Tools for Evangelization


Tools for Evangelization:


Download and print these pdf’s by clicking on the links below:

(Latest versions updated October 2018)


  • The Antichrist – How to recognize him: excerpts from the Book of Truth messages


Antichrist booklet .jpg

  • Handbook Book for the End Times: What is the Book of Truth? Key Events and excerpts of messages. 

What is the Book of Truth ?

What is the Book of Truth Nov 18


  • Handbook for the End Times: Key Events and Prophecies from the Bible,Our Lady and the Saints .

Prophecies of Our Lady and Saints

Our Lady and Saints Nov 18 2.jpg



  • The Church and the Pope

Church and Pope




Preparin for the Warning

of Conscience 

The Warning – Preparing Spiritually



Warning pic front flyer

Warning Flyer A6 front




Warning pic flyer front


Warning Flyer A6 back





Book of Truth on Same Sex Marriage



Survival in the End Times 

survival booklet