JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting on Friday 25th August


Prayer Theme: Special Graces

Today’s prayer meeting ended in a surprise. The reading chosen was exactly the same as last Friday’s meeting. That is, that of 5th December, 2012 ” Virgin Mary: As the Mother of Salvation I will help you and your families to be consecrated to my Son.”

Yesterday, we were still discussing  “consecration” raised in this reading and in the Bible reading about David and Goliath. I won’t post it again. See “Recent Posts” on the “Home” page. So here we were again prompted to be thinking about it!


I think Our Lord and Our Lady are trying to make a point. We had interpreted the reference in David and Goliath to mean “consecration”. This connected precisely with the Book of Truth message. By opening the exact same Book of Truth message again,  God gave us confirmation . We must all consecrate our minds and hearts to the Lord. This is the Grace Jesus wishes for us. 

See the prayers we suggested in the post from last Friday’s meeting.

God bless+++


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