How to prepare for your short term food needs

 Short-term needs (2 weeks)

Remember, that after the Warning, many businesses will be closed. It is very likely that there may not be power.The messages have warned us to have enough food for a 2 week period. This is just for starters.

The famine is till to come after that, as well as the Mark of the Beast (of Book of Revelation), which will prevent anyone who does not have it from buying or selling. (this is also found in the Bible – Revelation). The book of Truth explains it all.

You need to take the steps to ensure you have two weeks’ worth of water and a stocked two week emergency pantry!

There will be times where there will be calamities that will impact you for short durations and keeping yourself level-headed to make a 3-course meal will be the last thing on your mind…

It is important to have ready-to-eat foods that require no refrigeration. (You might not be able to depend on power)

  • That could be tinned meats [turkey, ham, chicken, fish];
  • Long-life milk/powdered milk
  • Canned soup [some of these are meals in a can]
  • Tinned vegetables
  • Peanut butter,vegemite.
  • Cold cereals.

Have TWO WEEKS of such food at ALL TIMES.

Rotate your supplies.

If you budget 3 jars of peanut butter for your two-week stash…then when you open a jar, open the oldest. And replace it with a new jar so you always have 3 jars on hand.

Apply this approach to all the goods you earmark for this purpose in your 2-week stash.

Task: Determine the needs of your family for a two week period…

What do you eat?

How many mouths to feed?

Figure out what it takes to give you two weeks’ worth.

Buy it, place it in its own shelf, pantry, etc.

When one item is consumed, replace it the next time you do grocery shopping.

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