her as another patron saint of our prayer group, along with St Benedict.

I wanted to ponder the meaning of this sign a little more...and did so on the long journey home. I was convinced that it was a miraculous sign and knew that Jesus promised miracles to His Crusade Prayer Groups, including signs, conversions as well as healings. 

Towards home I decided to relate the event to my daughter and in doing so, some things occurred to me. MDM had a vision/s of numerous saints at the beginning of her calling by God, that she did not recognise, but Jesus said he was sending them specifically to help her in His Mission. That was what it meant: God had sent a saint to help us in our prayer, as part of His Mission. 
I have always thought that any sign that occurs to any of us is for the benefit of all of us and must be shared, including with those absent, so I determined to write it down. 

When I got home, I walked into my bedroom ensuite where I have a Columban calendar with beautiful artwork of Our Lady, on the wall to check the saint of the day. As I looked to the name, St Therese, the perfume occurred to me again, very strongly so it could not be mistaken or ignored, causing great wonder and joy! I rang mum and told her; this was great confirmation. I also resolved  more firmly to "tell the others" and put it in writing,especially for the member who was sick.  
As I had many chores I put it aside till the next day and went to bed. 
The next day (Friday 4.10.13) was very busy and coming home I was again very busy with chores and had completely forgotten my resolve. But that, apparently, would not do! At the completion of my immediate chores (early evening) I walked into my ensuite and smelt the perfume again! 
One of my young children came in to find me and I asked her if she also could smell it? She said she could smell flowers and roses. I immediately thought that this was a reminder that I should go and write it down, as I promised, so that others could share this miracle! 
I don't know whether it was a sign from St Therese,  but upon reading her story later that night,  it did say that she often sends the scent of roses (or an actual rose) as a miraculous sign of her intercession. I am wondering, was anyone praying through her intercession specifically? (Apart from the whole universal church because it was her feast day!)
Further note:
* the scent was not like that of the roses that I have previously associated with Our Lady. It was a more subtle, gentler, mixed scent. 
Faithfully yours,
Donna. Xx
Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints! 

RESPONSE sent via return emails on Saturday 5th October by my mum and another prayer group member (C)Donna,
I sent your email to (C) as she was not at the prayer meeting on Thursday.
And guess what? She was praying to St Therese!!!
I think Our Lady of the Rosary is still relevant because it was right at the end of the Rosary.
A long time ago there was this guy (with curly, woolly hair) who sent all these books to  bishops and priests.
He used to always talk about the miracles of Rosary prayer groups that would happen in the future.
I think we are truly blessed.
This is also the month of the Rosary.
And St Therese is one of Australia’s patron saints.

Sent: Saturday, 5 October 2013 4:04 PM
To: (Mum)
Subject: RE: Miracle for Our Crusade Prayer Group: to be shared
Hi   … , I haven’t even read all the other letters yet but I couldn’t
wait to reply when I read the part where Donna asked if anyone had

specifically asked  for St Therese’s intercession that day, and as she is

a favourite saint of mine I prayed a lot to her that day as it was her feast

day, I prayed at Mass then at home in the afternoon and I specifically

asked her to send a rose from the heavenly garden as a sign she was

indeed listening, now I am very emotional having read Donna’s letter,

I believe it is indeed a sign that we are not alone and have lots of heavenly

helpers, I have another story about St Therese, I’ll tell you on Thursday

GOD willing, now I’ll read the rest of the emails, thank you so much for

sharing see you all on Thursday, GOD Bless xx
Miracle of the Roses
Miracle of the Roses

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