Prophecy Fulfilled: Substitutions made one after the other

Dr Taylor Marshall shared this image on Twitter this morning, from a celebration of the ‘Holy Thursday Mass of the Last Supper’:

A Crusader friend had sent it to me early this morning. The first thing I noticed was naturally that the inverse of what is meant to occur, according to the Rite of the Roman Missal, was enacted. A parishioner washes the feet of her priest and not the priest or bishop washing the feet of those that serve on the altar (fellow priests and deacons) or his fellow men.

The reaction that came to mind was: “Talk about turning a tradition upside down! and my friend reminded me that “upside down = demonic.” Jesus, who was Master and leader, washed the feet of his 12 Apostles, not the other way around. This was a deliberate gesture which He explained to show that they were to be humble and at the service of others as they were to be the new leaders in the Church Jesus was forming as a result of The New Covenant.

Traditionally, therefore, the rite of foot washing on Holy Thursday was performed by a bishop washing the feet of some of his priests within a Cathedral or other significant Church as it was symbolic and representative of Jesus act; as close as possible, in imitation. This is what the popes had done over the years and bishops.

From the reform of Pius XII it was then able to be led by priests enacting in accordance with the rubrics of the Roman Missal; allowing 12 men to be chosen and the Mass to be celebrated in the Evening – according to an excerpt in an article at ncregister ( quoting + Arthur Roche (the Archbishop Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments) explaining as now going:

“beyond the rather clerical and reserved sense, taking place in the public assembly with the direction for «twelve men» which makes it more explicitly an imitative sign, almost a sacred representation, that facilitates what Jesus did and had in mind on the first Holy Thursday.” Furthermore these men were to be chosen from among “the people of God”.

So the washing of the feet on Holy Thursday, up until a few years ago, looked like this:

You can clearly see the reversal of the custom in the first photo. That phrase ‘upside down’ rang a bell and the prophecy it fulfils from the Book of Truth was quickly found:

3 January 2015 @ 5:05pm

Mother of Salvation: Many substitutions will take place until the new religion is eventually formed

My dear children, the face of my Son’s Church on earth will change beyond recognition and will be substituted by one, which is not of my Son. Substitution after substitution will evolve as the Teachings of my Son will be turned upside down and replaced with false secular doctrines.

There is no room for anything other than the Word of God in any church, which declares itself to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. But, there will come a time when my Son’s Church will become part of a political movement on a grand scale, and it will then lead the way in all things that concern the world, except that it will not remain loyal to the Word as it was laid down by God.  All of these things will happen, as foretold, as my Eternal Father permits His enemies to devour the Body of His only begotten Son – but only for a limited time.  He allows for these trials to test the strength of those who know the Truth and those who remain loyal to His Church; as well as those who will discard it in favour of the doctrine of darkness.

It will take time before all of these changes will come about but the seeds have been planted. All religion will be united as one and then merged with governments as part of a new global unit and they will lead the way until the man of sin enters it to take up his seat. Many substitutions will take place until the new religion is eventually formed and it will proclaim everything that appears, on the surface, to be for the good of all.

Pray, pray, pray dear children for the strength to endure the pain, which will ensue. My Son, Jesus Christ, cries tears of great sorrow at the way in which He is to be betrayed and for the souls who will be lost to Him on the way. It will be up to His loyal sacred servants to steer the ship, which will keep His True Church on course as it sails into choppy and stormy waters. But please be assured that every good grace will be accorded to those who remain true to the Saviour and Redeemer of the world during these harrowing and difficult times.

Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

This sort of gesture, of course, has not evolved overnight; the substitutions are happening quickly- one after the other.

First Pope Francis, straight after his (illicit) election in 2013, washed the feet of 12 incarcerated prisoners, including two women and furthermore, including two Muslims, clearly breaking with tradition, outside of the rules of the Roman Missal, choosing it instead as a gesture representing humanism and (possibly) the equality of religions. He even said “we are all children of the same God.” As reported by The Washington Post

This was at the juvenile detention centre, Casal del Marmo.

That’s one big substitution! But the political statement continued:

“In 2014, Francis visited Don Gnocchi, a center for the elderly and disabled. On that occasion, the participants in the foot-washing ritual ranged in age from 16 to 86, and several were in wheelchairs with their feet swollen or disfigured. Four of them were women.” (

In 2015 more inmates, this time from Rebibbia prison in Rome in 2015.

(CNS photo/L’Osservatore Romano via Reuters):

Then in 2016, PF changed the rules to officially include women and girls but the Missal still says they are to be pre-chosen from the people of God. Once again, he interprets this as he wishes and ignores rules; breaking them– as an example to others to do the same, to go beyond ‘narrow interpretations’.

Finally, we come to the new image seen at the top of the article, showing just how far some parishes have taken these substitutions and just how far the practice has now deviated from the original action which Jesus performed.

In the message quoted above from the Book of Truth, Our Lady states that “my Son’s Church will become part of a political movement on a grand scale“. We saw this when recently Francis kissed the feet of the South Sudan political leaders. (See ) Notice the cameras rolling.

PF kissing feet 2Pope kissing Feet of Sudan leaders

All this washing and kissing of feet brings to mind another prophecy from the Book of Truth (29 March 2013 @ 7:00pm):

“…When those who lead My Church say they love Me, and then betray Me, you will see, clearly, their kiss of betrayal.

Not at My Feet will they fall.  It will not be My Feet they kiss, but those of My servants, My followers, My sinners. …”

This refers to Francis when he did not kiss the feet of Jesus at the Adoration of the Cross ceremony last year (2018). But the previous day, at the foot washing ceremony of Holy Thursday, he had washed and kissed the feet of people including 2 Moslems and a Buddhist. Kissing the feet was not meant to be a part of the ceremony. After the feet are washed, they are dried. It was yet another substitution, which he began last year. This year he extended the kissing to the feet of politicians on a visit to their country!

It’s only one step more to do this to make similar substitutions to the words of the Consecration regarding the Eucharist, as well. Eventually this will also occur. 

Keep your eyes and ears open!


JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting on Thurs. 20th Dec. 2018


Prayer Theme:  Protection during the Warning and against the Antichrist

Prayers are Groups A & G: (See for details).


Bible: Matt. 26: 47-56

BoT: 29 Dee. 2012

BoT: 30 June 2014

Bible Reading

 Matt. 26: 47-56

The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus. 47 While he was still speaking, Judas, one of the Twelve, arrived, accompanied by a large crowd, with swords and clubs, who had come from the chief priests and the elders of the people. 58 His betrayer had arranged a sign with them, saying, “The man I shall kiss is the one; arrest him.” 49 Immediately he went over to Jesus and said, “Hail, Rabbi!”  and he kissed him. 50 Jesus answered him, “Friend, do what you have come for.” Then stepping forward they laid hands on Jesus and arrested him. 51 And behold, one of those who accompanied Jesus put his hand to his sword, drew it, and struck the high priest’s servant, cutting off his ear. 52 Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its sheath, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword. 53 Do you think that I cannot call upon my Father and he will not provide me at this moment with more than twelve legions of angels? 54 But then how would the scriptures be fulfilled which say that it must come to pass in this way?” 55 At that hour Jesus said to the crowds, “Have you come out as against a robber, with swords and clubs to seize me? Day after day I sat teaching in the temple area, yet you did not arrest me. 5 But all this has come to pass that the writings of the prophets may be fulfilled.” Then all the disciples left him and fled.

Readings from the Book of Truth

Never fear Me for I come in peace

December 29, 2012 @ 7:36pm

My dearly beloved daughter, again, I say to all of you, dear disciples of Mine, not to be fearful. While events to come may be distressing for you to witness, remember these, My Holy Words, given to you now.

My Love for humanity is so great that I forgive easily, any sin, no matter how offensive, once true remorse is shown by the sinner. Never fear Me if you truly love Me because I protect you at all times. Yes, you will suffer in My Name, when you walk behind Me. But this is something, which you must accept. It is such a small price to pay for the Glory, which lies ahead of you.

Those who, however, walk in front of Me in the mistaken belief that they do not need the Presence of God in their lives need to be fearful. These sinners, who will never show remorse, for they believe that they are in control of their own destiny, will fall into the abyss. This, the trap laid down for them by the evil one, can be likened to a ticking clock. For every minute they continue to forsake Me, their time is shortened. Their time to redeem themselves in My Eyes is short.

Know that the two armies for the battle of souls have now lined up in order to prepare for the war. Time is moving on so please be prepared at all times.

Never fear Me, for I come in peace. Be fearful, however, of the beast who will be seen to come in peace, but who comes to destroy you. He, the evil one, and his followers on earth are those you should be fearful of. Not Me.

Your Jesus

You can only uphold the Truth, for I Am the Truth. Deny the Truth and you deny Me

June 30, 2014 @ 11:50pm

My dearly beloved daughter, you, My dear followers, must know that the gates of Hell will never prevail against My Church, although much of My Church on Earth will be crushed, as foretold. But, the Truth can never die. My Word will never die out nor will My Teachings be forgotten by those who are in true union with Me. 

Only those who remain true to My Word can say they are part of My Church on Earth. Those who applaud any form of tampering of the Holy Gospels or adaptation of My Teachings will no longer be able to claim that they serve Me. Should a holy servant of Mine dare to proclaim an alternative doctrine to the one given to man by My apostles and the prophets, before My Time, they will be immediately expelled. 

I warn all those who embrace anything, which is deemed to be sacred – but which is formed by human hands and creation – and who accept this as Mine, that I will cast you out, for you will no longer be able to call yourselves My servants. And should you lead souls into error, your punishment will begin in your time and will continue long after you depart from this life. 

My Anger is unknown to you, because you have yet to witness it. But know this. You who will betray Me already know who you are, for your faith has already weakened. Many of you have already fallen and your weakness will be your downfall. You will betray Me; deny Me and embrace My enemies, for you will be so caught up in the new religion – the secular humanism, which will come as a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing to devour you – that I will be forgotten. Your ambition and desire to please those enemies of Mine, who will rise to great heights, within the echelons of My Church – will blind you to the Truth. This will be the cause of your demise and all those whom you will pull into grave error.

It is when My Church turns My Teachings upside down; inside out and back to front, that you will know that the time has come for the antichrist to take centre stage. Those who worship the beast will sign their own death warrant and will hand over their free will, a Sacred Gift from God, to My enemies. Once you swear an oath to this new false doctrine, you will be guilty of crucifying Me and your punishment will be severe. 

Why, you may ask, would you be punished for your obedience to your elders? The answer is simple. When you swore an oath to serve Me, you agreed to uphold the Truth. When you break this oath, because of your obedience to those enemies of Mine to come, then it is not I, Jesus Christ, you will serve.

You can only uphold the Truth, for I Am the Truth. Deny the Truth and you deny Me. When you deny Me, as a servant of God, you will no longer be fit to instruct God’s children towards their Eternal Salvation.

Your Jesus

JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting Friday 3rd August, 2018


Prayer Theme: Discipleship

Prayers are Groups A & E: (See for details).

Reading from the Book of Truth

Those who curse My Prophets, curse Me.

September 9, 2014 @ 5:00pm

My dearly beloved daughter, My Heart heaves with great sadness at this time. There are those amongst you, who having embraced My Word, given through these holy Messages, because of My Love and Compassion, have betrayed Me in the most cruel way. This betrayal is no different to that which was inflicted upon Me during My Time on earth.

The seeds of doubt are being implanted in others by those who have been led into error, because of the lies and hatred, which the evil one has placed in their hearts. He, who hates Me, will continue to incite hatred against Me by infesting some of those involved with this, and other missions from Heaven, to save souls. He will lie and cast aspersions upon My chosen ones, so that he can turn souls away from Me. To those who turn their backs on Me, know that your betrayal cuts My Heart in two. Know that what you do against Me is your own business, because your free will is your own. But when you use your influence to take souls away from Me, I will hold you personally responsible for each and every soul you manage to take away from My Great Mercy. Woe to the man who incites hatred against Me, Jesus Christ, when My only desire is to take, with Me, every child of God.

I come to envelop souls into My Mercy and if you create obstacles, spread lies and cause others to despise My prophets, then I will punish you severely, for this is one of the greatest sins against God. When you deliberately try to interfere with My Plan of Salvation, I will call you before Me on the last day, and you will be held accountable for the sin of depriving Me of those souls who have been lost to the evil one, because of your actions. And, when you declare that the Word of God comes from the spirit of evil, I will never forgive you for this wickedness.    Silence. Do not commit this grave offence against God. If you no longer accept My Mission, then walk away with dignity and do not utter one word. Your silence will save you. If you utter evil against Me, I will cast you into the wilderness and you will never be part of My Kingdom.

My Heart is broken but My Resolve is not. Fear not your error, but the Wrath of God, for those who curse My Prophets, curse Me.

Jesus Christ

The Son of Man


JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting, Tuesday 16th August, 2016


Prayer Theme: “Submission to the Divine Will”

Overview of readings

Bible: Mark 14: 10-24. BetrayalJudas’ pact with temple elders; Holy Thursday night and Jesus’ prediction that one of them would betray Him; and his statement that: “It were better for him, if that man had not been born.”Book of truth

Book of Truth Book 1: In theme, this reading seems a logical continuation – Carrying the Cross (how to live our lives and carry our crosses today). The importance of penance and fasting; the evil atrocities which will be carried out; accepting our crosses will bring us joy; rejecting and comlaining about our crosses will make them unbearable.

Book of Truth Book 4: Betrayal in the Churchsubstitutions which are to take place; new teachings which will be secular doctrines; the Church, which will be part of a political movement. (Indeed, we can see it now -the pope-)videos cover most of these aspects.)

The Readings: Bible and Book of Truth

1. Douay Rheims Bible: Mark 14: 10-24

[10] And Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve, went to the chief priests, to betray him to them.

[11] Who hearing it were glad; and they promised him they would give him money. And he sought how he might conveniently betray him. [12] Now on the first day of the unleavened bread, when they sacrificed the pasch, the disciples say to him: Whither wilt thou that we go, and prepare for thee to eat the pasch? [13] And he sendeth two of his disciples, and saith to them: Go ye into the city; and there shall meet you a man carrying a pitcher of water, follow him; [14] And whithersoever he shall go in, say to the master of the house, The master saith, Where is my refectory, where I may eat the pasch with my disciples? [15] And he will shew you a large dining room furnished; and there prepare ye for us.

[16] And his disciples went their way, and came into the city; and they found as he had told them, and they prepared the pasch. [17] And when evening was come, he cometh with the twelve. [18] And when they were at table and eating, Jesus saith: Amen I say to you, one of you that eateth with me shall betray me. [19] But they began to be sorrowful, and to say to him one by one: Is it I? [20] Who saith to them: One of the twelve, who dippeth with me his hand in the dish.

  1. [21] And the Son of man indeed goeth, as it is written of him: but woe to that man by whom the Son of man shall be betrayed. It were better for him, if that man had not been born. [22] And whilst they were eating, Jesus took bread; and blessing, broke, and gave to them, and said: Take ye. This is my body. [23] And having taken the chalice, giving thanks, he gave it to them. And they all drank of it. [24] And he said to them: This is my blood of the new testament, which shall be shed for many.

2. Carrying my Cross, How to Live your Lives

16 January 2011

Yes, my beloved daughter, it is I. It has been a long learning curve for you and you will continue to be fed with the knowledge of the truth through the gift of the Holy Spirit, which fills your soul.

My daughter, please ensure that these messages, which are a mixture of forewarnings, prophecies and a summary of My Teachings, are spread to every corner of the world. It is vital that My children understand the ways in which they can prepare their souls in order to redeem themselves in the eyes of My Father.

Spiritual renewal taking place in the world now

There is an emerging devotion and honour of me, my Eternal Father, the Holy Spirit and my Beloved Mother, taking place in the world right now. Although it is not clearly visible yet, this powerful spiritual renewal will help protect My children, even those who turn their backs on me, everywhere.The gospel will now be revisited, as people will begin to experience the hunger pangs for the truth. As the purification steadily increases and becomes more widespread around the world, so too will these souls, empty of love for me, open their hearts again.

As the love unfolds through the light of my followers, the effects of the evil one and the behaviour of those he infests will weaken. The evil one will retaliate.

Satan’s days are numbered

As his days on this Earth lessen by the hour, he will attempt to inflict as much damage as he can. His followers will quicken their activities and rise immediately to spread wickedness everywhere. Their actions, which will be terrible to bear witness to, as they manifest themselves before your astonished eyes, will be short-lived.

Faith, My children, strengthened through regular daily prayer, will stamp out these atrocities. Go back, My children, and re-discover My Teachings. Bring me back into your lives. Take me into your hearts once more, so that I can hold you in my arms. Let me guide you towards spiritual perfection, so that you are prepared for eternal life, when Earth and Heaven emerge as one.

Imitate me, My children, in your daily lives. Take up My Cross, even when the burden of doing so may seem too much. Never fear to accept My Cross, as I will only allow you to carry what you are capable of.

Meaning of suffering in this life

When you suffer in this life, you are carrying My Cross. You have two choices. If you reject My Cross, moan and are bitter because of it, then the suffering increases unabated. On the other hand if you accept the cross and offer up your suffering to save souls, then this is a wonderful gift to me. If you accept this suffering, the trials and tribulations, with joy, then your load will become lighter. I will help you carry it.

The pain will then ease and peace, love, joy and pure happiness will reign in you.


Lead simple lives

Live simple lives, children, and do everything in moderation. When you eat, drink, sleep, rest and relax, ensure that it is done in moderation. Once your physical needs are met, you should not continue to seek more, as it saps your spirit. Penance, My children, is vital to your becoming closer to me.

By this, I mean personal sacrifice. Fasting is just one example of penance. I preached the importance of penance during my time on Earth. So too did my precious prophet, Saint John the Baptist.

I, by fasting for 40 days, did so to show you an example. It is only by fasting, children, that you will help drive out the evil one.

My dear children, you have so much ahead of you. You do not understand yet what will be required of you in the years ahead. It is important, in the meantime, to draw closer to me, so that you are prepared for the trials ahead that face Christians throughout the world.

Go in peace.

Your Loving Saviour

Jesus Christ.

3. Mother of Salvation: Many substitutions will take place until the new religion is eventually formed

3 January 2015

My dear children, the face of my Son’s Church on Earth will change beyond recognition and will be substituted by one, which is not of my Son. Substitution after substitution will evolve as the Teachings of my Son will be turned upside down and replaced with false secular doctrines.

There is no room for anything other than the Word of God in any Church, which declares itself to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. But, there will come a time when my Son’s Church will become part of a political movement on a grand scale, and it will then lead the way in all things that concern the world, except that it will not remain loyal to the Word as it was laid down by God.

All of these things will happen, as foretold, as my Eternal Father permits His enemies to devour the Body of His only begotten Son – but only for a limited time.  He allows for these trials to test the strength of those who know the Truth and those who remain loyal to His Church; as well as those who will discard it in favour of the doctrine of darkness.

It will take time before all of these changes will come about but the seeds have been planted. All religions will be united as one and then merged with governments as part of a new global unit and they will lead the way until the man of sin enters it to take up his seat. Many substitutions will take place until the new religion is eventually formed and it will proclaim everything that appears, on the surface, to be for the good of all.

Pray, pray, pray dear children for the strength to endure the pain, which will ensue. My Son, Jesus Christ, cries tears of great sorrow at the way in which He is to be betrayed and for the souls who will be lost to Him on the way. It will be up to His loyal Sacred Servants to steer the ship, which will keep His True Church on course as it sails into choppy and stormy waters. But please be assured that every good grace will be accorded to those who remain true to the Saviour and Redeemer of the world during these harrowing and difficult times.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation


JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting Thursday 17th March, 2016

Prayer theme: Special Graces

Thoughts on the readings today

In the Bible Reading today we hear the story of Jesus washing His disciples’ feet – showing His disciples how they should serve.He also tells us that He knows the ones He chose. Despite this Jesus also announces that one will betray Him.We have to be ready or this.

Some people in our groups will weaken and opt out, others, (in a moment of weakness, or without thinking), will say or do something which will attract unwanted attention. Like Peter, when he denied Jesus 3 times before the cock  crew. This unwary moment can cause martyrdom or persecution. There may even be a “Judas” in our groups. What will we do then? We have to be prepared, Be alert! Be ready! Take precautions! Don’t take anything for granted.After all, Jesus warns us in the messages that not all of us will persevere.

Ultimately though, Jesus tells us that it is by our love for one another that we will be recognized as His disciples! Jesus loves us and gives us, his disciples “special graces” to warn us, and to cope with difficulties – whether small, personal, family, prayer group, church community  or sometimes something that seems too big to handle..

These thoughts are repeated in the first reading from the Book of Truth. At the beginning Jesus tell us that He has given the world the”greatest Mercy“. In the last paragraph in the reading we chose, Jesus tells usEvery one of you in my remnant army will be given special graces”. This happens all the time – every week we choose readings – how all the readings come together, but it blows my mind each time. We know it’s Jesus (proof last week) – I guess it’s good that we don’t take it for granted. Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ!

Before this though, Jesus gives us instructions: to be calm, be confident, to spread His word, and ensure we pray for the salvation of souls of others. He warns us that “This mission will be the most vilified since my Crucifixion“; that evil spirits will cause disruption and place obstacles, but that the more we suffer the more souls will be saved. Jesus reinforces the fact that we should prepare now because “time is short”

The next reading we chose again emphasizes the importance of spreading God’s word. He reminds us of the importance of His teachings and of reading the Holy Bible. He tells us that His holy Word is the food of the souls. This is why we must try so hard to spread His word – because without this food the soul withers, and grasps worldly things and false religions. We have the gift of Baptism but not everyone has been given the Truth.We (as the remnant army) must try very hard to help Jesus in this

The last reading chosen today gives us more information on how to save more souls. Jesus tells us that prophecies that are fulfilled, will allay doubt in the hearts of His followers. He tells us to go ahead and “publish, without hesitation, other events I have revealed to you.

Sounds like a  homework assignment to me! We have been speaking in our prayer group during the last few weeks of how the messages are telling us to prepare. Well Jesus is our Teacher. He is telling us what we should do.We all have access to the messages – we must make lists, ideas, strategies and SHARE them with each other. We should have printed books, leaflets, etc ready to hand out when the time comes. We must know our prophecies and the facts so that we can convince others. It is like C. (in our prayer group last week) said – that we are not doing enough.) – see posts entitled “Go tell the others” under Signs and Wonders.

Jesus outlines ecological events which are to happen – earthquakes in England, Norway, South America, sea-level rise in Mediterranean. Perhaps some of us could prepare a list – of the Prophecy, the Message (and date) in which it is foretold and when and where it happened.. If any of you have any ideas, do not hesitate to forward them to us (see contact button – email) and perhaps we can post them on the site. We already do this for our own prayer group, but would be happy to hear from you and consider anything you send.

In conclusion, please read the messages referred to above, in the sections below. Read them in full.

Bible Reading from  John 13: 1 Washing of Disciples’ Feet

3 Jesus knew that the Father had put everything into his hands, and that He had come from God and was returning to God,4 and He got up from table, removed His outer garments and, taking a towel, wrapped it round His waist;5 He then poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet and to wipe them with the towel He was wearing.6 He came to Simon Peter, who said to him, ‘Lord, are you going to wash my feet?’7 Jesus answered, ‘At the moment you do not know what I am doing, but later you will understand.’8 ‘Never!’ said Peter. ‘You shall never wash my feet.’ Jesus replied, ‘If I do not wash you, you can have no share with me.’ Simon Peter said,9 ‘Well then, Lord, not only my feet, but my hands and my head as well!’

10 Jesus said, ‘No one who has had a bath needs washing, such a person is clean all over. You too are clean, though not all of you are.’11 He knew who was going to betray him, and that was why He said, ‘though not all of you are’.12 When He had washed their feet and put on His outer garments again He went back to the table. ‘Do you understand’, He said, ‘what I have done to you?13 You call me Master and Lord, and rightly; so I am.14 If I, then, the Lord and Master, have washed your feet, you must wash each other’s feet.

15 I have given you an example so that you may copy what I have done to you.16In all truth I tell you, no servant is greater than his master, no messenger is greater than the one who sent him.17 ‘Now that you know this, blessed are you if you behave accordingly.

18 I am not speaking about all of you: I know the ones I have chosen; but what scripture says must be fulfilled: ‘He who shares my table takes advantage of me.19 I tell you this now, before it happens, so that when it does happen you may believe that I am He.

20 In all truth I tell you, whoever welcomes the one I send, welcomes Me, and whoever welcomes Me, welcomes the One who sent me.’21 Having said this, Jesus was deeply disturbed and declared, ‘In all truth I tell you, one of you is going to betray Me.’

22 The disciples looked at each other, wondering whom he meant.23 The disciple Jesus loved was reclining next to Jesus;24 Simon Peter signed to him and said, ‘Ask who it is he means,’25 so leaning back close to Jesus’ chest he said, ‘Who is it, Lord?’

26 Jesus answered, ‘It is the one to whom I give the piece of bread that I dip in the dish.’ And when he had dipped the piece of bread he gave it to Judas son of Simon Iscariot.

27 At that instant, after Judas had taken the bread, Satan entered him. Jesus then said, ‘What you are going to do, do quickly.’28 None of the others at table understood why he said this.29 Since Judas had charge of the common fund, some of them thought Jesus was telling him, ‘Buy what we need for the festival,’ or telling him to give something to the poor.

30 As soon as Judas had taken the piece of bread he went out. It was night.31 When he had gone, Jesus said: Now has the Son of man been glorified, and in him God has been glorified.32 If God has been glorified in him, God will in turn glorify him in himself, and will glorify him very soon.

33 Little children, I shall be with you only a little longer. You will look for Me, and, as I told the Jews, where I am going, you cannot come.34 I give you a new commandment: love one another; you must love one another just as I have loved you.

35 It is by your love for one another, that everyone will recognise you as my disciples.

36 Simon Peter said, ‘Lord, where are you going?’ Jesus replied, ‘Now you cannot follow me where I am going, but later you shall follow me.’37 Peter said to him, ‘Why can I not follow you now? I will lay down my life for you.’38 ‘Lay down your life for me?’ answered Jesus. ‘In all truth I tell you, before the cock crows you will have disowned me three times.’

Readings from the Books of Truth.

I will create miracles all over the world to prove to the skeptics that it is I, Jesus Christ, Who has sent My prophet to prepare all of you for My Second Coming

Friday, 7 June 2013 @ 23:45

My dearly beloved daughter, all of those who know the truth and who accept the prophecies contained in My Father’s book, must accept that he has granted the world the greatest Mercy.

Now that the time draws closer for my second coming, those who recognize My voice and who listen to Me, must devote their time to ensure that they spread My word and pray for the salvation of all their brothers and sisters.

My beloved disciples, My graces are being poured over you and you must remain confident when helping others to prepare for my second coming.

Even when they scream obscenities at you, you must remain calm.

This mission will be the most vilified since my Crucifixion, but know that it is the mission which will save billions of souls.

This is my time. It is the time allocated to me by my beloved Father, as agreed. It is the time for my reign when the new Heaven and the new Earth will merge as one. Just as My Father’s will is done in Heaven, so too will it be done on Earth.All will become one. Hatred, suffering and the power of evil will cease.

Every effort you make now to salvage your own souls and your prayers to save others will be worth it, no matter how difficult it is.Let them roar at you, scourge you, abuse you, call you liars and treat you cruelly. The more you will suffer, the more souls you will bring to me.I have carved out this path and it is guarded by all of the angels in Heaven.

Every evil spirit will cause disruption, create obstacles and try to stop you walking towards me, but it will be useless.They cannot stop Me reaching out to you or drawing you closer.

There will be billions of you.Those who refuse to prepare now will do so in time. You must not allow them to slow you down, for time is short.

Every one of you in my remnant army will be given special graces and I will create miracles all over the world to prove to the skeptics that it is I, Jesus Christ, who has sent my prophet to prepare all of you for my second coming.

Your Jesus

I urge My followers to remind people of the importance of reading the Holy Bible

23 January 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, I am joyful and pleased because of the love, which my disciples hold in their hearts for Me.Heaven rejoices at the speed in which my Divine Messages and prayers are spreading throughout the world.

This is the time, foretold, so very long ago, when my holy gospel will be preached throughout the whole world. I urge my followers to remind people of the importance of reading the holy Bible, the word set out, according to the will of My Father.

Today, my word is spoken, yet again, to instill in the minds of people, today, the importance of My Teachings. Failure to accept the word of God results in the death of the soul. Every man on Earth was born with free will.

For every man, given life by My Father, the sacrament of Baptism was made available, but not every child of God was given access to this important gift, which cleanses the soul and rids it of demons. Every man was entitled to the truth of My Teachings, yet not every man was given the Truth.

In its place, false religions were fed into the souls of innocents. This led to hatred for one another, as the lies, created and spread by such false religions, infested the hearts of man. The truth is that my holy Word is the food of the soul. Without it the soul withers. When it is empty of the peace, which My Love brings to it, it then seeks solace in the arms of worldly things, which drain it of every comfort, eventually.

Now that my holy Word is being ignited in the hearts of jaded men, My Love will spread when the Truth is given to humanity.This love will draw hungry souls, and so My plan of salvation will continue.I will exhaust every avenue, using the hearts of humble souls – who truly love me – in order to save the whole of the human race. It does not matter what god they idolize because, very soon, the truth will be revealed to them.Then, they will want for nothing, only my glorious presence.

Your Jesus

New Revelations Floods in France this Summer

 22 May 2011

My dearly beloved daughter, the revelation given to you on the 18th march, 2011, at midnight, that the volcanic eruption in Iceland would occur in may has now taken place.

You may wonder why you were so shocked when this happened as foretold. So I will explain. Although most of your doubts have been dispelled regarding the authenticity of My communications with you, there was still a fear on your part that you were not discerning these prophecies correctly. You must rise now with confidence and let me allay your fears.

Move now and publish, without hesitation, other events I have revealed to you.

By doing this, more people will understand that it is I, Jesus Christ, who now commands the attention that is required to help save souls. When these prophecies are confirmed, there will be little doubt in the hearts of my followers of their authenticity.

Yet the hardened soul, who refuses to believe and who will always provide a logical response when they witness the truth, will still not be convinced. Floods in France, heat wave in Turkey Hear me now. Floods will occur in the south of France this summer.A heat wave will take place in Turkey.

Other ecological events, which will cause disarray, include an Earthquake in England (but not immediately) some of which will impact on other European states. Expect a rise in sea levels in the Mediterranean, which will shock every one. Earthquakes will also be felt in Norway and in South America.

I will, My daughter, reveal other events to you, but with only one motive in mind. That is to convert My children. If and when they accept that I speak to them through you, then this will bring me joy. I have no wish to frighten My children, but these events will continue to escalate in the world as part of the great chastisement ahead.

They are a necessary part in the battle against the deceiver.Pray now, My children, to dilute and avert these events, because prayer is extremely powerful as a means of pardon.

Go now in peace.Do not be afraid to publish these prophecies, for they will occur.

Your Saviour

Jesus Christ

Jesus we trust in You!!!

JTM Crusade Prayer Meeting11th February, 2016

 Prayer theme: Protection

Thoughts on Today’s readings:

The Parable of the Mustard Seed’s message is short. Jesus tells us that His kingdom will grow like this little seed into the biggest tree. We can liken the Remnant army to this mustard seed – insignificant and hardly noticed. But it will grow into the biggest tree that will provide shade (and therefore protection) in its branches.

The second reading tells us of the love that God the Father has for us. He wants to protect us from the beast, and the demons and the antichrist. He gives us the weapons we will need – the armour of the litany prayers. He tells us how our prayers will alleviate our suffering and actually disrupt the plans of the antichrist. They will even help to cut down the FP and the antichrist more quickly. Unless God the Father told us this, I am quite sure that many of us would be close to losing hope. He continually protects us and watches over us, and reminds us of what we need to do.

He tells us to be patient, that billions will convert, that the Holy Spirit will make it difficult for the ac to penetrate the armour of God’s army.

In the next reading, Jesus tells us of the lies, deception, and betrayal. He begins though, by telling us how calm we will be, due to the Crusade Prayers. Our prayer group commented on this a few weeks ago. We realised that we did not fear and we were calm despite all that we saw happening and beginning to happen. Well, this is just the beginning – we are being warned – it will get MUCH WORSE. But our dear Lord makes sure that we are ready and prepared. He tells us that “Only those who are prepared will be saved”.

In the final reading for today, Jesus tells us of the Warning – His intervention – will bring us the protection we desire from the sorrow of the world. What a beautiful image when He tells us : “all of those whose names are in the book of the living will be swept up into my arms.” It makes me feel like a child running into the arms of my parent, who catches me and swings me up and around with joy!!! I can’t wait. It is hard to really imagine this. I’m glad that we will forget all the bad stuff. He reminds us to keep praying though, – for those who doubt and those who deny him will finally see.


NJ Bible : St. Mark 4: 30-32 The parable of the Mustard seed:

30 He also said, ‘What can we say that the kingdom is like? What parable can we find for it? 31 It is like a mustard seed which, at the time of its sowing, is the smallest of all the seeds on earth. 32 Yet once it is sown it grows into the biggest shrub of them all and puts out big branches so that the birds of the air can shelter in its shade.’

Book of Truth: 21 July, 2012

The Love of God will shine down on all those who ask My Father to stop the antichrist from inflicting terrible suffering on humanity

My dearly beloved daughter, for those among you, my followers, who worry about the times ahead you must know that all power lies in the hands of my Eternal Father. His only wish is to save all of his children from the clutches of the beast. Sadly the beast, Satan, is dismissed by those non-believers as being a figment of the imagination. He and his army of demons are everywhere, prompting God’s children to sin in their thoughts, actions and deeds every second of the day. My Father not only wants to save the souls of every single one of his children, he wants to protect them from the persecution of the Antichrist.

The power to avert, dilute and mitigate these trials lies in your hands, my followers.Your prayers can alleviate much of this suffering which is being planned by Satan’s army in the years ahead.Those who convert back to the ways of the lord, God the Most High, will be given the graces to help stop much of this ugly and evil plan which is being prepared by this wicked group against their fellow brothers and sisters.

The Love of God will shine down on all those who ask My Father to stop the Antichrist from inflicting terrible suffering on humanity.You must pray hard that he is cut down along with the False Prophet quickly. You, my followers, will be given special Crusade Prayer litanies to break down and weaken his power.These must be said daily after The Warning and, ideally, during adoration of the Holy Eucharist. These litanies, designed to destroy the Antichrist and his army, will be a powerful force and if enough souls join in these prayers they will be instrumental in disrupting much of the plans being perpetrated by the Antichrist and the False Prophet.The first litany will be given to you shortly.

Stay strong and trust in My Love for you for it is not my desire to see you suffer. All I desire is the unification of all of humanity in the new era of peace which lies ahead. This is all you need to focus on. All suffering will be wiped out and forgotten when this new era unfolds.
Be patient. Trust in me and know that the love that my Eternal Father has for his children is insurmountable and beyond your comprehension. Love and trust in his great love and know that the power of my Divine Mercy is so strong that when it envelopes the whole of humanity that billions will convert.

That will be when the power of the Holy Spirit, which will surge through the majority of the souls of God’s children, will become an intolerable burden for the Antichrist. He will find it difficult to penetrate the armour of God’s army. This is why you must never give up hope. The battle for souls could be shortened and mitigated if enough souls convert and do I instruct them. I love you all and I hope you trust in me always.
Your Jesus

Book of Truth : 21 September 2013

Many will betray Me by accepting falsities

My dearly beloved daughter, my power will surge within the hearts of believers now as they, through the power of the Holy Spirit, will feel a sense of calm despite the great apostasy, which they are beginning to witness in My Church.
I will, by the power and the glory of my beloved Father, give you, my cherished disciples, great strength and courage during these trials.

You are being given these gifts through the Crusade Prayers, because without them you would find it impossible to withstand the religious persecution, which lies ahead.
You are being given these gifts so that you can save the others, who will refuse My Call from Heaven and who will wander, innocently, into the lion’s den, where all Hell will break loose.
Once, within the den of darkness, they will be swept up into pagan rituals.

Their souls will be opened up to the spirit of evil and, within a very short period of time, they will become blind to the truth – the holy word of God, laid down since the beginning.
Many will betray me by accepting falsities.Yet, they were given the truth by My Death on the cross.

Many of my disciples, when I walked the Earth, betrayed me on the days leading up to my Crucifixion. Imitating the Pharisees, they shouted these words:“get away from me, you speak heresy. You mock the Pharisees, who speak in the name of God. You are a liar and you speak evil. You are the son of Satan.”
Now that I prepare all of you for my second coming, you will spit out these very same accusations again. I come now, through these Divine Messages from Heaven, to bring you the truth, although you know all about me. I do this for the truth will be abolished in My Church. You will soon accept lies in My Name and the truth will be nowhere to be found.
Remember these words.

I come only to complete my promise to My Father. I come to bring you the final salvation you were promised. Satan does not want this to happen, yet he cannot stop me.But what he will do is to prevent many of God’s children from accepting my final mercy.
He will do this through the help of my enemies, whom he has now seduced within My Church on Earth.
Wake up those of you who are asleep. I will come like a thief in the night.
Only those who are prepared will be saved.
Your Jesus

Book of Truth : 22 December 2013

Soon you will see Me in all of My heavenly Glory and then you will finally understand the Mystery of My Divinity

My dearly beloved daughter, how the world will soon sit up and acknowledge my presence.
My presence will be felt in every nation, country and home and no one will deny my presence, yet some will not want to witness my intervention.
You must all accept that when The Warning takes place, that it is a great sign from Heaven.
It will confirm the love, which God has for all of his children.
Your lonely separation from God will come to an end that day.

For those who want the protection they desire, from the sorrow, which exists in the world today, know this. I will wipe away your tears. Forgive you your sins.
I will bless all of you, including those who will turn their backs on me, in the hope that they will come running back to me, so that I can save them.

The world is mine. God’s children will be gathered together and all of those whose names are in the book of the living will be swept up into my arms. Pray that those who have doubts will be rid of them, that those who are in terrible darkness will ask me for mercy and that those who deny me will finally recognise me.

You must never allow the detractors of my holy word to take you away from me, your beloved Jesus.
Soon you will see me, in all of my Heavenly glory, and then you will finally understand the mystery of my Divinity.
Your Jesus

Readings are chosen at random by volunteers after a prayer to the Holy Spirit.

MDM messages – CP meeting Thursday, 18th June, 2015

Readings are chosen at random by prayer group members.

The Warning will prove that God Exists

Wed.June 22, 2011

My dearly beloved daughter, strong now, having endured the worst trial so far, you will move to impart my urgent pleas to the whole world.
They, my beloved children, need to know that when I come soon, they will come face to face with me.
How I long to show them that I really do exist and how I await the joy on their faces when they witness my love and mercy.
for many of my children will fall down and cry tears of relief, tears of joy and happiness, tears of wonder and love.
For, at last, it will be possible to live a new life thereafter, where all can follow the truth of my teachings.
My children will not realise the significance of this great act of mercy, the greatest gift ever bestowed on mankind since my crucifixion.
For it will be through this gift of the warning that man’s eyes will be finally opened to the truth of their entire existence on this earth and beyond.
Those who are alive in this world today must understand how privileged they are to be given the proof of the existence of God the Eternal Father and I, his beloved Son, although this is beyond your comprehension.
After the warning do not turn back to your old ways

I urge all of you, that when you have seen My presence and shown how sin, not only offends Me, but propels you down the pathway to hell, that you must not turn back to your old ways.
The period after the warning is crucial for world peace and your salvation.
do not reject this gift.
Grasp it with both arms.
Let the warning bring you as one in me.
When you do this and pray for guidance, you will be rewarded with the new paradise on earth where you will want for nothing.
Rejoice.   Listen to me.
Heed my message and allow My love to envelop you towards My glorious kingdom.
I love you all.
The next time you feel a stab of love in your heart for another fellow being, remember that this gift comes from me.
without love there is no life.
Your Divine King of Mercy
Jesus Christ, Son of God the Eternal Father

God the Father: Just as My Son  was crucified so, too will His Church on earth be crucified.

Thurs. Aug 2nd, 2012

My dearest daughter the trial of my Son’s Church on earth has already commenced.
The scourging, the persecution is about to begin.
Just as my Son was crucified so, too, will His Church on earth be crucified.
The trial is taking place now.
My Son was sent to save humanity from the fires of hell.
His death on the cross, a terrible cruel atrocity, was permitted by me as a means to offer my children a future.
My Son’s body became His Church on earth.
His priests and sacred servants took the place of his apostles.
Now, as He returns again to redeem mankind and claim my precious children, so that they can enter my paradise, history will be repeated.
My Son preached the truth and he gathered many people who followed his teachings who did not doubt his word.
Then he was betrayed by those close to him and devoted to him within his ranks.
His church, the Catholic Church, was also betrayed within its own corridors.
The temptation by satan brought this about and a great evil was responsible for the demise of my Son
in his Church today. It’s demise commenced some time ago.
As with my Son, many followers loyal to the Holy Word laid down by me, deserted Him.
Then began the trial where my son was accused of heresy.
So too has my Son’s Church on earth suffered the same fate.
Through the wicked amongst them, who committed grave offenses against humanity, many loyal followers deserted the church.
In turn they deserted my Son and discarded his teachings.
The trial of my Son’s church on earth has rendered its priests silent when it comes to defending my Son’s teachings.
They are afraid of offending those who deny my Son because of the sins of those amongst them.
My Son’s church now faces the greatest trial of all not seen since the crucifixion of my beloved Son.
His church is being mocked unmercifully, not just by its enemies from outside but from its enemies within.
The crown of thorns will now be placed on the head of my Son’s Church and few of his followers will stand by him.
Just as my Son’s apostles, with the exception of John, deserted him during his trial and execution so, too, will those in high places within the Vatican desert my holy vicar.
He will, as head of the Catholic Church, be forced to walk a terrible path in disgrace through no fault of his own.
While he will be whipped, sneered at and made to look foolish it is not he they will vent their rage at.
it will be against the truth of the Church, the Christian Church, formed because of my Son’s sacrifice, that they will pour out their hatred upon.
Christianity will be scourged in every crevice, in every nation, in every place of worship until it is weak with exhaustion, as it will be led up the road to Calvary. Just as my Son was led, it will be tied and secured with ropes to render it impossible to escape the torment.
Then, as it climbs the hill, it will be pelted with stones, spat upon and jeered at all the way to the top.
then it will be nailed to the Cross.
Little sympathy will be shown for it by those who blame the Church for its sins against the innocent when they will condemn the head of the church, my son.
They will blame him for the sins of others caused by the temptation of satan.
When they have nailed my Son’s church to the cross they will send hundreds of guards, just like the six hundred soldiers who stood on Calvary to ensure that not one morsel of flesh escapes without punishment.
Not one servant of his church, who proclaim loyalty to it, will be allowed to escape.
When the church has been crucified, they will ensure that it is starved of food and water until its dying breath.
All its disciples, just as it was with my son’s apostles, will be nowhere to be seen.
They will go into hiding for fear of reprisals.
In what will seem to be its dying breath, all will become silent until the cheer of those who crucified the church will deafen the entire world with its false doctrine.
The voice of the new head of the church, the imposter, the false prophet, will ring out.
all will fall in thanksgiving to me, God the most high, with relief.
for this will seem to represent a new beginning.
It will be then that my Son’s presence will no longer grace the altars within this church for this cannot be.
It will be then, that My hand, in chastisement, will fall in punishment.
This is when the battle of Armageddon will begin.
This is when i will come, through my Son, to save souls.
Do not deny this prophecy.
Do not hide behind false securities for this day must come.
The crucifixion of my Son’s church must come about because of the final covenant.
but then the glorious resurrection of the Church, the new Jerusalem, will wipe out all the tears, all the suffering and then the new era will come.
Trust in my Son at all times.
Never fear for I am your Father and I will come to renew the earth and gather all of my children in this final miracle foretold in the book of Daniel.
The Book of Truth is now being revealed to you, children, as promised.
Do not reject My Divine intervention for I speak the truth.
God the Most High

When the freedom to speak is taken away, the Truth is hidden.

Fri. Nov. 30th, 2012

My dearly beloved daughter, the prophecies, when the freedom of nations, which allows them to speak without shackles ends, are about to be revealed.
In my message to you on 01, January 2011, i told you that the voice of the people through the media would be hidden from mankind and taken away.
When the free voice of the media is silenced then you know that you are living in a dictatorship.
Many changes are being forced upon nations through the control of the media.
When the freedom to speak is taken away, the truth is hidden.
Then nation after nation will be fed with lies dictated by pagans.
The Book of Truth is being given to the world so that humanity can feel the love of God and be guided towards the Truth so that they will find freedom.
Freedom to make your own choice is being taken away by the elite group.
You are like lambs being led to the slaughter and many of you will be led astray and will become blind to the truth.
Freedom is a gift given to every man by God who respects the free will of his children.
Through your free will you will make many choices: some of these choices are frowned upon by my Father, yet, he never interferes with your free will for he cannot nor will he ever take this away from you.
Slaves of satan will always attack your free will.
They do this by tempting nations to take away the freedom of those over whom they rule.
They do this for many reasons.
One reason is to make slaves of you for their own selfish gain.
The second is to control the growth of their populations.
The third reason is to wipe out all traces of God.
Since my death on the Cross, this plan has been witnessed in many countries.
Yet the western world managed to remain as free from dictatorship as possible.
This will now all change.
Each nation will be taken over by another.
They will fight amongst each other for power.
Many nations will begin to introduce laws, which amount to communism.
Then there will come a time when the red dragon and the bear will control all, but many people will not realise this because much of this dictatorship will be hidden from public eyes.
Know this.
When attempts to wipe out the name of God take root, and you become slaves to lies, then the hand of my father will strike.
one third of the world will be wiped out and divine intervention will continue until the last day.
To mitigate the evil laws, which will be introduced into your countries, where the truth will be hidden from you, you must recite this Crusade Prayer (87) to protect nations from evil.
Crusade Prayer (87) Protect our Nation from evil
O father, on behalf of your Son save us from communism.
Save us from dictatorship.
Protect our nation against paganism.
Save our children from harm.
Help us to see the light of God.
Open our hearts to the teachings of your Son.
Help all churches to remain true to the word of God.
We beg you to keep our nations safe from persecution.
Dearest lord, look upon us with mercy no matter how we offend you.
Jesus, Son of man, cover us with your Precious Blood.
Save us from the snares of the evil one.
We implore you, dear God, to intervene and stop evil from engulfing the world at this time.
Pray, pray, pray for the heart of my father is broken at the speed in which sinful laws are being brought before every nation on earth at this time on earth.
Hope, pray and trust in me so that this devastation can be diluted.
Pray that as many of God’s children as possible will keep their eyes open at all times and that they remain loyal to the truth of the my teachings.
Your Jesus

Bible Reading: (NAB Revised Ed.)

Proverbs 4:

1Hear, O children, a father’s instruction,

be attentive, that you may gain understanding!

2Yes, excellent advice I give you;

my teaching do not forsake.

3When I was my father’s child,

tender, the darling of my mother,

4He taught me and said to me:

“Let your heart hold fast my words:a

keep my commands, and live!

5Get wisdom,* get understanding!

Do not forget or turn aside from the words of my mouth.

6Do not forsake her, and she will preserve you;

love her, and she will safeguard you;

7The beginning of wisdom is: get wisdom;

whatever else you get, get understanding.

8Extol her, and she will exalt you;

she will bring you honors if you embrace her;

9She will put on your head a graceful diadem;

a glorious crown will she bestow on you.”

10Hear, my son, and receive my words,

and the years of your life shall be many.b

11On the way of wisdom I direct you,

I lead you on straight paths.

12When you walk, your step will not be impeded,

and should you run, you will not stumble.

13Hold fast to instruction, never let it go;

keep it, for it is your life.

14* The path of the wicked do not enter,

nor walk in the way of the evil;

15Shun it, do not cross it,

turn aside from it, pass on.

16For they cannot rest unless they have done evil;

if they do not trip anyone they lose sleep.

17For they eat the bread of wickedness

and drink the wine of violence.

18But the path of the just is like shining light,

that grows in brilliance till perfect day.*

19The way of the wicked is like darkness;

they do not know on what they stumble.

20My son, to my words be attentive,

to my sayings incline your ear;

21Let them not slip from your sight,

keep them within your heart;

22For they are life to those who find them,c

bringing health to one’s whole being.

23With all vigilance guard your heart,

for in it are the sources of life.

24* Dishonest mouth put away from you,

deceitful lips put far from you.

25Let your eyes look straight ahead

and your gaze be focused forward.

26Survey the path for your feet,

and all your ways will be sure.

27Turn neither to right nor to left,

keep your foot far from evil.