Crusade Prayer Meeting Thursday 28th May 2015

After each Crusade Prayer Group we open messages at random from each volume of the Book of Truth and from the Bible. They often seem to have a common theme and apply to something the prayer group has been experiencing. These are the messages we opened last Thursday 28th May, 2015.

Book of Truth Book 3; p.231 Tues Jan 17, 2013

“Everything will be done to cause disruption to your prayer groups.”

Book of Truth Book 1; p.178 Wed May 4 , 2011

“Satan is wreaking havoc in the world but his days are short now”

Book of Truth Book 2; p.189 Thurs April 12, 2012

“The next Pope may be elected by members within the Catholic church, but he will be the false prophet”.

Book of Truth Book 3; p. 321 Monday 18th March, 2013

“The division in the world, to be brought about by Gog and Magog, will split families in two.”

Book of Truth Book 4;  4th February, 2014

“God the Father: I desire that you accept the Truth, not with doubt in your hearts, but love and trust.”