Buying and Selling when money is worthless


“Your money will be worthless and the only way to trade will be in gold or silver.” -Jesus in the book of Truth, Jan 1, 2011


Transfer some of your wealth to bullion.

Bullion, gold or silver, is an international trading currency that has value in the precious metal it is made of.

Do NOT purchase certificates of gold or silver.

Purchase physical bullion in coins or bars. No matter what happens with dollars, euros, yen and yuan, gold and silver will stand through the upcoming trials as an international currency. It is most likely that they will substantially increase in value.

Silver in mid-2015 can be purchased at prices that barely cover the mining companies’ extraction costs. Do NOT purchase collector coins. Collector coins are sold at a premium price for their decorative value. Stick to bullion bars and coins.

Since making change with silver or gold is not as simple as getting change with currencies, vary the size of the coins/bars you purchase. Start with one ounce bars or one ounce silver coins. As you accumulate more bullion, go 70% silver and 30% gold in varying sizes of silver bars and single gold ounces.

There are many private dealers out there. Purchase within your country.
Do not wait! If you cannot purchase much, purchase some. Do not wait until you have a specific amount, some months or years into the future before transferring wealth to bullion.

(From “Raising Awareness” – Author wishes to have no recognition.)

Editor’s note: If you leave it too late,  there could be a shortage and this will drive the prices up.

An Australian website is :

You can buy silver and gold coins/ bars.

The website shows $Aust. and $US.

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