“Go Tell the Others” Part 2

   A CP Group member’s testimony

( cont’d from last post “Go tell the Others Part 1” under ‘Signs and Wonders’.)

“So because of that I’ll also share an experience I had on Friday 11th March (the day after the Prayer Group and this aforementioned experience).

In my church, after Mass, we had Benediction then Exposition for 24hrs: we said the Rosary then I stayed a couple of hours. I decided to ask Our Lord about my experience the previous day and why I could only see him through closed eyes. The answer I believe I got is that we have been told Jesus will never walk the earth again in the flesh, so he is in Spirit, and I wouldn’t be able to see him through human eyes.

 The other very stern impression I felt, was that we are not doing enough, and that the time is almost up, and even of those who believe Jesus’ messages and believe that we are in the end times, – most are still living as in the days of Noah, believing we still have a bit of time, but we are being foolish wasting valuable time when we should be praying more and fasting more.

Many millions of souls will be lost, we need to somehow reach more, many more people, God has given us this mission, which we accepted, what else can we do?

I also felt he very sternly told me to get to church the next day [Saturday 12th March] early for Adoration before Mass. [I know he knew I was thinking about not going  as I wasn’t feeling very well] but I got the message loud and clear and can assure you I was at church more than an hour before Mass, and I fully realisz I personally do not do enough to help save souls in this very important mission. We must talk about what more we can do, some people I’m sure will have lots of ideas but others, [like me] are at a loss, and we all want to do more, I’m sure, and we must obey God.” 

More from C:

As I was saying my Divine Mercy Chaplet today, towards the end, I felt Jesus telling me that we should not be surprised at such occurrences during fervent prayer. We are in desperate times and he loves us very much, he wants to help us, and protect us as much as possible.


Just because God has personally chosen each one of us for this mission, doesn’t give us the right to think we are any more special to him than any of his children. In fact much more is expected of us: we have been blessed to be given so much knowledge, but that won’t save us, but using that knowledge in the right way, can, and save many others as well.

I know speaking for myself, I should do more, pray more, fast more, etc. but I let various things get in the way a lot of the time. I’m not sure I’ll be game to do that in the future. God is speaking very loudly and it not only scared me but made me very sad to think that God has to get so frustrated with us, his Army. GOD LOVES US BUT HE EXPECTS A LOT FROM HIS CHOSEN ARMY, only because he obviously knows we are capable.

LET’S REALLY PUT OUR TRUST IN HIM. Jesus will never dessert us, he has shown us time and time again that He is with us – literally.

 I also opened my prayer book to Crusade Prayers 9 and 10, so I’ll make sure I say those and many others every day. “

Conclusion (Prayer Group leader and Donna Liane*):

Adoration, prayer and fasting is the key – the armour we need to fight the battle. And most important is to know the Truth (from Bible and Book of Truth) and be ready to “shout it from the rooftops” when the time comes. We have to be ready, and build up our strength now with more Masses and more Adoration while we still can as well as more fasting, penance and prayer.

 If after this message, we increase our prayer twofold we are like the servant who made a small increase or even the one who buried the money entrusted to him. If instead we increase prayer (especially the fervency with which we pray) AND spread the Word to the lost and lame, (not just the elect ), if we enable   1-2 others to pray the Crusade Prayers, and maybe they do the same, how much more prayer is increased? Maybe tenfold!!

Jesus needs all of us to pray AND evangelise! Don’t be shy! Your earnestness, passion and Love will enflame whoever you meet! It will work because Jesus is with you!!

* P.S, Donna and I often do things together and check each other’s posts.


For the Greater Glory of God.!!!

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