A Poem by Crusader Will: Heart Stop at Fatima



Many of us have done our bit for the Lord –

Done the Six First Saturdays,

Kept praying the Rosary,  kept up the blogs.

But what about all those members of the hierarchy

That have passed on and never obeyed

The clear directives of the Mother of God

About consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart?

Are they paying a high price

For not leading where we long to follow?

The price humanity has paid on earth

Is bad enough.  What of eternity?

The Russian Revolution has still to run its full course.


Crusader Will

LIVING ON THE FAULT LINE (Crusader Will Reflects En Passant)



    (Crusader Will Reflects En Passant)

What we’ve known for years will happen,

Happens. We take note, take stock,
Take some sort of action; survive to tell the tale.
The wagons of apocalypse trundle on down the track.
We try to keep our train of thought on the level
As we rail against the movers and shakers:
Not get too upset, not go right off the line.
It’s early days still. I live in a country
That’s sinking deeper and deeper into the mire,
But most of God’s people haven’t noticed a thing.
It’s only a Remnant who prays for the rest
That don’t even know the power of prayer.
The wake-up call goes out. I once woke up
To the whole house juddering around my bed.
It’s an object lesson. It’s then you make your move,
Or sit on the edge of the mattress, ride it out,
And wish you’d been better prepared.

JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting on Friday 6th July, 2018


Prayer Theme: Protection during the Warning and against the Antichrist

Prayers are Groups A & G: (See https://remnantdisciples.wordpress.com/crusade-prayer-group-format/ for details).

Reading from the Book of Truth

There will be powerful earthquakes in Russia and China soon and they will take place one after the other

July 3, 2013 @ 1:30pm

My dearly beloved daughter, how I have missed your time and how I rejoice that the spiritual darkness, which has covered you for days, has now lifted. You must keep reciting the Most Holy Rosary in order to protect yourself and all will be well.

The Earth will shake, as foretold, and one-third of it will be scorched, as a direct result of the sin of man. Prayer can mitigate much of these flames, which will be poured down on parts of the world where wicked laws infuriate My Father.

Sin against the Laws of God will be tolerated as long as those who know the Truth and accept the Word of God, honour Him. But now, those you have placed in positions of power have turned their backs on God. For this they will be punished through ecological turmoil. The purification is the only means to wake up humanity, in that they will seek remorse for their souls. Other means, while creating conversion, have not been enough. Man will suffer a great series of chastisements, as they continue to embrace paganism and murder each other.

God’s Intervention is necessary. Without it you would be forsaken.

There will be powerful earthquakes in Russia and China soon and they will take place one after the other.

Weather extremes and sudden changes in temperatures from cold to very hot will be seen. The seasons will no longer be seen in the way in which they were in the past.

Floods and sea storms will be seen in parts of the world, which have never experienced them up to now. In the countries, which pass wicked laws against God, earthquakes will rattle their lands and for those who know Me, they will know why they are taking place.

When the chastisements take place, there will come a second terrible punishment, which will be inflicted on false churches, who deliberately block the Truth. For they will suffer the most, because of the souls they have stolen from Me.

As I reveal more about the prophecies, which are contained in the Seals, man will eventually recognise the Truth. And while God is Love and while He is Just, His punishments will rain down upon humanity to rid it of its vanity, ego and self-love, so that man can become worthy to enter His New Paradise. Only those with pure and humble hearts will be given this Gift.

Your Jesus

Truth and Error: More Events and the Local Bishop


More on the local Bishop:

It’s just gets worse. A little over a week ago, we found out about a new R.E (Religious Education) Curriculum (which denies the True Presence in the Eucharist) and which is to be implemented in the  Catholic schools of this diocese in …  Australia, See our previous post on 1 July at:  https://remnantdisciplesjtm.com/2018/07/01/advancing-toward…on-of-desolation/

This week, there is more:

The Bishop held an LGBTi symposium to which he invited priests and others of influence in his diocese. He invited various speakers including a ‘practising Lesbian in a wheelchair’ who felt rejected by the Church and spoke only of her negative experience, as well as ‘theologians’ who began with what seemed like authentic teaching about love, compassion and inclusion but failed to include the one most important element: helping these wounded people to experience the fullness of the Love of God and His plans for them, by turning away from their sin; one which is mortal and which, unrepentant, denies them entrance to Eternal Life.

He describes it as an “inaugural event” that means there will be a lot more meetings like this to come. He says “We hope to become a Church where LGBTi Catholics feel welcomed, accepted and loved.” The Church already does this. The Church has never differentiated against them- they are welcome to come to Mass, and receive Holy Communion if they are in the state of Grace. In order to assist them in reforming their lives there are amazing organizations like Courage: https://couragerc.org/faqs/ and media releases like that of Brandon Vogt: https://brandonvogt.com/third-way-homosexuality-catholic-church/ or websites from the point of view of prodigal sons (reformed homosexual) like Joseph Schiambra: http://josephsciambra.com/

  • It’s like any other sinner – including fornicators, adulterers, etc. sinners go to Confession, then with a firm purpose of Amendment, may receive Holy Communion. They must amend their lives, and seek God above all else, and all will be well. We welcome, accept and love them – on these grounds, which are no different to any other sinner.

Where will these meetings lead?

It has been said that the intention is to bless the ‘unions’ of these people. I imagine that giving them Communion, would be another step. All these things will affect the Sacraments – Penance, Holy Communion, Matrimony.  The Sacraments will be meaningless!

Just as well there are a few brave priests, who speak out:

As a dear parish priest wrote in his bulletin recently while explaining the errors of Amoris Laetitia:..” the Lord Himself (who) said to the woman caught committing adultery ‘…neither will I condemn you, but go now and sin no more'”. This dear priest explains that  Amoris Laetitia “overturns 2000 years of consistent teaching, contradicting the Lord Himself.” The priest explains that to overturn the Lord’s instruction to the woman is to make oneself equal to the authority of Christ Himself; “which in turn, is denying the Divinity of Christ.”

We can’t ignore, or overturn God’s commandments – they are for all.

Another quote regarding the issues:

“Even the devil can be a theologian.”

“Building an inclusive Church.”

The word “accompanying” is used. Now where did we hear that before? In essence it means ignoring the sinjust be there for them. The bishop says “the journey continues”. How scary – I don’t want to know where this journey is going. The poster  explains: “Building an inclusive Church.” It is simply another step towards  acceptance of a One World Church. This bishop supports pope Francis in his vision:

‘John Thavis, a former Vatican bureau chief for Catholic News Service, said of  Francis : “He’s laying down some real markers about the kinds of reforms he expects to preside over, including greater decentralization, openness to diversity in the church, and a greater emphasis on the gospel message of salvation as opposed to church doctrines and rules.” ‘ (See https://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/27/world/europe/in-major-document-pope-francis-present-his-vision.html

Religious Deception

Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen (1950):

“… There will be a counterfeit church. Christ’s Church will be one. And the False prophet will create the other….”

We see this prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes. Pope Francis (the false prophet) and his cohorts are building a counterfeit church. The local bishop is part of this plan. It is happening in many places with many bishops. If God’s commandments and Christ’s teachings are changed, or amended, or re-interpreted against 2000 years of continuous teaching, then it is no longer the church that Christ established,

Pope Pius X11 – 1950’s:

“I am worried by the Blessed Virgin’s messages to Lucy of Fatima. This persistence of Mary about the dangers which menace the church is a Divine Warning against the suicide of altering the Faith, in her Liturgy, Her Theology and her soul…”

1 Timothy 4: 1-2:

“Now the Spirit manifestly saith, that in the last times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to spirits of error, and doctrines of devils,…”

Book of Truth:

“…The Ten Commandments, given to the world by My Father through the prophet Moses, are being re-written by man. They have been taken apart, twisted and given new meaning, so that man can condone sin.

… You show disrespect for the institution of marriage and think little of abusing this Most Holy Sacrament. You insult God further when you continue to seek His blessings on marriages, when He does not, nor can, recognise them. Yet, you continue to insult Him….” (8 July, 2013)

“…You, all of you who believe in My Church, must never betray Me. You must never accept any substitute for the Sacraments as I gave them to you. I Am the Truth. My Church represents the Truth. But you can only claim to be part of My Church if you retain all of My Teachings, My Sacraments and accept that My death on the Cross was the greatest Sacrifice to secure your salvation.”

“…They, the enemies of God, want Christians to accept marriage between couples of the same sex, but they must never accept this, as it offends My Father. It is not acceptable in His Eyes. …

…When you deny the Teachings of God and follow a new, alternative Church, you will no longer remain part of My Church on Earth. ..” (5th August, 2013)

Please pray for this bishop, and all the priests and people in his care.


(This post has been a joint effort by R.S and DonnaLiane)

JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting on Thursday 5th July, 2018



Prayer Theme:  Faith, Family, Nations

Prayers are Groups A & F: (See https://remnantdisciples.wordpress.com/crusade-prayer-group-format/ for details).


  1. Bible: Psalm 75
  2. BoT: 4 Nov 2013
  3. BoT: 16 March 2012

Bible Reading:  Psalm 75


2 We thank you, God, we give thanks; we call upon your name, we declare your wonderful deeds. [You said:] 3 “I will choose the time; I will judge fairly. 4 Though the earth and all its inhabitants quake, I make steady its pillars.”


5 So I say to the boastful: “Do not boast!” to the wicked: “Do not raise your horns! 6 Do not raise your horns against heaven! Do not speak with a stiff neck!” 7 For judgment comes not from east or from west, not from the wilderness or the mountains,8 But from God who decides, who brings some low and raises others high.9 Yes, a cup is in the LORD’s hand, foaming wine, fully spiced.

When God pours it out, they will drain it even to the dregs; all the wicked of the earth will drink.10 But I will rejoice forever; I will sing praise to the God of Jacob,11[Who has said:] “I will cut off all the horns of the wicked, but the horns of the righteous will be exalted.”

Readings from the Book of Truth

The Anger of My Father will increase the more His ungrateful children rise in defiance of His Almighty Covenant

November 4, 2013 @ 4:00pm

My dearly beloved daughter, God’s children need to understand the enormity of the great battle, which is taking place between My beloved Father and the evil one. So few of you could ever understand the intensity of this great battle, which has already commenced.

The angels in Heaven have begun the final battle to destroy My Father’s enemies on Earth. As the battle rages, it will engulf souls, everywhere. In particular, it will entice the souls of those who are in darkness and who do not truly know Me, to fight against those whose names are in the Book of the Living. Those who do not know Me, who do not believe in Me, who do not believe in My Father and who do not believe that Satan exists, will watch on the sidelines as the two Christian armies clash on Earth. These two sides will be contained within the Christian Churches. Christians on both sides will suffer the greatest persecution and they will be pulled in every direction to encourage them to desert Me.

Innocent souls will be hurt by the hatred shown to them by God’s enemies and Satan will use both sides as pawns in a hate-filled agenda, which will result in a terrible desolation on Earth. The desolation will be caused by the sins of man and their betrayal of Me. Their rejection of God, My Father, will be evident when they decide to change the Laws laid down by His Command, so that they can make them acceptable in their sinful lives. Know that this will result in a terrible punishment.

The Anger of My Father will increase, the more His ungrateful children rise in defiance of His Almighty Covenant. Those who prepare for My Second Coming will be barricaded into a prison of sorts, when they will be forced to swallow lies. Should they refuse to accept the heresies, which will be forced down their throats, they will be cast out of their churches. My Word will soon be forgotten. Everything, which I warned you about, will occur exactly as I have told you. Those who are blind to the Truth would rather live a lie, because it will be easier to accept lies, as they will be very appealing in the way in which they will be presented to them.

Heresy will be presented to the masses as part of a new constitution in My Church, which has nothing to do with Me. All will clamour to accept this, for they did not remain alert to the times, which they were warned about, concerning the lead up to the Great Day. Now you must prepare for this Day. You must walk away when My Divinity is challenged, as it will be in many ways, within My Church on Earth. Engage with My enemies and you will not win. Ignore them. Pray for their souls and prepare your own, for soon it will all be over. 

Your Jesus

Same sex marriage a grave sin

16 March 2012 @ 10:20pm

My dearly beloved daughter, the pain and suffering of My poor followers, who have to watch, helplessly, as new laws, contrary to My Teachings, are reaching unprecedented levels in the world.

Not only do you have to witness sin, children, you then have to watch as sin is presented to you, where you are forced to accept it as being humane.

I refer to one sin in particular, same sex marriage, which is presented as a natural right. You are then expected to accept this abomination, as it is set before My Father’s Throne in a Church.

It is not enough for these people to condone same sex marriage in the eyes of the law, they then want to force God the Father to give them His Blessing. He could never do this, because it is a grave sin in His Eyes.

How dare these people think it is acceptable to parade this abominable act in My Father’s Churches?

Children, I love every soul. I love sinners. I detest their sin, but love the sinner.

Same sex sexual acts are not acceptable in My Father’s Eyes. Pray for these souls because I love them, but cannot give them the graces they desire.

They must know, that no matter how much they try to condone same sex marriages, they are not entitled to participate in the Holy Sacrament of Marriage.

A Sacrament must come from God. The rules for receiving Sacraments must stem from My Father’s Teachings.

You cannot force My Father, God the Most High, to give His Blessing, or access to, His Holy Sacraments, unless they are respected in the way they are meant to be.

Sin is now presented in the world as a good thing. As I have said before the world is back to front. Good is presented as evil and those people who try to live by the Laws of God the Father, are sneered at.

Evil, no matter how you dress it up, cannot be turned into an act of goodness, in the Eyes of My Father. My Father will punish those who continue to flaunt their sins before Him.

Heed this warning, for your sins, which are carried out when you refuse to obey God, will not and cannot be forgiven. This is because you refuse to accept sin for what it is.

Your Saviour, Jesus Christ

Advancing towards the Abomination of Desolation


Posted on the Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, July 2018.

Yesterday (Sat. 23 June, 2018)  I was shocked!!! REALLY SHOCKED!!!

I didn’t expect this to happen so close to home; ‘in our own backyard’, so to speak.

When I first received an email from a fellow Catholic, I thought it couldn’t be true. It stated that a new R.E  (Religious Education) Curriculum was to be introduced into Catholic Schools in our diocese to children in upper primary and high school ( i.e; from  11-18 years of age).

Later, I received further news from this person, (who is well known in a few parishes and who also is well known to a number of Catholic priests):

“Just want to let you know a good priest was at the teachers & principals meeting in … Diocese recently where the new R.E Curriculum to be implemented was discussed and he had to stand up and defend the Catholic Belief at the Heart of The Faith: that Jesus is really, truly and substantially present in the Blessed Sacrament.

The link to the article below, in The Catholic Weekly last year, explains what this new Curriculum is about. It is called the Leuven Research Project and it is going to be implemented in the systemic Catholic Schools in the Diocese of  (…)  for Year 5 to 12. That Jesus performed miracles is also symbolic (as well as the Eucharist being just a symbol)  according to this Curriculum.”

Reading the link* (see below) that she sent me, it seems they had been working on this for over a year. I remembered a former parishioner of ours who left the diocesan Catholic Education Office and deliberately got a new job in a new diocese a few months ago. He didn’t like what was happening (but he couldn’t tell us at the time). At least he has a very good bishop where he is now!

The event described above, has since been verified to me today (1 July) by another parishioner who heard of this meeting through her own contacts.

I did a search online but could not find the R.E Curriculum . Another (teacher) source said that it has not yet been “released or published for staff”.

The Bishop of the diocese directing this development, was chosen by Bergoglio when the former bishop was elevated to Archbishop -to replace the cardinal of a neighbouring diocese who was called to Rome.


“What the lack of response (at the meeting)  shows me is what a thorough job they have already done of erasing and undermining the faith of teachers, PRIESTS, principals, Catholic school leaders…in our (once) Catholic school system” (comment by DonnaLiane)

This is another attack on the Eucharist!

  • First Amoris Laetitia (Communion to adulterers)
  • Then Communion to Lutherans (as happened at a Mass at the Vatican)
  • Communion to non-Catholic spouses of Catholics – (on 22 June, Pope Francis said that individual bishops can decide on whether Protestant spouses can receive Holy Communion)
  • Communion to people identifying as LGBTQi and who have not repented and continue to live in sin…
  • Now we are told, and our children are to be taught – that the True Presence  is only symbolic – Jesus is not truly present. Also that the miracles written about in the Gospels, are only literary devices!!

*Read about this new curriculum and its inception as a research project here. The article was written over a year ago.


The final attack:

The final attack on the Eucharist will probably arrive with the changes to the Mass which are now being planned. When the words of Consecration are changed to signify that the Eucharist implies communion with each other … then it will no longer be the Body of Christ.

 If children (and their parents) are being already taught that the Real Presence is not true and that it is merely symbolic, then the transition will be easy.

At one of our prayer meetings, we opened up the Bible at Hosea 9: 1-6:

 (Summary:) They have deserted God and the bread and wine won’t nourish them. They won’t offer the sacrifice of the Lord anymore. And their bread will be like mourners’ bread. It will make them unclean…

It seems things are happening very fast – orchestrated in fact.

In this country, we have had an inquiry into sexual abuse by priests and as a result there came an attack on the Seal of Confession, with a new law being passed. On June 18, 2018, it was reported in LifeSite News that Australian bishops remained defiant and said they would risk gaol rather than break the Sacred Seal of Confession to report sexual abuse.  This is to be implemented from the end of March next year.

See – https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/australian-priests-say-theyll-risk-jail-to-protect-seal-of-confession-from?utm_source=LifeSiteNews.com&utm_campaign=dc38221574-Daily%2520Headlines%2520-%2520World_COPY_264&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_12387f0e3e-dc38221574-402310269

Also see video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5JOQjaGs9Q&feature=youtu.be

It seems the US has similar problems:

On June 19, LifeSite News reported that the US Bishops’ Conference upheld the Church’s teaching on the ‘inviolability of the seal of confession’.

See – https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/bishops-make-clear-the-churchs-teaching-on-the-inviolability-of-the-seal-of?utm_source=LifeSiteNews.com&utm_campaign=202cfa52e6-Daily%2520Headlines%2520-%2520World_COPY_265&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_12387f0e3e-202cfa52e6-402310269

It seems the Bishops are on the right track, but the laws our governments pass are a different story.

Our Sacraments are being attacked relentlessly:

Matrimony- Amoris Laetitia; civil remarriages after divorce acknowledged; same-sex ‘marriages’;

Penance this will be affected by a flow-on effect of Amoris Laetitia; also the new “Seal of Confession” laws being promulgated in various parts of the world (Australia and US)

Eucharist  – Communion to adulterers; Communion to spouses of Catholics; Communion to Lutherans (as has happened at the Vatican) … and now the most vicious attack of all – that the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist is only symbolic!

Holy Orders – whisperings of married priests, women priests, homosexual priests…(synods to come??)

LifeSite News has articles on all these examples listed above. You will probably have read them during the past few years/months.

Don’t expect it to stop soon!

Don’t think that your children are safe from this new religious curriculum being introduced!

If you live in a Diocese, where such changes to religious school curricula are proposed:

  • Find out from your school’s principal whether they will be implementing this curriculum. (I don’t think they will have a say). It will be mandatory.
  • Spread the news to other parents. Don’t expect to see an article in your local diocesan newspaper regarding such a change (or at least not one that explains the Truth).
  • Find out if there are independent Catholic schools in your diocese – approach them and see if they can accommodate your children
  • Find out if an adjoining Diocese (that is easily accessible in terms of transport), with a more conservative Bishop, is easily accessible.
  • Move your family to a diocese that is “safe”, but do your homework first, and remember, that bishops can change.
  • Be ready to home-school. Make inquiries to find out about other Catholic home-schooling groups in your diocese. As far as our diocese is concerned, there are plenty of home-schooling groups, with lots of support.

Jesus warns us in the Book of Truth:

“…The reign of those who wish to destroy the word of God has commenced and the times for all those prophecies, as foretold to Daniel and John, are upon you. 

Your Jesus” (Message of 17 April 2014)

I will ensure that My church, those who adhere to My Teachings, My Sacraments and the Word of God, lives on through the remnant who will never desert me. There will be those amongst you who will betray me today. Others amongst you will soon denounce my sacraments, as you will be too weak to defend the Word of God. 

(Message of 29 March 2013)


JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting on Friday 29th June, 2018


Prayer Theme: Discipleship

Prayers are Groups A & E: (See https://remnantdisciples.wordpress.com/crusade-prayer-group-format/ for details).

Reading from the Book of Truth

The One Remnant Church which will stand, undefeated, until the rise of the New Jerusalem.

18 May 2012 @ 10:48am

My dearly beloved daughter, know now that the spread of My Holy Spirit is about to become rampant in the world.The Flame of Truth will enrapture the world and fill the souls of many with the simple wonder of My Great Mercy.

Much conversion will take place and it will be then that My Remnant Army will rise to become a powerful force in the battle against the antichrist.

My Remnant Christian Church will spread the Holy Gospel into every corner of the earth.

Fires will pour forth upon those who try to harm My Remnant Church. For few will be able to withstand the Truth of My Holy Word when it is shown to them.

So many will there be that it will amount to over 20 million.

Leaders will spring up among you and you will have to practice your faith hidden in certain quarters.

You will lead a Crusade of My Teachings and My Crusade Prayers will be your weapon to defeat the enemy.

Strangers will become close, people from different countries will join together omingand religions torn apart in the past through their differences will all join as one.

The One Remnant Church which will stand, undefeated until the rise of the New Jerusalem.

This is when My Second Coming will take place.

When My New Jerusalem rises from the ashes from where all those who opposed Me thought that My Church on earth had been burnt to the ground.

And then that will be it.

The New Beginning.

The New Era.

The New Heaven and the New Earth.

The time for the Divine Will of My Father to be realised finally.

Rise now My Army. Diversify and spread your wings. Never deviate from the Truth contained in the Holy Bible.

Never doubt the words contained in Holy Scripture.

For those among you, including members of My Church on earth, who do then you must open your heart to the Truth.

The Bible contains the Holy Word of God. The Bible contains the whole Truth.

It does not lie.

If you deny the Truth contained therein you deny the Word of God.

Your Saviour

Jesus Christ