JtM Crusade prayer Meeting Tuesday,1st March 2016

Prayer Theme: Faith, Family, Nations

Thoughts and overview of today’s readings

We ended up choosing 4 readings today, as well as the Bible reading (after a prayer to the Holy Spirit). The Bible told of the 2 witnesses (Enoch and Elias) who were taken up to heaven. It told of a great earthquake and many thousands were killed. This cast fear into those remaining, who then praised God in heaven. The seventh angel announced the kingdom of Christ, who would reign forever. It tells of the “ancients” who talk about the good who would be rewarded and those who corrupted the earth would be destroyed…lightning, … earthquakes, … great hail.
This was encouragement for us, knowing that our faith would be rewarded.

The first reading from the Book of Truth (see below), was more encouragement for us, in that Jesus warns us of the signs we should look out for before the Warning, the gifts of Confession and CP 24 and what would happen during the Warning. At the end Jesus tells us that he needs us to pray to help Him save the souls who will not acknowledge their sins or ask for mercy during the Warning.

In the second reading from the Book of Truth (see below), Jesus continues to explain how, in his efforts to save everyone, he has sent many messengers to spread His word. He describes how He sees us – spoilt, law and order broken down, we have everything, nothing satisfies us, warfare, spiritual decline and no-one in control. His intervention is needed to “step in and take control” with His great act of Mercy (i.e. the Warning). He encourages us to “Be positive..Be hopeful. Be confident that even the most hardened sinners will be relieved at the advent of this great event…”. He describes it as the most important (event) since his resurrection

The third reading (see below) expands on the work of His messengers. How many fear the messages because the Truth means that their lives will change. He speaks of their many fears but also reassures them of His Love which will bring them peace. Jesus reassures us over and over again of His Love and protection – just like children who have to be reassured and reminded over and over again of their father’s love. He gives us instructions, so that we will find it easier; He guides us and shows us the way. So you see these messages are much more than any other prophecies have ever told us. The Book of Truth is a Father’s Love and care of his children. It is this which we feel when we read these messages. All we need to do is have Trust.

The last reading (see below) gives details of how our Faith (the Truth) will be tampered with. It tells us of how the sacraments will be tampered with, in all Christian denominations – of the lies, the trials, of satan’s cunning. Jesus explains the arguments, which will be used to try and persuade us of these heresies – how they will use Jesus’ traits of love for the humble, of the poor etc. will be used. We have to be prepared ( Jesus has mentioned this a few times in the readings today) and arm ourselves with the knowledge of all that Jesus is teaching us.

Reading from the Bible (Douay Rheims) :

Apocalypse 11:11-19

[11] And after three days and a half, the spirit of life from God entered into them. And they stood upon their feet, and great fear fell upon them that saw them. [12] And they heard a great voice from heaven, saying to them: Come up hither. And they went up to heaven in a cloud: and their enemies saw them. [13] And at that hour there was made a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell: and there were slain in the earthquake names of men seven thousand: and the rest were cast into a fear, and gave glory to the God of heaven. [14] The second woe is past: and behold the third woe will come quickly. [15] And the seventh angel sounded the trumpet: and there were great voices in heaven, saying: The kingdom of this world is become our Lord’ s and his Christ’ s, and he shall reign for ever and ever. Amen.
[16] And the four and twenty ancients, who sit on their seats in the sight of God, fell on their faces and adored God, saying: [17] We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, who art, and who wast, and who art to come: because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and thou hast reigned. [18] And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest render reward to thy servants the prophets and the saints, and to them that fear thy name, little and great, and shouldest destroy them who have corrupted the earth. [19] And the temple of God was opened in heaven: and the ark of his testament was seen in his temple, and there were lightnings, and voices, and an earthquake, and great hail.

Readings from the Book of Truth

During The Warning, those who redeemed themselves in My Eyes will not suffer pain of Purgatory.

24 May 2012
When the time comes my dearly beloved daughter for The Warning, a number of signs will be revealed.
I tell you this to remind all God’s children that they must prepare themselves beforehand.
The two stars will collide and many will be fearful.
There is nothing to fear because this is the greatest gift I bring so that not one soul is lost to the fires of Hell.
Then, my Cross, will appear in the skies and not one person will fail to notice.
Many will fall down in fear and a great shaking, like an Earthquake, will be felt.
Then will come the silence.
Always prepare for this day as if it were tomorrow.
Seek redemption now and reveal to me your sins.
Catholic must go to confession.
For those who are not Catholics they must recite the Crusade Prayer (24) I give to the rest of the world for my plenary indulgence.
This gift of my plenary indulgence is for all of God’s children of every creed and offers a great cleansing.
Do not reject this gift.
Accept it.
For Catholics who question my gift and who have begrudgingly criticised my gift I say this.
Do you believe that I would not bestow this sacrament on all of God’s children?
You must be generous of heart and happy that I do this.
Do you think that they should not be given such a gift?
If you do then you don’t truly love me.
Bow your heads and praise God for this wonderful gift given to mankind to save their souls.

Then, during The Warning, all those who have redeemed themselves in my eyes will not suffer the pain of purgatory.
Those who see their sins unveiled before them, as seen through my eyes, will be shocked.
Many will find it difficult to accept how blackened their souls are.
Those who do and show remorse will ask me to pardon them.
And I will.
But some will not be sorry and will defend, in their heart, the atrocities they committed as they appear before my eyes.
They won’t repent and will slap me in the face.
Either way the fires of the purification and suffering will be felt by all sinners.
The length of time will depend on the gravity of their sins.
Those who pull away from me need your prayers.
They will be given more time to turn back to me and ask me to forgive them.
But that time could be as short as a day or as long as a few years.
No one but My Father knows the date of my second coming.
The time between the two events will not be as long as you may think.
Finally, My children will realise the time they are living in and accept the truth.
For those who know the truth now and who believe in me you have a duty to pray for the souls who will not accept My Mercy.
My daughter, my greatest desire is to save the entire world, including those who are lost to me.
All the prayers of my followers, who unite as one voice, can help me to do this.
Go in love.
Trust in me always for the time is short and the plans for the salvation of humanity rests in the hands of my Eternal Father.
Your beloved Jesus

The most important Event since My Resurrection

19 September 2011
My dearly beloved daughter, it is my intention to bring every man, woman and child into my New Paradise on Earth, for if just one soul is left behind it would break My Heart.
This is why the number of messengers I now send into the world has increased.
It is so they can spread my holy word to encourage conversion.
I do not send messengers to frighten My children.
Instead, the role of my messengers is to prepare every person on this Earth, so that they are ready and worthy to live in this New Paradise.

My children, the times you are living in are not pleasant.
Law and order have broken down.
Greed has meant that your financial stability has been stolen from you.
Self-glory and obsession with ambition has meant that your faith has also been taken away from you.
Like a household where there is no parental control
You, My children, are like as in a household where there is no parental control.
Like spoilt children, you are provided with all the material comforts you crave without having to earn them.
You are provided with food, which you don’t have to toil for.
Everything that dissatisfies you is replaced with yet another novelty, another stimulant.
Yet, nothing satisfies for long.
Then rows take place among the children, each seeking to control the other to get their own way.
Physical warfare can then break out.
But no one is in charge and so they hurt each other, sometimes with grave consequences.
This is how I view the world.
My children are unhappy, lacking in spiritual comfort, but refuse to be guided by My Church.
My Church today cannot control such an unruly population who do not find devotion to me to be as stimulating as the creature comforts of the flesh.
War is destroying mankind and spiritual decline has created a vacuum in the world, which most of you, by now, feel the effects of in your hearts.
Nothing is as it seems.
Material glory glitters on the exterior, its light appealing to those starving for comfort, but there is nothing but darkness behind it.
I am the light that is missing in your lonely confusing and somewhat frightening lives.
This is why the time is close for me to step in and take charge.
You, My children, must welcome this and prepare for my Great Mercy.
You must pray for your brothers and sisters and look forward with open arms to welcome my intervention.
Be positive.
Be hopeful.
Be confident that even the most hardened sinners will be relieved at the advent of this great event, the most important since my resurrection.
Your Beloved Saviour
Jesus Christ

God’s Love, once felt by man, is something no man can live without

1 October 2012

My dearly beloved daughter, you must accept that when my followers believe in these messages, it will bring them a torment of the soul from time to time.
Many will rejoice when they read my holy word and will accept it as a miracle.
Others will also accept my messages, but on certain days they will be torn in two by the doubts, which will assail them.
These doubts are natural.
For some they will question and question whether they are truly coming from Heaven.
Then they will be full of anguish because they know that their lives are about to change and that the second coming will be witnessed by them.
This means that the lives they have led, up to now, will change beyond recognition.
This is frightening for many because they want to cling to their old complacent lives however unhappy they were.
Fear of the future, fear of the hand of God and fear of Satan’s army torment them.
Yet, while my messages can strike fear within their hearts, at times, they also bring comfort.
For one thing is certain.
They will feel my Holy Spirit in their souls and once this happens they will become familiar with God’s love.
God’s love, once felt by man, is something no man can live without.
It brings peace.
So, no matter how fearful you, my followers, may be, you must remember that I, Your Jesus, will never forsake you.
You are mine.
I am the life in your souls.
Through me, you will be saved.
I am full of mercy for souls who turn to me for help.
I will not let you suffer at the hand of Satan’s followers.
I will cover you with my precious blood.
You have nothing to fear.
Instead, you are being given the graces to prepare yourselves.
Now you must be brave, do not allow doubts to cloud your love for me or blind you to the truth of these messages.
They are my gift to you.
They are being given to you so that you will be protected and kept safe from harm.
Always ask me to allay your fears, for they are planted as seeds of discontent in your mind, by the evil one in order to distract you.
I bless you.
I give you peace.
I give you my protection.
Trust in me always.
Your Jesus

The plans have been drawn up by the unholy trinity where all that is True will be banished

15 October 2013
My dearly beloved daughter, it is my desire that all of my priests, in every Christian denomination, begin to preserve the most holy sacraments.
Those in the Catholic Church will be the first to witness the destruction and desecration of the sacraments.
Those who are loyal to me, Jesus Christ, will prepare diligently for this terrible wilderness into which My Church will be plunged.
You must prepare now, because it will be through your allegiance that all of God’s children will be able to receive the sacraments in their holy state.
To all other Christian Churches I say this.
Remind yourselves of my promise to come again on the great and glorious day of my second coming.
Know too, that in the years leading up to this, that all those who follow me will face terrible trials.
Those who will succeed to new positions of power, within all your denominations, will be led by the False Prophet and all will mouth his words and copy his actions.

Woe to those who side with the False Prophet for he is the antithesis of John the Baptist and will be the precursor of the Antichrist who will rule over all of you.
You will be protected by me, for soon I will be all you have to guide you.
Only I can be trusted to tell you the truth when you will be swayed by the heresies, which will be presented to you as the new form of modern Christian theology.
How cunning is Satan, for he will never shock – instead he will, through those who serve him – draw you towards a new twisted, back-to-front interpretation of my most holy word.

The plans have been drawn up, by the unHoly Trinity, where all that is true will be banished. All that appeals to the secular world, when human greed and desire to ignore sin, will be presented, through all Christian Churches, to the faithful.
This day has been written in stone and will be the final insult, allowed by God, before he sends me, his only son, to gather all those who remain true to the word of God.
When the lies are presented to you, they will appear to be a good thing.
The badge of humility will be common in all of your Churches, as it will be adopted by those among them who will deceive you.
Every trait, associated with me – My Love for the impoverished; My Love for the weak and humble; my disapproval of greed, avarice and lust, will be used as part of the arguments used to force you to accept this new doctrine – this new one world religion, to prepare the world for the rule of the Antichrist.

As a loving God, you are being given these warnings in order to save you.
Heed me now.
All I ask is one thing.
Remain true to my holy word.
My holy word was given to you, in the holy Bible.
It can never change.
But the enemies of God will twist its meanings.
When this happens, reject those who tell you that God would approve of such changes.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Your Jesus

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