Paganism in the Church – is it our own doing?


In presenting the series of messages about paganism prophesied for the New One World Church, I missed a very important message. It had details which I do not remember reading. Of course I had read it. I never missed one message when it came on line. But there was so much to take in – most of it we had no idea about. Looking back we can see it all and how it all fits.

The message relates to Vatican II and the changes which followed. I was in my late teens, so I remember it all. We just took it all for granted and thought that our bishops knew what they were doing. We trusted them and we trusted the pope.

The prayers after Mass were instituted by Pope Leo XIII after a terrible and frightening  vision he had. After this vision he wrote the St Michael’s prayer – both a long version – and the short version we are all familiar with. After Vatican II, when they took away these Leonine prayers after Mass for Russia so that it does not spread its errors, we thought that it was because we didn’t want to offend the Russians – (Communism, Cold War, etc —  the whole world was on edge). In doing so, the 3 Hail Marys, the Hail Holy Queen and the Prayer to St Michael were removed. We didn’t think too much about it.

It has only become evident in recent times the danger this put us in.

Now, being Crusaders, we all know about the Book of Truth:

Daniel 10: 20-21

Do you know,” he asked, “why I have come to you? Soon I must fight the prince of Persia again. When I leave, the prince of Greece will come;  but I shall tell you what is written in the book of truth. No one supports me against these except Michael, your prince.

My daughter pointed out the significance of this statement, especially when she read this next message (that I will print below). The enemy knew why Pope Leo XIII had us all saying this prayer worldwide after every Mass. It was for our protection. The enemy had to get rid of the St Michael’s prayer – it would hold them back.

The message (below)  connects Vatican II, Freemasonry in the Vatican, the changes introduced after Vatican II and the removal of the Leonine prayers after Mass to what is happening today – to paganism in the Church. Imagine if every Catholic Church all over the world had been still saying these prayers after Mass for the last 50 years!

Jesus tells us the collapse of the church was deliberately planned to “To destroy the homage of ordinary Catholics to the One True God.”

The False Prophet was not very affected when everyone jumped up and down against the paganism that occurred recently. He did not seem affected or worried. That’s because it was planned from the very beginning – from Vatican II.

This next message is strong. It seems to be for priests, but it applies to many of us as regards the Eucharist. “They cunningly presented new ways to administer My Holy Eucharist which are insulting to Me.”  Some who read it will be in denial about this last statement, but Jesus is very sad.

Many are doing reparation- personally, in parishes, etc because we were all so shocked at the paganism that was openly displayed before, during and after the Amazonian Synod.


Many Popes have been prisoners

3 May 2012 @ 6:19pm

“My dearly beloved daughter, to My churches through the world I say this. Know that I will always be with you at your side as long as you proclaim My Most Holy Word.

To My Catholic Church, even though you caused torment as a result of evil sin know that I will never forsake you, although you have sinned. But know this.

Your faith in Me is not as strong as it should be. You do not love Me as you once did.

All the wealth you accumulated, put a distance between Me, your Christ and Saviour, and God’s ordinary children.

You scaled such lofty heights that I could not reach up to you and offer you My hand to salvage you from the rot within your core.

You were taught the truth by My Peter upon whose rock you were built. And what did you do?

You built thick stone walls around you.

This caused a lack of communication with those whom you needed to feed with My Body and Blood so that their souls could be nourished.

The respect required of you in administering My Most Holy Eucharist was lost when you demeaned My Presence.

When Vatican II declared new rules they were introduced by those evil Masonic forces from within your corridors.

They cunningly presented new ways to administer My Holy Eucharist which are insulting to Me.

Your so called tolerant teachings proclaimed a series of lies including the refusal to acknowledge the power of St Michael the Archangel.

He is the protector of the Church against Satan. Those forces among you knew this. This is why you stopped all prayers requesting his help before Me at the Holy Mass.

Then you perpetrated the biggest untruth that Hell was not to be feared. That it was just a metaphor. For this lie, accepted as the truth by many of God’s children, has meant the loss of billions of souls.

How you offend Me. For those humble and sacred servants among you I ask that you go back to My Teachings.

Never allow riches to accumulate amongst you and think that they are acceptable in My eyes.

Riches, gold and power accumulated in My Name will be your downfall. You cannot profit from My Holy Word.

You have suffered because of the way you have offended Me.

Never think that I am blaming the many Holy Popes who have sat in the seat of Peter. Their mission has always been protected.

Many Popes have been prisoners in the Holy See surrounded by Masonic groups who do not represent God.

They hate God and have spent fifty years spreading untruths about the Mercy of God.

Their works have led to the collapse of the Catholic Church.

This was not an accident. It was deliberately and cunningly plotted in order to destroy the faith of the Church. To destroy the homage of ordinary Catholics to the One True God.

For this you will now be cast aside into the wildernessAfter Pope Benedict, you will be led by Me, from the Heavens.

Oh how you have made Me weep.

I call on all of My sacred servants who know the truth to stand up and follow Me, your Jesus, to spread the truth of My Teachings in humble servitude. You must find the courage and the strength to rise from the ashes.

Above all, reject the lies which will shortly be presented to you by the False Prophet.

He will merge the Catholic Church with other churches, including pagan churches, to become one abomination, a one world church without a soul.

Your Jesus”


Our Lady of Good Success (*Quito):

“…In this supreme moment of need of the Church, the one who should speak will fall silent.”

Let’s not be one of those who remain silent

We have to be strong now. Take action, Pray more. Do more reparation .

Let’s not sit back in complacency any longer. We have to do what ever we can.

God is on our side. Who can be against us?

A 33 Year Journey of a Soul


My sister asked me to write down what I remember about Vatican II. (After her own reflection, she’d been asked for more by readers). I have just read what she wrote and it is very comprehensive. However, from my point of view I can add some things. See for her reflection.

Post WWII: Pre Vatican days

After we arrived in this country, late in 1949, I was 8 1/2 years old, altarboysand up until that time, I had not had the opportunity of becoming an altar boy.  We were placed into a migrant camp, where a Polish German priest, looking after the spiritual welfare of the migrants asked me to become an altar boy. I am now 75 years old and am still privileged to be able to serve on the altar as an altar server, even though it is now hard for me to kneel at the altar without support due to weakness in my back as a result of a back operation many years ago.

As my sister pointed out in her reflection, most Catholic chilolmc-friendsdren went to Catholic schools where all the teachers were nuns or brothers who were very dedicated to their Faith. As a result we received a good foundation in our Faith. Every Friday the whole school would go to Benediction and a priest would come to our school once a month to hear our Confession and if the Church was next to the School, we would go to confession there. There were always a lot of hymns that we used to sing, so we all know all the old hymns, which we sang at Benediction or the English hymns during the Latin Mass*. The Mass, however, except for the singing was completely silent, the only time the congregation said anything was when the priest turned to face the congregation for Communion  at the “Domine Non Sum Dignus” which was said in English** by all the congregation praying together : “Lord, I am not worthy…”.

(Comment by R.S:*It surprised us here in this country, that many Latin Mass  priests do not like us to sing English hymns during the Latin Low Mass. I don’t know if it was different in other countries pre Vatican II – but why then are there so many old hymns which date back centuries – to be sung at the Offertory and Communion? This was also the case in Europe from where our family emigrated – hymns were sung in the vernacular during the Latin Mass. **The same applies to the “Lord I am not worthy..” When the priest says it the second time, facing the people, we said it in English. Perhaps this was just a custom or indult for this country. I don’t know. At the Latin Mass now, we say it in Latin.)

Mass on a Saturday night, if there was one, did not count for Sunday, and there was only one place in the city that I knew of, that had a Mass on Sunday night. Fasting before Holy Communion was from midnight or from midday if Mass was on a Sunday night.

If there were 2 priests at a parish, the 2nd priest was always there to help distribute Holy Communion (kneeling and on the tongue) which would always take some time, as the church was always full.

When boys reached the age of about 14, Brother would arrange for all the boys who were interested in becoming priests, to spend the day at the seminary and when we arrived we would find hundreds of boys there – all for the same reason.

My last full year at school was 1955. We were in a class where Brother taught 2 classes at the same time (Years 8 and 9) of about 50 children. At this time, the metropolita1963_brothers_with_polly_farmern area was just one archdiocese and Cardinal Gilroy was the man in charge and was a good Cardinal. I was talking to a priest one day and mentioned how friendly Cardinal Gilroy was, and the priest said ”Yes, but if a priest came before him who had done something wrong, he would, with the same smile on his face, tell him that he would go and serve at some unknown place out the “back of Bourke” or somewhere. I, too (as my sister) was confirmed by Cardinal Gilroy and everybody thought very highly of him.

In my last year of school in 1955, I remember thinking at the time, that of the 50 or so boys in our classroom, most of whom would leave school in the next 12 months, I estimated that, about 50% of these boys would never enter a church again except at Christmas or Easter. So this good grounding in the Faith that we received, was not received with faith in a lot of cases and fell on barren ground.

With the Latin Mass, every male was expected to be able to serve on the altar. However, when we left school, we left the altar service, to make way for the younger boys coming up.

At that point, on leaving school, we would join the parish CYO – i.e. the Catholic Youth Organisation. We would have a meeting one night a week, and make plans to go out somewhere – to the pictures (movies), or the beach or bushwalking. And sometimes we would do these things together with the CYO from another parish.

Every Saturday afternoon, from 2 to 4pm there would be confessions at the church and again after 6pm as well.

Death of Pius XII

I remember when Pius XII died, in 1958: the cardinals met at the conclave to elect a new pope and I remember white smoke coming out of the chimney to indicate a pope had been elected. At this time television had only recently become available, but not many people could afford to buy them, so we would go down to the shops and watch it in the shop window. However, shortly afterwards, black smoke came out of the chimney, indicating that the vote was not successful and eventually John XXIII was elected. This caused a stir because the cardinal first elected was denied the right to accept the position.

Vatican II and John XXIII: The Leonine prayers and the Third Secret

John XXIII said  “let us open the windows and let some fresh air into the church” and he summoned the bishops for Vatican II. He also said that any priest or religious that wanted to leave their vocation could do so. As a result many thousands of priests and religious left their life’s vocation. This did not surprise me as I was aware that a lot of them had a faith that had become “lukewarm” (In 1962, I was 21 years old.)

When John XXIII set up Vatican II, he also invited the Russians (I presume he meant the Orthodox prayers-after-low-mass-card-02Bishops). But the Russian Premier Nikita Kruschev, refused to let them out of Russia unless John XXIII gave orders that the prayer to St Michael, and the Leonine prayers, which were said after very Low Mass for the conversion of Russia, were stopped right throughout the world. John XXIII gave that order and from that point on, these prayers were no longer said.

Our Lady of Fatima requested that the 3rd secret of Fatima be revealed no later than 1960. Pius XII died in 1958, and when John XXIII became pope, he read the 3rd secret, but refused to tell the world what it contained. In reference to this he said: “No, this is not for our time”.

Vatican II and Paul VI: the New Mass and the Ottaviani Intervention

He died while Vatican II was still in progress and the next pope was Paul VI. Who instructed Bishop Bugnini to write a new Mass – the Novus Ordo. 5 protestants and one Jewish theologian were invited to Vatican II as observers for the writing of this new Mass. We knew that the reason for all this was to try to convert the protestants to Catholicism. I thought at the time that this was not a good idea because we cannot compromise any part of our Faith. I felt that they were there more than just observers. In fact, when the Novus Ordo was completed, they came out of the meeting and the protestant theologians were shaking each others’ hands and one was heard to say “Not in our wildest dreams did we think we’d achieve so much”.

In the Vatican at the time, there was an old cardinal of humble 325__05838-1469067521-1280-1280background – a holy man who had served a number of popes. His name was Ottaviani and he issued a document called “The Ottaviani Intervention” – a legal document that I understand can still be accessed today. I understand that it warned the Pope that if he authorised this new Novus Ordo Mass, that he would be a heretic. So Pope Paul VI had the N.O. changed slightly so that the Mass would not be heretical. We were left with a watered down version of the old Latin Mass that left a lot of good priests in a state of shock.

Masonic bishops and Fr. Malachi Martin

There was also another Bishop in the Vatican called Bea and he, the same as bishop Bugnini, were both Masons and this Bishop Bea had an Irish Jesuit priest as Secretary called Malachi Martin who went to Pope Paul VI and said that he also wanted to leave the priesthood because in good conscience he could not say this new Mass.

So Paul VI asked him not to leave, and that he would give him permission to say the Latin Mass wherever he might be in the world. What I did not realize was that when all the priests were leaving the priesthood, a lot of our best priests left as well because in conscience they could not say the new Mass. Eventually Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI regulated certain parts of this Mass so that there would be no doubt that the N.O. was an authentic Mass. (E.g the words of Consecration which had been changed were changed back into the original – “for all” was deleted and replaced by ”many”. The clergy excused it saying that it was just an error, – a bad translation – but that’s rubbish – It was deliberate. I never passed a Latin exam, but even I knew that “multis” meant “many’.

Changes gradually introduced into the Mass

So as a young man in the 1960’s and as Vatican II progressed, we wondered where all this was leading to. I remember the Mass changing from Latin to English, which was not really a problem, as Latin stayed the official language of the Church and instead of the priest saying the Mass in Latin, he was now saying the same Mass in English just as we were reading it in our missals. My wife said that even the English was introduced gradually and the first thing they changed was that we were now praying the Our Father out loud in English. So all the changes were very gradual until two years later, when suddenly without any warning or explanation, the old Latin Mass was gone, never to be seen again. And the new Mass was celebrated with the priest no longer facing the Tabernacle, but had turned around and was facing the congregation.

Drastic changes

The changes in the church itself that had already taken place or were in the process of taking place were very drastic. The altar rails were gone, statues were taken away, a new table replaced the old high altar and was placed forward in the sanctuary to enable the priest and acolytes to stand behind it. Some churches took the new table/altar, and put it half way down the aisle which looked silly. But in other places it was a lot more drastic. For instance in Christchurch, NZ the Bishop vandalized the Cathedral. He not only removed the altar rails, he also took down the statues and traditional stations of the Cross. He took out all the pews and burnt them and replaced them with cheap chairs. He dismantled the marble high altar and had it dumped into the ocean.

For his efforts he received a personal letter from Bishop Bugnini thanking him for his achievements. I am sure that there were families in Christchurch who remembered that their parents had with donations, helped build the church and its furnishings of this once beautiful cathedral and I am sure they would not have been happy to see it all destroyed.

Women in the Sanctuary

After things settled down somewhat, our parish priest asked me and a few other men to become acolytes. As I trusted our priest, I thought that if something were not in order, he would tell us. So I agreed and after instructions, we were installed by the Bishop as Acolytes. However, the changes continued. Other women and men became Eucharistic Ministers, but they were not installed by the bishop.

With the old Mass, the only time a woman was allowed inside the altar rails during Mass, was when she was being married with a Nuptial mass, now it seems all this no longer mattered. No one gave out any information. There was only the priest or the local Catholic newspaper to keep us informed.

The treatment of Garabandal

In the early 60’s, the Catholic newspaper wrote about the wonderful things that were happening in Garabandal and then all of a sudden – nothing – as if Garabandal never existed. We were all in the dark, no-one to enlighten us, and I was becoming more and more concerned, and eventually traumatised by what was happening.

A new magazine opened my eyes9780522852745_332x500

As I started to realize that the Church was heading down the path of Protestantism. I thought I was going mad as no-one else showed any concern. Then one day I picked up a magazine called ‘AD 2000” printed by Bob Santamaria, who had started a new branch of a political party this country, but later gave away politics to devote his time to religious matters. He was a protégé of Dr Mannix – Archbishop of another state, who by this time had already died. I discovered that this magazine was full of all the things I realized was now wrong with this new Mass and the path we were taking. So I realized that I was not going mad after all – that there were 1000’s of people all over the world who were concerned about what was happening.

Liturgical matters

One of the things that concerned me was the problem of the use of the big host (about 4”) to celebrate the Mass. (It was supposed to replace all the little hosts that they were trying to get rid of). The priest broke up this big host and small particles flew in every direction. After Mass because of my concern, I used to go around collecting these consecrated fragments: on the altar, in front of the altar where the priest stood, over on the side where the acolytes were given Communion and where the altar rails used to be where the congregation were receiving Communion. As all these pieces of the Host all had rough edges, pieces were falling everywhere and no-one took any notice. At the old Mass, of course, the small hosts were all perfectly formed and a Communion plate was used to catch any particles falling off. By this time I realized that Canon Law stated that only the consecrated hands of a priest or a deacon can touch the Eucharist.

Another big problem in my mind was that in my parish before Christmas and Easter we were invited to a communal confession where the priest gave absolution for venial sins and personal confession was available for serious sins. I thought this strange, but it was supposed to be for the huge numbers going to confession at these times of the year. This went on for a couple of years and then about the third year, I realized that this was different from the previous year and that in fact, that what Father was performing was the third Rite of Confession. I said to my wife that this was illegal under these circumstances.

This eventually became a concern of thoughtful Catholics all over the Western world and people were complaining about it but I seem to remember it took about 3 years before it was properly addressed and the Vatican put a stop to it.

In my mind it was this incident that did a tremendous lot of harm to the Faith of the congregation and the church. Because it seemed to me that from that time on, nearly everybody thought it was no longer necessary to go to Confession and from about that time, all the congregation started to come to Holy Communion and only about 20 people continued to regularly come to Confession.

Searching for another Mass

My sister  and I decided we would have to leave our parishes to look for the old Latin Mass which was taught to us in our Catholic schools by our brothers and nuns. So in the end we left our parish of nearly 50 years and went to a Maronite Mass until we found the Latin Mass. We knew that there was one in the area but we had to find it. I was delivering some literature from the Pilgrims of St Michael (who were visiting our country at the time from Canada). This woman to whom I delivered this literature was going to do a letter box drop and give them to friends and she mentioned that she goes to the Latin Mass. So I found the Mass I was looking for. This was in 2002 which was about 33 years after the introduction of the N.O. A huge weight was lifted from our shoulders and practically from the first day, I was again serving on the altar and it seemed that it was only yesterday that I had last served the Latin Mass. We had “come home” to where there is no doubt and everything was as it should be.

I came to realize, because of Bob Santamaria and the AD200 magazine and the Jesuit priest Malachi Martin, that the modernist bishops were taking control of the church and had co-erced conservative bishops in letting them have their way by putting up a front of solidarity. The bishops, in turn, forced this new point of view onto their priests, because if a priest refused to do as a Bishop said, the Bishop would strip him of his faculties. In most cases the priest that remained did not have the courage to say to the Bishop that he refused to say this new Mass and to go along with the changes, and to say that he refused to resign. There were not many priests with that sort of courage.

More Effects of the Novus Ordo

When all this came to a conclusion, with the attempted excommunication of the sodality_of_mary_agm_at_centocow_1Latin Mass, all the Sodalities were stopped, such as The Holy Name Society, the Legion of Mary, the Children of Mary,*** etc.

On the other hand, they introduced Parish councils which meant setting up committees of all types that were deemed to be needed. In other words, committees telling the priest how to do his job, which no good priest could tolerate. As if the priest was not already busy enough, now he had to contend with a bunch of lay people telling him how to do his job. However, in all this, the St Vincent de Paul society was left alone.

So from my point of view, all that had happened from Vatican II up to the present time was the first step to get us ready for what is happening now: that is, the attempt of  the total destruction of Christ’s church on earth.

Reflection by Crusader J.

Comment by R.S. *** I remember that the children of Mary would wear their blue cloaks over their wedding gown when they walked down the aisle. Although, unlike the picture attached, the cloaks were usually beneath the knee  or mid calf.


Marxism, Society and the Papacy


  1. The November 2013 Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium was similar to the Repubblica interview in that the Pope (Francis) focuses on two great issues” that, he says, “will shape the future of humanity.” “These issues are first, the inclusion of the poor in society, and second, peace and social dialogue,” he wrote.


  1. Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen :index

On the book ‘Communism and the Consciousness of the West’ by Bishop Fulton Sheen he wrote this in the 1940’s.
He (i.e. the antichrist) will tempt Christians with the same three temptations with which he tempted Christ:

The temptation to turn stones into bread as an earthly Messiahs will become the temptation to sell freedom for security, making bread a political weapon which only those who think his way may eat.

The temptation to work a miracle by recklessly throwing himself from a steeple will become a plea to desert the lofty pinnacles of truth where faith and reason reign, for those lower depths where the masses live on slogans and propaganda.

He wants no proclamation of immutable principles from the lofty heights of a steeple, but mass organization through propaganda where only a common man directs the idiosyncrasies of common man. Opinions not truths, commentators not teachers, Gallup polls not principles, nature not graceto these golden calves will men toss themselves from their Christ.

The third temptation in which Satan asked Christ to adore him and all the kingdoms of the world would be His, will become the temptation to have a new religion without a Cross, a liturgy without a world to come, a religion to destroy a religion, or a politics which is a religionone that renders unto Caesar even the things that are God’s.


3. Dr Anca-Maria Cernea, Association of Catholic Doctors of Bucharest,

spoke at the Rome Life Forum on 7 May 2016. This was reported on May 16, 2016 in Voice of the Family. The article can be seen entitled “Cultural Marxism: A Threat to the Family”.

In this article Dr Anca-Maria describes communism and it’s marxist ideologies and it’s attack on western culture. She describes the history of attacks on society from the legalization of abortion by Lenin back in 1920, no-fault divorce, radical sexual education, gay rights movement. She describes  howMarx expresses a profound hatred for God and for the entire human race. Marx doesn’t deny God’s existence, he is jealous of God; he hates Him and wants to take His place …. , and testimonies about strange ceremonies that Marx used to perform in his house, all of which indicate that he was definitely a worshiper of the devil.”

She sums up the threats into two categories:

  1. The war against family and against innocent human life and
  2. The Church and the war against family and innocent human life

Excerpts are below:

“The attack against the family and human life is part of a wider revolutionary attempt to re-design human society and human nature.

Its motivation is spiritual. It is a form of revolt against God, against His moral Law and the order of His Creation.

It’s not a spontaneous phenomenon. It’s a war, wedged by a gnostic-revolutionary ideology against the Judeo-Christian Civilization. It has been planned, and carried out over more than a century, leading to the situation we have now”

“Pope Leo XIII in the 19th century saw that communist ideology was an error of religious nature.

He called it “sect” of “socialists, communists, or nihilists” and he condemned it.

Pius XI in Divini Redemptoris (1937) said that communism concealed “a false messianic idea” and a “deceptive mysticism”.

But later on, until Centesimus Annus, the Popes no longer insisted on the religious nature of this error.”

“Our Lady of Fatima warned against “Russia’s errors”, which would spread all over the world.  And that is what happened since 1917.

The basic idea is the same as the serpent’s proposal to Adam and Eve, to eat the forbidden fruit, to ignore God’s commandment – “the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil” (Gen 3:5).

“It appears nowadays to be even more revolutionary than classical Marxism – it pretends to reinvent the family, the sex identity and human nature, while classical Marxism was pretending to re-invent society on the basis of a violent take-over of property.”

“There has been no justice in Russia for the crimes of communism.

Moreover, there is no proof that the huge KGB structure that had infiltrated the whole world has been dissolved”

“The Russian government is anything but Christian. Russia still has not converted.

Our Lady has named “Russia”, not “the Soviet Union”.

So the devotion to Our Lady of Fatima is now timelier than ever. Russia and the whole world affected by Russia’s errors urgently need consecration to Our Lady. And conversion.”

“The Popes have constantly condemned communism since its earliest days.

Pius IX, Leo XIII, Pius XI and Pius XII have all radically rejected communism.

And they have also explicitly warned that communism was a threat to the family.

During the Second World War and in the 50s, this unyielding anticommunism expressed by the Pope and the Church has inspired the resistance to communism of millions of Catholics in Europe.”

And the Second Vatican Council did not issue a condemnation of communism – in spite of the fact that many Council Fathers had insisted for it.

Along the 2000 years of Church history, the purpose of all Councils (except Vatican II) was to react to error and warn against it. Councils condemned errors. That’s how Catholic theology has been formulated.

But Pope John XXIII said the Church in his time preferred mercy and was not going to pronounce condemnations.”

Some Catholic bishops went on fighting communism – the most outstanding example is the Polish Church under the leadership of Cardinal Wyszyński.

But not all Catholic bishops in the world did the same. Some even actively promoted communism inside the Church for instance, under the form of liberation theology in Latin America, a very successful KGB operation.”

“In the Catholic Social Doctrine after Vatican II, the rejection of Marxism became less radical, at the same time as hostility to economic freedom increased. The language of the encyclicals moved from normal Christian language to ideologically contaminated media language.

The family is the first and best institution for fighting poverty and social exclusion.

If we want to help people out of poverty, we should start by defending the family – and Christian morality, because Catholic charity cannot be separated from evangelization.”

“Clear language is an important condition for victory in the spiritual and in the cultural battles:

“Let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no. Anything more than this comes from the evil one. (Mt 5:37)”

“The shepherds’ duty is to make this distinction clear.

They should preach the Kingdom of God and His justice, not socialist “justice”, understood as government control over economy, or income redistribution.

They should preach peace as offered by Christ, not as stated by the UN.”

“The Church shepherds should preach real freedom, which is liberation from sin, from the slavery of Satan. Veritas liberabit vos. Real freedom means salvation, and thus can never be bad or excessive.”

“The real priority for the Church should be to lead us in the spiritual battle, to save souls, to tell the whole world, now that we have just one year left until the centenary of Fatima:

“Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.” (Mt 3:2) The Kingdom of God, which is not from this world.

Paradise cannot be achieved on earth, good and evil will still coexist in earthly realities, until the Lord Himself will come in glory to judge the world and sort everything out.

But at least a certain degree of normality can be brought about through evangelization and conversion of persons and societies.

That’s the best we can do to “fix the world”.

When there is enough holiness and virtue in our communities, when enough people share the same objective moral criteria (the Ten Commandments), then we don’t need to rely on almighty government bureaucrats to keep society from becoming a lawless jungle.

Then people can trust each other, and citizens, as well as society as a whole, may enjoy freedom.

Then the institutions stick to their job and do it decently, the family is safe, and the culture of life wins over the ideologies of death.

Then civilization is morally strong, and apt to successfully defend itself from barbarism – and also to preach the Gospel to the barbarians and convert them to Christianity.

That’s how the Church has created Christian culture and civilization, that’s what the Church should keep doing.

Should our churches have high altars?


What Vatican II says about Altars and Tabernacles:

“Altars for Mass ‘facing the people’ were not mentioned in any of Vatican II’s 16 documents.  Nor, as Msgr Klaus Gamber proves in The Reform of the Roman Lituirgy, Its Problems and Background, was there such a practice in the early Church. Similarly, Fr Josef A. Jungman S.J. said  “The claim that the altar of the early Church was always designed to celebrate facing the people, a claim made often and repeatedly, turns out to be nothing but a fairy tale” – quoted from AD2000, November, 1998.

Moreover, the priest facing the people over the altar may actually be hindering active participation in that the laity have become spectators and the Mass reduced to interpersonal relationships with the priest. See CNCC no.152 pp.10-11, September 29th, 1997, for “Mass ‘facing the people’ or ‘leading them to the Altar’.”

The latest word on the placement of the tabernacle comes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church §1183. “The tabernacle is to be situated in churches in a most worthy place with the greatest honour. The dignity, placing, and security of the Eucharistic tabernacle should foster adoration before the Lord really present in the blessed Sacrament” cf  §1379. N.B. The CCC makes no mention of side-chapels for parish churches.

 Source: Newsletter Cardinal Newman Catechist Centre No. 161 p.5; 5th April, 1999. Editor/author The Rev. B.J.H. Tierney.

A Personal reflection

(From Donna liane  who attends the Novus Ordo Mass as well as the Traditional Mass when she can):

When the priest faces the altar, he prays with us and for us, as one of us before Almighty God. I feel in reverence and awe of God, as I should – and my prayers and thoughts are ordered and directed to Him. 

Even when the priest faces us for the homily and Gospel– proclaimed to us, by him, it is appropriate. Afterwards we all turn back to God, to Whom the Praise is owed. There is a joint sense of holiness and humility as we join together in prayer and attitude  not a sense of he (the priest) is  up there and we just have to watch and give an occasional response towards a man, who is not God and not above us. In this latter case (the Novus Ordo Mass), we are disconnected from the altar as if it is a table, and distracted by the man looking back at us. Not deliberately so but lacking a more compelling concrete image, it occurs and so we close our eyes and try to imagine it all in our minds.

 By contrast, at the high altar we see a man with altar servers and acolytes postured in the most reverent way towards God the Most Holy, his attention never straying elsewhere, fixed on the cross, the altar, the prayers of the Mass and the Sacred Species. 

And all this can be theorized as promoting worship, in one direction or another, depending on the underlying beliefs and interests but NOTHING can substitute for the difference in experience, no matter what the explained intention of moving the altar was. It has to be experienced (without prejudice) to be understood. 

Cardinal Ratzinger: The Church does not require Dismantled High Altars

Michael Davies, (an Irishman) wrote to Cardinal Ratzinger requesting clarification about a problem in his local parish where the bishop wanted to remove the “exquisitely beautiful high altar” and “ the Blessed Sacrament demoted to the side altar of our lady”. The letter was dated 12th June 1996. Cardinal Ratzinger’s letter was “published in full in The Nationalist of 10 January 1997” after a court case.

Part of the letter states:

 “With respect to the placement of the tabernacle, the instruction Interoecimenici  (26.9.1964) par 95, which implemented the decisions of Sacrosanctum Concilium, states quite clearly that the Blessed Sacrament be reserved on the high altar, a possibility envisaged also by Eucharisticum mysterium (25.5.67) par 54….

It is certainly true that a great number of churches since the second Vatican Council have been rearranged; such changes, while inspired by the liturgical reform, cannot however be said to have been required by the legislation of the Church….”

Source:  AD2000 magazine, October 1998 p.10

Another personal reflection:

I have always loved my Catholic Faith.  I remember the Latin Mass from  my teenage years, but then spent about 30 years being very involved in my local Novus Ordo parish.  I began to question some of the things which were being done in the name of Liturgy. One day, I started searching for answers. I was led by Providence, to the Traditional Latin Mass. It was new in our area. I felt right at home from the beginning. I still had my old Missal, and surprisingly, my husband and children also accepted it immediately. My husband and i felt right at home.

I would still (and still do, occasionally) attend a Novus Ordo Mass. One day, I had to take my granddaughter to Mass, as her mum was away. I took her to the parish where she and her mum usually attend, and which is a fairly conservative parish. It was Sunday evening, and after Communion there was a reflection (a meditation with  liturgical movement). At the time I thought that it was tasteful and thought that it was good for the teenagers to be so involved. I had no problem with what they were wearing or their demeanour. I said to myself “ It’s funny. At one stage,  I would have been really impressed, but today I feel nothing.” It didn’t move me. I wondered why it was so. Almost immediately, I heard a little voice (my guardian angel?) saying: “This Mass pleases the senses and the Traditional Latin Mass pleases the soul.” This made sense to me immediately. I understood! This explanation hit the nail on the head.  (Remnant Survivor)

Which Changes did Vatican II authorize? – Part 1


(This information is from Newsletter of Cardinal Newman Catechist Centre: No. 161; 5th April, 1999. Editor and Director -The Rev. B.J.H. Tierney.) Fr. Tierney was in a Novus Ordo parish as Assistant priest at the time.

Summary of the Changes: in church buildings.

  1. Changes authorized by Vatican II
  2. Changes authorized but NOT by Vatican II
  3. Changes CONTRARY to Vatican II

N.B. ‘SC ‘ refers to “Sacrosanctum Concilium” – chiefly concerned with the Council’s  “Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy” of 1963

  1. Changes authorized by Vatican II to church buildings:

No changes to church buildings were commanded, or mentioned, or were legitimate developments from it.

Rather, a statement of principles to ensure ‘active participation’ SC§124 para. 3. (* See more info in a following post).

And that the most noble standards be upheld SC§128.

2. Changes to church buildings – authorized, but NOT by Vatican II:

These were separate developments authorized by the Roman Curia or the Pope.

  1. i) Altar for “Mass facing the people”
  2. ii) Tabernacle oftendethroned’ and the priest’s chair sometimes ‘enthroned’

iii) Baptismal Font moved onto the sanctuary.

  1. iv) Pulpit sometimes remodelled as a table.
  2. v) Confessional rooms ‘face to face’ sitting (!)

3. Changes contrary to Vatican II:

These changes were not authorized at all but brought in by the whim of priests and parishes, contra SC§22(3)

  1. i) Buildings banal or even ugly.
  2. ii) Altar rails, kneelers, statues removed, contra SC§126.

iii) Overhead projectors and screens lacking ‘artistic merit’, SC§124.


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