Crusader Will’s take on Covid 19


Oh James Joyce would be proud

of all the eloquence ablaze in all these Aliases in Bloggerland

that contemplate the Planet stuck in a gigantic jam

by an iddy biddy bug concocted in the Gilt Gangland

of Wuhan Woe and Misery-laboratory

of Satan’s most sophisticated con-artist’s scourge

that has the world’s godless leaders flailing about,

mouthing the costliest codswallop humanity has ever known.


And there’s the Father of Love and Mercy.

lamenting for the Queen of His stupendous heaven spurned

by a procession of pontiffs who,

could have spared us all this agony

by the simple expedient of a Consecration

of sin-seed-bedded Russia to her Immaculate Heart.

That might yet redress some of the damage.

It’d be a Divine Mercy..