The Paralyzed Man

On Sunday,29th March 2015, after Mass, Steven and Veronica were talking to a priest.  All people had left, and the people for the next Mass were arriving.
We turned around for some reason, and we saw a man had fallen out of his wheelchair onto the ground. His elderly father had brought him to Mass, but the path was on a little slope and the father must have lost control.
There were 2 other parishioners from the incoming Mass there, but we rushed over to see if we could help. When he was back in his chair, we continued talking and eventually walked around to the meeting room at the back of the Church. When we came around the corner, there they were again – (as if they were meant to run into us again.) We asked if there was anything we could do for them and Father gave the man a blessing.
Following is Steven’s teaching about the incident:
The paralyzed man today was outside the very door we walked into! See the signs for what they are. God used this man’s suffering and his falling over (just prior) to command our attention. To speak to us!
This man was paralysed all over his body and so too, we must seek out spiritual paralysis of ALL types. To pray and deal with ALL types of evil.
For example.
• Those who won’t make the sign of the cross for hatred of God.
• For those who won’t bend their knee for being lukewarm,
• for those whose love for evil means that they would rather follow satan, than place their hands together and ask for forgiveness in simple prayer.
• Those blind and deaf to the truth of the times we are in.
For as this man today is trapped in his body, those who are in sin are trapped by the evil demons around them. But the holy power of the Remnant will be great!
The mission of the Remnant Army and Remnant Church is truly profound!
And God told the three of us this today, in His deeply humble way and by using great suffering to communicate it to us.
Praise be His name!

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