Survival tips for Unexpected Events: Be Prepared


Water for drinking Vs. Other Water Needs

Don’t waste good clean drinking water for cleaning, washing and flushing toilets. Be ready with other alternatives.

A common cause of illness, and even death, is lack of sanitation.   You won’t want to use your drinking water to keep things clean or to flush the toilet.

  • To save washing things so often, stock up on paper plates, paper towels, and disposable cups.  These can also be burnt/used as fuel.
  • Keep some disinfecting cleaning wipes and sprays.

Use hand sanitizer after using the bathroom and before handling food or beverages – especially in a disaster, there may be a lot more germs afoot

Options to consider for flushing the toilet:

  • Does your toilet still flush when the electricity is out?  
  • You may consider storing some water for flushing in the bathroom.  At the first sign of a storm, you can fill the bathtub for this purpose. 
  • Another solution is to stock up on extremely heavy duty garbage bags and kitty litter.  Place a bag either in your drained toilet or in a bucket.  Sprinkle some kitty litter in the bottom of the bag.  Each time someone uses the bathroom, add another handful of litter. Be very careful that the bag doesn’t get too heavy for you to handle it.  Tie it up very securely and store it outside until services are restored.


Nothing is more frightening than being completely in the dark during a stressful situation.

Some lighting solutions are:

  • Garden stake solar lights
  • Long-burning candles
  • Kerosene lamp and fuel
  • Flashlights (don’t forget batteries)
  • Don’t forget matches, including waterproof matches and lighters.

Tools and supplies

Some basic items include:

  • Lighter/waterproof matches
  • Batteries in various sizes
  • Manual can opener
  • Basic tools: Pliers, screwdriver, wrench, hammer
  • Duct tape
  • Super glue
  • Sewing kit
  • Bungee cords

First Aid kit

  • Your kit should include basic wound care items like bandages, antibiotic ointments, and sprays.
  • Keep on hand a supply of basic over-the-counter medications, like pain relief capsules, cold medicine, cough syrup, anti-nausea pills, and allergy medication. and anti-diarrhoeal medications.

Getting started:

  1. Make a list of your family’s requirements.
  2. Do a quick inventory – to see what you already have .
  3. Make a shopping list and acquire the rest of the items you need.  If you can’t afford everything right now, prioritize the most important things first.
  4. Organize your supplies so that they are easily accessible when you need them.

Peace of mind:

The peace of mind that comes from being prepared for a disaster before it happens cannot be measured.  

  • You won’t have to fight the crowds or be faced with empty store shelves.
  • You won’t have to sit there, cold and miserable, in the dark.  
  • You won’t be hungry or thirsty.  
  • It less traumatic for your children when they see that you aren’t afraid.

Extra considerations:

  • Water for cooking, cleaning, and your pets, as well as water purification and filtration supplies.
  • Stored Food  – especially non-perishable and canned food
  • Fuel to cook outdoors
  • Waterproof containers for storing important documents.

Light and Communication: Make sure to have a battery-operated radio, flashlight, clock, or wind-up clock (include extra batteries)

  • Extra Clothes, Pillows, Blankets: Stored in your emergency kit or a waterproof container.
  • Entertainment items: Cards, board games, toys, drawing pads.
  • Insect repellent
  • Plastic Sheeting/Tarps: to cover any holes or damage to your roof.
  • Plastic sheeting with a bit of duct tape is also great for patching leaks.
  • Tools/Supplies for securing your home: a drill with screwdriver bits; roof and window repair tools, rope, leather gloves, shovel, bolts for doors.
  • Keep non prescription drugs and other health supplies stocked.
  • These can include pain relievers,

fluids with electrolytes,

cough and cold medicines and face masks.

For more information see:


Comment (on previous post) from Tt Crusader:

  • I guess toilet paper would come under hygiene products, but I would add it explicitly to the list.
  • And also, from my experience in the Bosnian war, where all society and services broke down, PLASTIC BAGS were found to be extremely important ,as there was no garbage collection, no working sewerage. 

Comment from R.S –

Do you find you have those plastic shopping bags taking over your house (especially if you are recycling-minded)?

A good tip is to stuff them into a “bean bag ( – one of those large cloth bags that are stuffed with styrofoam beans and used as a comfortable pillow for lounging about.) A great solution is to stuff them into the bean bags – it will take hundreds, and the bean bag is still comfortable to lie/sit on.

AND you will have the plastic bags when you need them!


Buying and Selling when money is worthless


“Your money will be worthless and the only way to trade will be in gold or silver.” -Jesus in the book of Truth, Jan 1, 2011


Transfer some of your wealth to bullion.

Bullion, gold or silver, is an international trading currency that has value in the precious metal it is made of.

Do NOT purchase certificates of gold or silver.

Purchase physical bullion in coins or bars. No matter what happens with dollars, euros, yen and yuan, gold and silver will stand through the upcoming trials as an international currency. It is most likely that they will substantially increase in value.

Silver in mid-2015 can be purchased at prices that barely cover the mining companies’ extraction costs. Do NOT purchase collector coins. Collector coins are sold at a premium price for their decorative value. Stick to bullion bars and coins.

Since making change with silver or gold is not as simple as getting change with currencies, vary the size of the coins/bars you purchase. Start with one ounce bars or one ounce silver coins. As you accumulate more bullion, go 70% silver and 30% gold in varying sizes of silver bars and single gold ounces.

There are many private dealers out there. Purchase within your country.
Do not wait! If you cannot purchase much, purchase some. Do not wait until you have a specific amount, some months or years into the future before transferring wealth to bullion.

(From “Raising Awareness” – Author wishes to have no recognition.)

Editor’s note: If you leave it too late,  there could be a shortage and this will drive the prices up.

An Australian website is :

You can buy silver and gold coins/ bars.

The website shows $Aust. and $US.

Why we must prepare!

World events seem to be moving very fastwhether wars or society’s standards or religious issues. We often say “What is the world coming to?”

The news media runs out of adjectives and superlatives for every new extreme!
Gory terrorism;
twin tornadoes;
human rights for euthanasia;
rainfalls of 8” or more in mere hours;
top 1% get richer, rest get poorer;
marriage rights for homosexuals;
a pope that speaks of the environment humanitarian needs but seldom speaks of salvation;
droughts lasting years;
permissiveness of any sexual inclinations;
more sizeable and more frequent comets videotaped crashing to earth;
legalized third trimester late-term abortions;
larger and larger sinkholes throughout the world;
the coolness of human-injectable RFID chip;
over 40 volcanoes currently erupting; ebola’s return;
earth groans recorded throughout the world…

The remainder of this document ( to be put in posts to come) is full of suggestions for living in a time when one cannot rely on utilities like electricity, natural gas, heating oil; and for a time when we can no longer depend on the world’s supply chain management, meaning going to the grocery store, restaurant, gas station or convenience stores whenever a person’s whims dictate.

These are unique times that require discernment and preparation. They want you to have this document so you can be aware and reflect for yourself. IT IS FAR BETTER TO TAKE A RISK AND WARN YOU, THEN TO SAY NOTHING AND SEE YOU SUFFER BECAUSE YOU HAD NO FOREWARNING TO PREPARE.

Whether you act on this advice or not … I would urge you to ENSURE YOU HAVE AT LEAST TWO WEEKS OF FOOD AND WATER IN YOUR HOME AT ALL TIMES.

We need to Prepare for a darkness of evil that will overtake the earth on multiple fronts including: economic collapse, world war, global famine, apostasy, schism of the Catholic Church .
God will reply with storms that will last weeks, earthquakes that will be felt across multiple countries, volcanoes shifting weather patterns and the occasional comet.
It has already begun!

The world has embarked on a path that has never been witnessed before. God always warns his people, such as in the prophets of the Old Testament. Today nothing has changed. He still warns His people through the various saints and appearances of Our Blessed Mother.
(See details of Biblical prophecies and others elsewhere on this site.)

We are entering the Great Tribulation spoken of in the Book of Revelation, the Book of Daniel and Matthew ch.24.

Do what is appropriate for your situation, for where you live, for your family, for your needs. Do what you can within your means.


Suspend disbelief

Events in the world will affect everyone in some form or fashion.
A terrorist attack will impact mobility of people and goods,
civil unrest will lead to curfews and restriction of movement,
flood and weather events impact road networks,
earthquakes can impact supply pipelines, and tornadoes can devastate crops; to name a few.

No one will be left untouched; all will be impacted whether directly or indirectly.


Calamities abound and will increase.

Unprecedented weather events are already occurring with increased frequency throughout the world impacting road networks and disabling access to stores for extended periods

Have 2 weeks of food and water at all times to weather such short-term inconveniences.

All you need to do is rotate the food supplyconsume the older stuff first and replenish with newer, keeping 2 weeks ahead.


If you’ve never asked God for anything, now is a good time to start. Pray for guidance. No specific wording is needed, just talk to Him. Ask Him to show you what you need to do.

There is a difference between being made aware and fear mongering. Fear mongering leaves you in a state of confusion, leaves you in a panic that all is lost. All is most definitely not lost! Actually this is a turning point in history. Evil’s last gasp before a time of peace.

Only listen to those who guide reassuringly and advise calmly on how to move forward and prepare.
While what is coming is out of the norm of what we have been used to, the events prophesied will happen to force people to choose good or evil – Heaven or hell one last definite time.

Prepare to look after your Health


This might be difficult – especially for those who refuse the chip (or the ‘mark of the beast’ as it is named in Scripture). If we are part of the remnant, we will be on the outer of society.

We may not have access to our normal medications. Some things you can stock up on, but others you can’t get without a prescription, and (at least here in our country) you can’t fulfill prescriptions ahead of time and keep them in the cupboard. We have to start researching and planning now – to look for natural remedies or health store products that we can store.

Please don’t hesitate to share any ideas/ expertise you may have. You can contact us via the contact form on the menu bar.

Below is the advice from our “Raising Awareness” friend.

Special health needs

Do you or a family member have specific ailments? Asthma, allergies, etc. Assess the needs of those in your family and do your best to have what is needed for as long as possible. Renew prescriptions as soon as refills are available. Ask your doctor for prescription to cover more days to minimize dispenser fees.

Medications & First Aid

Each home should have a standard first-aid kit with the usual bandages and gauzes. What is needed beyond that will vary according to individuals and family. Answer the following and use your answers as a guide:

  • Are you prone to illness?
  • Do you need prescription medications?
  • Is a member of the family prone to injuries?
  • Consider what you have purchased medication for in the past 12 months.
  • Are these illnesses that recur time after time, seasonally, or genetically?

Personal Hygiene and Toiletries

For this section, the needs will vary, yet the basics will be the same.

Here are checklist items for toiletries and personal hygiene:

  • soaps to wash self and to wash clothing;
  • toothpaste and toothbrushes;
  • shaving cream and razor, if applicable;
  • toilet paper, towels, and
  • method and tools to wash clothing.
  • Ladies may need feminine hygiene products.
  • If using an outhouse, toilet paper rolls can be placed in empty coffee tins to keep them dry and spider-free.