Will Divine Mercy be Mocked?

“Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi told reporters March 17 that the apostolic exhortation will be released sometime after Easter week, in the first half of April.”

(See full article by Edward Pentin at http://www.ncregister.com/blog/cardinal-kasper-exhortation-could-be-published-saturday)

Will the date of release be another mocking?

A.C (Crusader). surmised that the most appropriate date would be April 3rd on the Feast of Divine Mercy. If so, A.C asks whether it will be a TRUE Mercy (to reaffirm Church doctrine),  or a FALSE mercy.

Whenever this happens, the Feast Day itself is ignored. When the item being presented is contrary to Traditional Church teaching, this makes a mockery of the feast itself.

He supplies previous mockings of Feast Days held in special esteem by the Catholic Church:

On  Sept. 8th  The Feast of the  Nativity of Mary: –  : “catholic divorce” in 40 days

On Dec 8th  The Feast of the  Immaculate Conception: there was a pagan light show on St Peter’s facade of the Vatican

On March 19th, on the Feast of St Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, and head of the Holy Family: – the Apostolic Exhortation for the destruction of the family (i.e. the synod document)  was signed by Bergoglio, on the 3rd anniversary of his enthronement.


Will Bergoglio’s announcement be mocking true teaching?

If so, I sincerely hope it is not on  this great Feast Day of Divine Mercy.!


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