Images of the False Prophet and of Pope Benedict

In looking at images in the media, the following comes through so very clearly:

The False Prophet:
1. The False Prophet often gives a thumbs up.
• He does this because he suffers from pride and seeks the approval of man.
• This action is not a holy one. But a worldly action.
2. Many images or most of them of the false prophet are those which portray him in a very good light and in a good visual way of his facial features.
• The selection we see online are though only a small fraction taken of him overall, and the worldly media publish these good ones online.
• Seeking to portray him well, for his worldly attitude, for which they like and agree with, they select the best images of his face because they agree with him.

Pope Benedict:
The online images of Pope Benedict are likewise only a fraction of all of those taken of him. So then, which fraction are they?
• They are portraying his expression in often what seems unkind to him, with a poor expression on his face.
• This is again because those wordly media did not approve of his view (which view is the truth of God) and likewise they chose the worst images of him to publish as a fraction of all the images that exist of him.

By this alone and by the simple images online (and understanding the fraction of selection that is published online), the false prophet can be seen for who and what he really stands for. For the worldly media love him so much, they select the images they like of him best – because what he says pleases them so very much!

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