“Jesus, what can I do to help You?”


 JtM CP Group meeting on Thursday, 14th April, 2016:

If you follow this blog, you will know of all the unusual things that happen to our group – who are a very ordinary, motley group of people. Today,  one of our group – (L) was at Adoration, and in person, she asked Our Lord: “Jesus, what can I do to help You?”

How is this connected to us? Well, until fairly recently, there was not a printed prayer book available with all the Crusade Prayers so we were using A4 printouts. To these, were added the other special prayers that we say; for example, we also say quite a few extra preliminary prayers.

Another person in our group had compiled her own smaller  A5 sized book, but which included all her other regular, personal prayers that she says during the day. She very kindly made quite a few for others – as they included all the litanies, etc.

I thought I would compile one just with our Prayer Group’s prayers. I thought it would be easier to hold and to file away. I had started this project, but (L) said that she would photocopy the relevant pages out of the former book, to make less work for me – and she photocopied heaps. I compiled and printed out the other prayers, hymns and covers that are unique to our group. She had her own binder, which made it much cheaper for us.

Well, at Adoration, after she asked Jesus her question, she unexpectedly heard an answer. It was – “Make more prayer books and more Seals”. The last one was surprising, because at our recent general regional meeting, someone had already printed boxes full of Seals, of all sizes, and had distributed them to us free of charge to give out.

After our Prayers, and lunch and during our conversation, she told us what had happened. She had tears in her eyes because the answer had really affected her.

Those are Jesus’ instructions, so we know what is important.

Please read separate post about the details of the Prayer Group on this day at:


Thank you, Jesus.

You are always truly with us, and guiding us as members of Your Remnant Army!

“Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam”


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