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Remnant Disciples

We often get readings that just seem spot on.

Last Thursday amazed all of us. We had been speaking whilst waiting for everyone to arrive about certain events. Firstly, we had received emails notifying us to pray for Maria as the Mission of Salvation is being attacked very severely.

Secondly, we observed that this was the day that the bishops’ conference was to begin and that Cardinal Bourke and Card. Brandmueller had sent all bishops a letter to ask them if they, too,would stay silent (about the ‘cover up’). We decided that these were worthy prayer intentions for that day (although we don’t usually set out to form such prayer intentions.)

Well, we began with our Prayer selection for the day : We were up to the “Salvation of Souls” Group B. We always work through the groups chronologically – this was no exception.

The Bible reading was surprising. Matthew 28: 1-11 speaks of a cover up. When the roman guards came to report on Jesus Resurrection, the elders persuaded them by means of  bribery to tell a lie. We decided to read the next bit as well. Surprisingly, here Jesus commissions his disciples to go out “to all nations, baptizing them…”. We concluded that despite all the treachery and attempts to cover up the truth, the disciples still began their apostolic work – and 2000 years later, here we are. This made us joyful and gave us hope. The elders’ meeting reminded us about the bishops’ conference; and indeed it was all about a “cover up”.  It all seemed just a little too close to home.

Next came the readings from the Book of Truth.

The first one was 27 Oct. 2014.  It nearly blew me over. The first two lines mentioned remember to recite my most Holy Rosary each day in order to protect this Mission,..”  We had, just moments before we started praying, been saying that we must pray for Maria and dedicate our rosaries to praying for the Mission which was under threat. And it just happened to be that the prayers we were praying was Group A – our daily prayers, ROSARY and Chaplet; as well as Group B: “Salvation of Souls”. This is what ‘The Mission of Salvation’ (this Mission/our main mission) purpose is: the salvation of souls.

It didn’t end there. In the next reading from the Book of Truth,  ( 3 July 2011), Our Lady asks for the “Rosary to be recited as often as possible to crush the evil which grips the world.” The reading also referred to“attacks on the Church that come from within” – just what the Bishops’ Conference is all about.

The  Reading again urges us to pray“time spent in My company, especially at Adoration, is essential if you are to keep on top of this Mission.”

This reading also refers to the salvation of souls: “many of My children will lose their souls to the antichrist…”

It ends with a plea – another reference to prayer and salvation“Pray to save their souls if they won’t listen…”

Jesus promised us that He is present in every prayer group. The conversation before the prayer group began, the prayers and readings were all neatly woven together – as only a Master Weaver can do.

Let’s not ignore His pleas and those of our Bl. Mother of Salvation for lots of Prayer and Adoration in order to help them in this holy Mission to save souls.

“… follow My instructions.

…  Focus on Me only.”

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JtM Crusade Prayer Meeting Friday 26th October, 2018


Prayer Theme: Salvation of Souls

Prayers are Groups A & B: (See for details).

Reading from the Book of Truth

Atheists and scientists will say that The Warning was an illusion

3 July 2011 @ 6:30pm

My dearly beloved daughter, you must move forward, look straight ahead and follow My instructions.

Do not turn to the side when you are being assailed by the evil one every minute of the day.

Focus on Me only.

You must learn to understand that time spent in My company, especially at Adoration, is essential if you are to keep on top of this Mission. The length of time spent in prayer is also important because the longer you spend in close communication with Me, the more graces you will receive. Failure to do so will mean that you are leaving yourself wide open to attacks from the deceiver.

My Word, My daughter, is being ignored by many who do not want to listen. There are many reasons for this. Many of My children today have closed their eyes to the Truth of their spiritual existence. They embrace the world and all it offers as a substitute for the Bread of Life. Many are also wary of false prophets, for this is the age in which false prophets will emerge everywhere. This is the confusion that Satan wants to cause so that those genuine messengers of mine go unnoticed. Because of the humility required by My chosen visionaries, they cannot exalt themselves in the eyes of the world, for it is not in their nature.

The false visionaries will push themselves into the limelight. Their focus will be centred on themselves. Their messages may seem authentic and full of flowery language, featuring extracts from the Holy Bible, where it suits, but there will be two key aspects to their messages that will expose them for the untruths they impart. The first, is that they will be central to the messages and will enjoy all of the attention they receive. Then finally you have the messages themselves. They will be confusing, hard to read and will not leave a lasting impression on the soul. Sadly, My daughter, the Church tends to ignore the authentic seers because they must show responsibility in these matters.

It is, therefore, far easier for My Church to support those messages, which include extracts from the Holy Bible, to declare these to be authentic. Not so easy is it for them to accept the simplicity of My Teachings, especially when today much of the Truth hides behind the mask of tolerance. Not easily accepted either, is the reminder of the end times, when through fear and ignorance, those sacred servants of Mine refuse to take up My Cup and act responsibly.

This is the most important time in the history of the world. All the signs have been given to My visionaries throughout the last century, yet they are ignored and shoved aside as they bury their heads in the sand. It is precisely at this time that My sacred servants must preach about the importance of My return to Earth.

They must prepare souls by reminding them of the consequences of failing to redeem themselves while they are still on this Earth, for they cannot ask for forgiveness after death. I call on My sacred servants now. Why won’t you emphasize this to your flock? Why do you not actively discuss the repercussions for My children during the Great Chastisement? Don’t you know that many of My children will lose their souls to the antichrist, who is already here on this Earth, ready to spring as he waits in the wings? My children must understand that The Warning, while a great Act of Mercy, is only the first phase in what will be a very difficult and challenging time for all My children. For after that those hardened sinners and followers of Satan will deny My Existence.

Atheists will say it was a global illusion. Scientists will look for a logical explanation, but there won’t be one. Meanwhile, My followers will be torn in two. Many millions will have converted, but they will be confused by the lies spread by the evil group, the one world deadly organization whose goal is to destroy the little people for their own financial gain.

Children, if enough people cannot stay on the true path then it will not be possible to avert the impact of the chastisement. For this is when God the Father will move to stop sinners from destroying His Creation and His children. He will unleash earthquakes on a magnitude never experienced before; volcanoes in the most unlikely places and the Earth will be tossed like a ship in rough waters with no anchor to hold it in one place.

Please, children, allow The Warning to save you all. Accept that this miracle will help save millions, who otherwise, would have been lost. But for those who do not want to change their lives, they will choose the house of Satan. Without prayer there is no hope for them, for they will forfeit the keys of the New Paradise on Earth. Instead, they will burn in the fires of Hell. If they knew where this the evil path is leading them do you think they would change their ways?

Children, please help them by telling them the Truth. Pray to save their souls if they won’t listen, for that is all you can do.

Your beloved Saviour
Just Judge and King of Mercy, Jesus Christ

“Jesus, what can I do to help You?”


 JtM CP Group meeting on Thursday, 14th April, 2016:

If you follow this blog, you will know of all the unusual things that happen to our group – who are a very ordinary, motley group of people. Today,  one of our group – (L) was at Adoration, and in person, she asked Our Lord: “Jesus, what can I do to help You?”

How is this connected to us? Well, until fairly recently, there was not a printed prayer book available with all the Crusade Prayers so we were using A4 printouts. To these, were added the other special prayers that we say; for example, we also say quite a few extra preliminary prayers.

Another person in our group had compiled her own smaller  A5 sized book, but which included all her other regular, personal prayers that she says during the day. She very kindly made quite a few for others – as they included all the litanies, etc.

I thought I would compile one just with our Prayer Group’s prayers. I thought it would be easier to hold and to file away. I had started this project, but (L) said that she would photocopy the relevant pages out of the former book, to make less work for me – and she photocopied heaps. I compiled and printed out the other prayers, hymns and covers that are unique to our group. She had her own binder, which made it much cheaper for us.

Well, at Adoration, after she asked Jesus her question, she unexpectedly heard an answer. It was – “Make more prayer books and more Seals”. The last one was surprising, because at our recent general regional meeting, someone had already printed boxes full of Seals, of all sizes, and had distributed them to us free of charge to give out.

After our Prayers, and lunch and during our conversation, she told us what had happened. She had tears in her eyes because the answer had really affected her.

Those are Jesus’ instructions, so we know what is important.

Please read separate post about the details of the Prayer Group on this day at:

Thank you, Jesus.

You are always truly with us, and guiding us as members of Your Remnant Army!

“Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam”


“Go Tell the Others” Part 2

   A CP Group member’s testimony

( cont’d from last post “Go tell the Others Part 1” under ‘Signs and Wonders’.)

“So because of that I’ll also share an experience I had on Friday 11th March (the day after the Prayer Group and this aforementioned experience).

In my church, after Mass, we had Benediction then Exposition for 24hrs: we said the Rosary then I stayed a couple of hours. I decided to ask Our Lord about my experience the previous day and why I could only see him through closed eyes. The answer I believe I got is that we have been told Jesus will never walk the earth again in the flesh, so he is in Spirit, and I wouldn’t be able to see him through human eyes.

 The other very stern impression I felt, was that we are not doing enough, and that the time is almost up, and even of those who believe Jesus’ messages and believe that we are in the end times, – most are still living as in the days of Noah, believing we still have a bit of time, but we are being foolish wasting valuable time when we should be praying more and fasting more.

Many millions of souls will be lost, we need to somehow reach more, many more people, God has given us this mission, which we accepted, what else can we do?

I also felt he very sternly told me to get to church the next day [Saturday 12th March] early for Adoration before Mass. [I know he knew I was thinking about not going  as I wasn’t feeling very well] but I got the message loud and clear and can assure you I was at church more than an hour before Mass, and I fully realisz I personally do not do enough to help save souls in this very important mission. We must talk about what more we can do, some people I’m sure will have lots of ideas but others, [like me] are at a loss, and we all want to do more, I’m sure, and we must obey God.” 

More from C:

As I was saying my Divine Mercy Chaplet today, towards the end, I felt Jesus telling me that we should not be surprised at such occurrences during fervent prayer. We are in desperate times and he loves us very much, he wants to help us, and protect us as much as possible.


Just because God has personally chosen each one of us for this mission, doesn’t give us the right to think we are any more special to him than any of his children. In fact much more is expected of us: we have been blessed to be given so much knowledge, but that won’t save us, but using that knowledge in the right way, can, and save many others as well.

I know speaking for myself, I should do more, pray more, fast more, etc. but I let various things get in the way a lot of the time. I’m not sure I’ll be game to do that in the future. God is speaking very loudly and it not only scared me but made me very sad to think that God has to get so frustrated with us, his Army. GOD LOVES US BUT HE EXPECTS A LOT FROM HIS CHOSEN ARMY, only because he obviously knows we are capable.

LET’S REALLY PUT OUR TRUST IN HIM. Jesus will never dessert us, he has shown us time and time again that He is with us – literally.

 I also opened my prayer book to Crusade Prayers 9 and 10, so I’ll make sure I say those and many others every day. “

Conclusion (Prayer Group leader and Donna Liane*):

Adoration, prayer and fasting is the key – the armour we need to fight the battle. And most important is to know the Truth (from Bible and Book of Truth) and be ready to “shout it from the rooftops” when the time comes. We have to be ready, and build up our strength now with more Masses and more Adoration while we still can as well as more fasting, penance and prayer.

 If after this message, we increase our prayer twofold we are like the servant who made a small increase or even the one who buried the money entrusted to him. If instead we increase prayer (especially the fervency with which we pray) AND spread the Word to the lost and lame, (not just the elect ), if we enable   1-2 others to pray the Crusade Prayers, and maybe they do the same, how much more prayer is increased? Maybe tenfold!!

Jesus needs all of us to pray AND evangelise! Don’t be shy! Your earnestness, passion and Love will enflame whoever you meet! It will work because Jesus is with you!!

* P.S, Donna and I often do things together and check each other’s posts.


For the Greater Glory of God.!!!

Pilgrimage Part 8 cont.- Eucharistic Adoration and other activities

12th July

Eucharistic Adoration and other Activities

Yesterday, after Mass in the morning, we went back to hotel and ‘veged out’ because we were exhausted from the previous day.

We found out at short notice that Ivan would broadcast his recent message.
We had radios that translated it into various languages – we just had to tune in. What stands out from his message is “Before you can pray really well, you have to pray more often.” After his talk, the parish priest gave a sermon – also with translations. He is also a very humble and holy man. He enlarged on Ivan’s topic from Our Blessed Mother.

In the evening, we went down to the church and went to Confession to one of the many priests there. We went inside the church just as a wedding was ending so we said a Hail Mary for the new couple. We took a picture of the beautiful statue of Our Lady outside.

20150711_212932(0)We went outside because we heard beautiful singing. Around the statue of Our Lady was a crowd of people – maybe a few hundred – singing hymns. There was a man with a trumpet, and a man with a guitar and 2 nuns and 2 priests leading the singing.

We all swayed and waved our arms or held hands. We couldn’t understand the words but we could feel the meaning. Some were to Our Lady and some to Jesus. This was at 9 o’clock at night.

You could feel the love. When it finished, we went over to the large outside area as Adoration was to start shortly. It seemed like just a few hundred people Outside seating empty before Adorationinitially but, within 10 minutes, the place was packed with people. Every seat was full – 2 or 3 times as many as for the Adoration the night before.  There were maybe 4000 people or more.

As before, there was a respectful atmosphere.  Blessings from heaven just pour out onto this place. No-one spoke or moved.  Adoration was from 10pm to 11pm. The format was as the night before: short paragraphs of spoken text in 6 different languages; a short silence; then a chant – also in 6 different languages. This lasted for an hour.

This place is so holy and the people who come here so full of faith.

The monstrance was huge and the Host
as big as a bread and butter plate. A light behind the host illuminated it.

I would not have missed any of this for the world. What a blessing to be here! And to see so much Faith and love.


Part 8 Medjugorie cont. -Special Blessings

10th July:

A Special Mass:

We started off by going to a Mass at 7am in a small chapel in an orphanage which was built by Fr. Slavko who died in 2000.

Chapel at orphanage
Chapel at orphanage

Our Austrian friend from World Youth Day was there and another German friend. The hymn at the end of Mass was in 2 languages. I didn’t understand the first but I recognized the word “Gospa” which refers to Our Lady at Medjugorje. The next was in German which I understood. The words were simple and I was concentrating on what I was hearing. I heard “Mary, my Mother, you are my Mother too.”

Well, the tears just started to roll down my face. It makes me teary just remembering it. I wasn’t expecting this. I often pray to Our Lady as “Mother of all mothers” when I have a motherly problem and ask for her intercession.

It was a special grace from Our Lady to start my time at Medjugorje.

More amazing impressions:

There are always large numbers of priests who want to say Mass. Sometimes there are 20 or more concelebrating. There is the main church which has a 10am English Mass each day and lots of other Masses during the day. There is also an Adoration Chapel which has adoration from 2pm to 6pm each day. The whole complex is run by Franciscans.

Two of our group went to Adoration in the afternoon because they were not able to do the climb on the Apparition Hill. Towards late evening they stayed for Mass even though they had been in the evening. One thing they noticed is that 90% of people receive Holy Communion kneeling, and on the tongue!

We arrived home from our 3 hour eventful climb (more later), came home for a quick clean-up and headed off to the church for the evening’s activities.

Being Friday, after the Rosary, it was Adoration of the Cross. There is an altar which is exposed to the

Outdoor Altar as part of St James Church
Outdoor Altar as part of St James Church

outside as the church inside is not big enough. There were about 2 thousand people there today. There are also about 50 confessionals built on the outside, with bench seats for people to line up. As well as these, there are priests simply sitting on chairs hearing confessions.

BUT the most amazing thing wasn’t any of the above. We joined the people on the outside facing the platform with a huge Cross and a statue of Our Lady near the altar.  There was beautiful music that helped you meditate and various meditations were read – each one in about 4 or 5 different languages. They were simple ones like “Remember me when you come into your kingdom” and a short application of each to our personal lives. There were short breaks in between each one. It went for about an hour.

The amazing thing was that not one person whispered, or spoke or moved around. Not even children could be heard. Not even in a church does this happen! It was really unbelievable.  And afterwards they left just as silently and there were thousands of people.

The presence of Our Lady is evident:

There were people from all different countries – Italian, Mexican, Irish, the locals, German and of course, us Aussies. These were ones we spoke to. There was a holy and reverent atmosphere that was unmistakable. This place has blessings flowing from heaven– from Our Lady “the Queen of Peace”. (She first appeared in 1981 – 10 years before the Bosnian war. Her message was “Peace, peace, peace”)

The Seal of the Living God

O my God, my Loving Father,

I accept with love and gratitude Your Divine Seal of Protection.

Your Divinity encompasses my body and soul for eternity.

I bow in humble thanksgiving and offer You my deep love and loyalty to You, my beloved Father.

I beg you to protect me and my loved ones with this special Seal and I pledge my life to Your service forever and ever.

I love you, dear Father. I console You in these times, dear Father.

I offer You the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son in atonement for the sins of the world and for the salvation of all Your children.


Seal of The Living God