Dear Priests: Switch your allegiance from where you are not wanted to where you belong!

A Letter to Priests

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Dear Priests of the Catholic Church,

“A horrible deception has fallen upon the Bishops of the world. They are in a panic and no longer acting as shepherds but sheep. Their Pastor is no longer Jesus Christ, but the voices of this world.And so great is the diabolic delusion which has come upon them and taken hold of their minds and souls, that they have ordered you to stop being a priest! I hope you can see now, that there are 2 Churches. One of the Light and One of  Darkness.   


This Church of Light has as its visible head on earth, Pope Benedict XVI, who never renounced according to the requirement of the law of Pope John Paul II, and who is thus and has always been the Vicar of Jesus Christ.  He has not shut the churches, He has not ordered you to stop being a priest, He has not said you should give the Holy of Holies to public sinners, He has not blasphemed God, He has not denigrated Our Lady, He has not rewritten the Our Father, He has not offered latria to a demon in the Vatican Gardens or Saint Peter’s Basilica, He is not a disciple of George Soros or Barrack Obama.

Return to Pope Benedict XVI and to the Church of the Light. That way you will have the Divine Authority to take any action you think best to reboot the Catholic Church in your town.  I say, “reboot”, because the word “Church” in the Bible, “ecclesia” in Greek or “qahal” in Hebrew, means coming together. When the Church no longer comes together, the Church no longer exists. And this cannot happen without a Priest to lead them.

So since the Church of Darkness, overcome by the darkness of the world, has ordered itself to cease to exist, there is really nothing more for you to do, but sign up back with the Church of Light, which has not succumbed, but is just in need of a massive influx of Vineyard workers.

… I am not asking you to be a hero. But I am asking you to remember who you are and to be that! And in times of total chaos, you have the right to act, because

The Salvation of Souls is the supreme law of the Church, canon 1752.”


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Letter to the Editor: Closing the Churches is killing priests!

We don’t have a choice but watch this evil endgame play out.

The government has spoken now everyone (like good citizens) do our bit. We stay home, we obey. The church does its bit to interpret the government directives. This week has been very uncertain, as each diocese has issued new directives. Each diocese is a little different. Masses can’t have more than a 100 people; outdoor Masses can have 500 people. Priests are trying their best – most of them. Some parishes have more Masses; some give out tickets to only 100 people – then the doors are shut; Masses outside on the basketball court. Some have just given up and said “No Sunday Mass”. People are searching via social media, which parishes will still give Communion on the tongue. Some dioceses have closed their churches, some are open for weekday Masses but not Sundays.

Some take the easy way out and just say “No Mass Sunday”. Many others have thought of all sorts of ways to supply the needs of the faithful. Priests are sad, the people are sad. It is all quite a big shock. Many of our friends who normally go to N.O. Masses but they can no longer receive on the tongue, and have been doing Spiritual Communions.

We don’t consider our poor priests. To most of them this has been so sudden, and didn’t see it coming. We have to support them. They are our Lifeline. We can’t let them become despondent. We have to all become Warriors for Our Lord and for our Faith.

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Letter to the Editor: Closing the Churches is killing priests!

Dear Editor,

I am on the phone with a very prayerful lay woman and she is truly a dear friend in Christ, like a grandmother to me. She has asked me to write you and anyone else I know (on her behalf) about the following, since she is still unfamiliar with email, typing and so forth. It is concerning a few points that nobody has really brought up in discussion anywhere in the so-called “Catholic” channels and websites that she frequents.

She says: “The priesthood is in trouble”. Her own pastor, this priest, is very, very troubled. He has shown a very deep sadness during his live streamed masses (which he has allowed lay people to attend despite the Diocese suspended all public masses). She says he is not the same priest that she knew prior to today’s morning mass. He looked very burdened with a tremendous heaviness to him that she had never seen before, all because the situation has deeply affected him especially by the fact that he cannot give holy communion to the faithful, even though they are present at the mass.

She says that the fact that the people or congregation have been taken away from priests, is “killing the priesthood” but the good priests, like her pastor, are not talking to anyone about this personal crisis. She says “We” the laity are letting it happen. And we need to do something about it.

And in her eyes, keeping people away from the priests is also a way of getting rid of the “good priests”, so, again, something really needs to be done.

She says “we” the laity have yielded to the State when we must demand our right to receive communion, so this cannot be! The laity need to be rallied somehow or we’re gonna lose “eternally” on this one -if we don’t take a stand.

She says we are not risking our lives for Jesus, and this is not the Catholic Faith by any means. This is our opportunity to fight, to stand up for Him, or we will lose Him forever. “We will lose these eternal goods forever”

Her suggested solution:

We the laity need to go and start knocking on rectories, Diocesan Pastoral Centers or wherever Bishops are staying these days, and need to start kindly demanding communion from them saying “Father” or “Dear Bishop, I want communion. This is my God given right”.


A voice that cries out in the desert

A 7th Anniversary of shame!

A great article which outlines clearly and simply, all the reasons and all the Canon laws which show Pope Benedict is the Pope.


March 13, 2020

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Today is the seventh anniversary of a day that will live in infamy.

A day of wickedness and flippancy.

A day wherein the Cardinals of the Catholic Church showed their utter contempt for:

  1. Pope Benedict XVI
  2. The Catholic Faith in the Papacy
  3. The Canons of the Catholic Church
  4. The Papal Law on Conclaves
  5. Common sense

Let me explain why I say this, point by point, in reverse order.

The Cardinals betrayed common sense 7 years ago today

It is obvious by now, that if anyone on the planet ,who had common sense, sat down and talked to Bergoglio for 15 minutes, he would realize that he is not a fit candidate to be Roman Pontiff.

But the College of Cardinals had been housed together with him for two weeks prior to March 13, 2013.

Therefore, the last 7 years proves that God certainly…

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Bergoglian usurpers suspend all Masses & Sacraments at Rome

The Corona Virus again.

It seems as if everything is linking together.

The   Corona virus and the fear created by it, are affecting our Faith. The Sacraments are being denied us (no Holy Communion in the hand) worldwide, and now the Mass itself has been relegated to the dust bin. It’s only a start – to abolish it in one area for a limited time – blaming the virusDr-Francis-Boyle-Coronavirus-Biological-Warfare-Weapon

How can you call Bergoglio anything but an anti-pope – a usurper. a deceiver?

The dots are being connected: – The UN agenda of depopulation, “Pope” Francis, Corona – man-made biological weapon, and prophecies .

Read the article by Bro. Alexis at the link below:

via Bergoglian usurpers suspend all Masses & Sacraments at Rome


But is it a real epidemic? (more on this tomorrow).

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen: the glory and vocation of the Celibate priesthood


By Joseph M. Hanneman

Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen could not recall a time in his life when he did not want to be a priest. At his First Communion, he prayed that one day he would be ordained to the priesthood. That day came in September 1919, when the 24-year-old son of Newton and Delia Sheen was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Peoria, Illinois, USA.

Sheen would become a towering figure in the Catholic Church in the 20th century, known to millions as a brilliant orator, a master teacher of the faith on television and radio, in many dozens of books, and from the pulpit. But for more than 60 years, Sheen was first, foremost and always a priest. His priesthood was more than a vocation, more than life’s work, and even beyond his identity. It was his essence, lifeblood; indeed his very nature. Or, as he…

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The February 28, 2020 Proposal

Please spread this appeal so as many sign as possible! And then, dear readers, join us on February 28th when it is officially launched!


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As Catholics who are loyal to God the Truth, lovers of Jesus Christ and unwilling to see Holy Mother Church raped on a daily basis for even another day, we have an obligation to do SOMETHING real and effective towards solving the Crisis in the Church which began seven years ago with the departure of Pope Benedict XVI from the Vatican.

There has been enough lamentations and analysis and research. Now is time for action.

Here is my proposal, which I hope and pray will be accepted by all who share this same desire to protect Holy Mother Church and promote the salvation of souls.

The proposal is simple and easy:

  1. A Unified and Universal Appeal by Catholic websites, Blogs, FaceBook Pages, Twitter Accounts, Forums etc.., all to be published on Feb. 28, 2020, the seventh anniversary of the departure of Pope Benedict from the…

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Bergoglio to change Canon Law to hide the invalidity of the Renunciation — FromRome.Info

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo Bergoglio is about to promulgate a new Code of Canon Law for his fake Church. This has been in the work since he was elected. The fake news is that Pope Benedict XVI started this revision. But the truth was told to me, by Bishop Arrieta, when I met with him […]

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