The End Times– we have been warned!


The time will come soon, as things deteriorate in the world, and/or after the Warning, when we will be called upon to evangelise /explain what is happening. People will be confused and not know what is happening. Many will not be familiar with the Bible and the references to the events  referred to therein. Of course, there are also many other prophecies – particularly by saints of the Catholic Church – many of them hundreds of years old. We will need to prepare and be ready with the information people will need.

The key events, which are referred to in the Bible

Signs of the times; The remnant; Book of Truth; Seal of the Living God;

Mark of the Beast; The New Paradise; The false prophet; The antichrist;

The New One World Religion; New One World Govt.; One world currency

Three Days of Darkness      

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Part 1:   The Biblical Basis of the events listed above

Part 2a:   Prophecies from the Book of Truth:

– Signs of the Times;   – The remnant;   – Book of Truth;  – Seal of the Living God;  –  Mark of the Beast 

Part 2b: Prophecies from the Book of Truth:

False Prophet; Antichrist

Part 2c: Prophecies from the Book of Truth:

New One World Religion;   New One World Government;  

One World Currency

Part 2d: Prophecies from the Book of Truth

Three Days of Darkness;      The New Paradise.