Crusader Will: Groundwork for Crusaders



Someone is shouting:

Clear a path in the desert.

Make a straight road

for the Lord our God.  (Isaiah 40:3)


You are blazing a trail.

You are preparing a way.

You are finding things out

and going through an ups-and-downs process

so that you can for others’ sake

clear away a lot of debris

and have on hand

the tried -and-true treasures of the Church.


This is the fruit of your catechetical training

and of your decades of knowledge of Christian doctrine

that started building in your teens

all those years ago.

So don’t be discouraged.

your time for being taken seriously will come,

and be instantly able to be assimilated..

Crusader Will

Crusader Will: Try to Separate Them.



        (tune of LOVE AND MARRIAGE)

Faith and morals,

faith and morals –Christ vs satan

they’re the basis of our earthly quarrels.

Cut through the primordial prattle,

cut to the cross-and-serpent battle.



Faith and morals,

faith and morals –

they’re the basis of our churchly quarrels.

See the millions apostate,

there before the devil prostrate.


Try, try, try to separate them.

You only get

capital sinners.

Try, try, try Saints and Spinners

and you only get

(dumpty diddley dumpty diddley dum)

doctrinal spinners.


Faith and morals,

faith and morals.

It’s no use just resting on your laurels.

Ask your heavenly Mother.

You can’t dump either one,

and not offend her Son.

So get out there and save your



Crusader Will: The Big One? That’s about the size of it!

A quake survivor gets quite apocalyptic in his reactions.
A real apocalypse may come as something of an anti-climax.
Whatever way the era’s set to end,
a further quake could easily preempt all that.
You develop a constant sense of overhang;
The literal is as much on the cards as the metaphoric.
It might be a mercy, to judge by the prophecies.
As long as it’s quick.  You don’t want to be trapped
underneath all that rubble, awaiting the inevitable.
Besides, I mightn’t survive the Tribulation
with my soul intact. Better to take me
in the state of grace, not as a total test-failure.
To lose a great deal of your interest
because of seismic shifts is one thing;
to lose your immortal soul
because of the reign of the Beast, 
is quite another.
The new earth may be a real draw-card,
but you might have to settle for the old heaven instead,
and predecease the Last Day –
only resurrection seems to require prior crucifixion.
Oh well. you might get that with the Church,
the way it’s all shaping up.
Crusader Will

Apologies to Red Sails in the Sunset

The poem below (by our favourite poet), was inspired by recent events. (See links at the end of the post. )


Red hats in our sight-lines

World-wide being tracked

To give us the right signs

Of how rogues interact.


They’ve been plotting for ages

How to bring down the Church,

So we’ll fight back in stages

Of thorough research.


These things bring such sorrow,

No matter the course of the war.

We’ll beg, steal or borrow

Till the mystery’s no more.


Red hats in the spotlight

Might prise blinkers off.

Our blind faith we’ve got right.

Now to empty the trough.

Crusader Will


This poem was inspired after reading about a new initiative Wealthy Catholics to target Cardinals with ‘Red Hat Report’. Read about it here:

and also

And a sample of what to expect (from Lepanto Institute):

Your Catholic Week in Review (Red Hat Edition!)


Crusader Will (poem): It’s a wrap



The Disillusionment Illusion May be an Illusion Too


Where’s the true among the false?

Who is game for another waltz?

Maybe our dancing days are done.

Who is poised to jump the gun?




The human race is winding down.

The time has come to act the clown.

For someone sure is fooling us.

The universe has missed the bus.




Yes. But for that remake climax planned,

We’d all get sucked in.Shifty stuff, sand.

Doom is in no mood for compromise.

 The real thing better pack a surprise.









(Crusader Will: Influenced by a satirical cabaret song.)

A Poem by Crusader Will: Heart Stop at Fatima



Many of us have done our bit for the Lord –

Done the Six First Saturdays,

Kept praying the Rosary,  kept up the blogs.

But what about all those members of the hierarchy

That have passed on and never obeyed

The clear directives of the Mother of God

About consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart?

Are they paying a high price

For not leading where we long to follow?

The price humanity has paid on earth

Is bad enough.  What of eternity?

The Russian Revolution has still to run its full course.


Crusader Will