What is the Book of Truth? All you need to know!


The Book of Truth itself was prophesied by Daniel in the Old Testament and is foreshadowed in Isaiah. It is intricately connected to the Book of Revelations. The messages and prayers contained in the Book of Truth are not of human origin.

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Daniel 10:21 – “…but first I will tell you what is written in the Book of Truth  and none is my helper in all these things, but Michael your prince”

Daniel 11 & 12 –  Daniel was shown a vision of what will happen in the End times.

Daniel 12:9 –He replied “Go your way Daniel because the words are rolled up and sealed until the time of the end.

“My Father promised the world they would be given the Book of Truth at this time” (Jesus – Book of Truth – 15h August, 2012)


Footnote in USCC Bible – U .S. Conference of Catholic Bishops:

“but I shall tell you what is written in the book of truth.* No one supports me against these except Michael, your prince.”   Daniel  “[10:21]

*The book of truth: a heavenly book in which future events are already recorded; cf. 7:10; 12:1.”

How would the contents of this sealed book be opened? That they would be revealed, is a God given promise. That this will occur during the time of the end, is also written. Who will open it? It is written that it would be opened by The Lamb of God- (Jesus) Himself, as the only One Worthy. (Revelations 5).

How will the contents of The Book of Truth be conveyed? Well, how has God always revealed prophesies? Through His chosen prophets of the age- as has always been the case throughout history! This has always been a difficult task for His true prophets. They are rejected, cruelly spurned and yet they persist. Most of Israel rejected God’s Prophets- to their woe. We are living in the End Times and all the secrets which were given to Daniel, and the secrets in the Book of Revelation of the Apostle John, are now being unveiled.

The Book of Truth is biblical. It comprises of 5 volumes: with messages from God the Father, Jesus the Son and The Holy Spirit- and also some from the Mother of Salvation: (Mary- Jesus’ Mother) from November 2010 until March 2015. The revealed messages are organized chronologically, according to the date received they were received, which is also recorded. It is an enormous volume of information from a single prophet (over a short space of time) and has a unique role to play in these End Times. It is not to be ignored.

The messages in the Book of Truth covers many themes relevant to the world today.

They include:

The Second Coming ; Politics; False Prophets; Atheism; Satanic Groups; The reality of hell; the Warning; The Seals within Revelations, The New Paradise; and messages for the Clergy.

As well as:

The antichrist; the false prophet; the One World Government; the coming One World Church/Religion; the Mark of the Beast; the Great Apostasy; One World currency; the Remnant; Seal of the Living God;


Signs in the sky, chastisements and tribulations.

See examples of some of these themes in the messages from the Book of Truth at the end of this post.

There is also a handbook/ summary of some of these themes in the” Handbook Book of Truth: excerpts of key events” pdf available at: https://remnantdisciples.wordpress.com/tools-for-evangelization/

Where can I find the messages:

The messages in the Book of Truth was meant for all to be able to hear, read, access and download- free of charge. It can be freely given to others, as God’s Word should be.


Web archive of thewarningsecondcoming





Printed books (if desired) are produced at minimal cost and can be obtained at:


www.bookdepository.com    (This is free shipping)

Personal Discernment

The Lord Jesus implores those who are doubtful to pray first for the grace of discernment from the Holy Spirit before passing judgment on the messages. He says:

“For those of My followers who denounce these messages, I implore you to pray to the Holy Spirit to ask for the gift of discernment before you dismiss My Holy Word. To those of you who insult My visionary and recipient of these messages you must ask this question: if it is Satan who you believe influences these messages, then why would he ask you to pray, to seek forgiveness, to receive the Holy Eucharist? Then you will know that this is impossible.” (5 July 2011)

If we sincerely ask the Holy Spirit for this grace of discernment, He will heed our prayers and plant in our hearts the True answer.

The Purpose of the Book of Truth

Jesus tells us that the purpose of the Book of Truth is to prepare our current generation for His Second Coming. If the Second Coming took place tomorrow, Jesus says that most of humanity will not be saved, since many will be unprepared. …

In a message given on 20 May 2011, Jesus explains clearly what the Second Coming means:

“Much confusion exists in the world regarding this event. Many people believe that My Second Coming indicates that the end of the world has come. That is not the case for, instead, it will mean the End Times when Satan and his followers who create untold misery in the world, will be banished from earth for 1,000 years  ….

“… I will rule the earth for the 1,000 years.

Make no mistake for I am now in charge of events as they now unfold in the world…”

Fulfilment of the Prophecies will Validate the Messages

Many of the messages are prophetic in nature, making them consistent with Biblical prophecy, and those revealed to various credible private seers. The fulfillment of the prophecies is, in reality, the only way to truly, objectively validate their authenticity.

Some sites where you can find examples of fulfilled prophecies include:



Themes in the Book of Truth and examples of titles of messages:


⇒ Second Coming 

⇒  Politics:

Plans underway by secret world orders behind world powers to control.

⇒  False Prophets:

ibeware of false prophetsFalse teachers will begin to make themselves known all over the world shortly.

⇒  Atheism:

To those who claim not to believe in Me I have this to say.


⇒  Reality of hell:

On entering the gates of Hell you will then realise the horrible mistake you have made.

⇒  The Warning/Illumination of Conscience:

The Warning
The Warning is a gift to prove to the world that God exists when our sins are revealed to us so we can convert  

⇒  The New Paradise:

Take heart with these messages of the New Paradise.

⇒  Satanic Groups:

Satan’s followers, brainwashed with the promises of power and glory.

⇒  Messages for the Clergy:

The sins of my sacred disciples offend me greatly.

⇒  About Prophecies:

Listen to the prophets. Don’t make the same mistake when people would not listen to Noah.


Web archive of thewarningsecondcoming




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