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Ill-intentioned Intentions.

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These intentions proposed by Francis during the month of July warrant commentary.

In reflecting upon prayer, we recall the Gospel’s narrations of the numerous occasions when Jesus prayed, and especially, the mandate that he gave us to pray with the seven petitions of the Lord’s Prayer, the prayer par excellence. After all, true prayer is praying as Jesus did, and in keeping with what he taught.

For, as Saint Augustine amply teaches, “if we pray rightly, and as becomes our wants, we say nothing but what is already contained in the Lord’s Prayer. And whoever says in prayer anything which cannot find its place in that gospel prayer, is praying in a way which, if it be not unlawful, is at least not spiritual; and I know not how carnal prayers can be lawful, since it becomes those who are born again by the Spirit to pray in no other way than spiritually.” And after a long list of examples, the same Doctor of the Church ends: “And if you go over all the words of holy prayers, you will, I believe, find nothing which cannot be comprised and summed up in the petitions of the Lord’s Prayer. Wherefore, in praying, we are free to use different words to any extent, but we must ask the same things; in this we have no choice” (Saint Augustine, Epistle 130, no.12/22).

Of course, these seven primordial petitions in the Lord’s Prayer may be spread out into many others…however, that indigenous people be shown due respect is a prayer intention which seems to stray completely off-track, above all coming from the Chair of Peter. And it is dangerously mistaken in what it insinuates.

After his resurrection, the Lord commanded the Apostles “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit (Mt 28: 19). He could have also commanded that they appreciate and save local cultures, with the large list of dire anti-evangelical customs these might entail. But that was not the message He gave them. On the contrary, He declared that if certain peoples did not accept the Gospel, the Apostles should shake the dust from their feet

If the “seeds of the Word” – a wonderful expression of Saint Justin and the Fathers of the Church, that the Council employed in various of its documents – are present among all peoples, in however deplorable a state, it is necessary to water these seeds, cultivate and prune them, allowing them to open themselves to fully accepting Jesus Christ, the Word of God.

But, to idolize the seed, without caring for it and suffocating the Word by impeding its blossoming, is the aim of a certain missiology that Francis ends up offering with this universal prayer intention. This is evident.

The worth of a people’s identity depends on just how much the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven develops and germinates within it. Aren’t we aiming for one flock and one shepherd? Or are we opting for the type of relativistic and eclectic religion promoted by the liberation ‘theologians’?

The so-called universal intention is illustrated with a videoThe Pope video – Respect for the indigenous peoplesin which no trace of the Catholic religion can be detected.And, as is normal in this video series, Francis appears without his unusual pectoral cross showing over his white baggy cassock. No cross is seen on the wall either, nor a statue of the Blessed Virgin in the background. Not a sign or symbol. The video seems to have been concocted in an anti-Christian marketing laboratory.

Respect what traditions? Cannibalism, polygamy, incest, idolatry and Satanism?

While Francis goes about destroying century-old catholic traditions in protocols, liturgies and customs that developed within the light of the Gospel, he wishes to indiscriminately save all pagan traditions – traditions which gradually would die off by their own inglorious dynamism.

Francis’ dreams are true nightmares. The dimension of faith and interest in the salvation of souls is missing altogether. It is a dream that can be called Rotarian, if not outright masonic.

Pius XII points toward conversion through the preservation of aboriginal values that are Christianized. Francis points toward the persistence of paganism without a shadow of regeneration. But… what else can be expected of one who doesn’t take the light of the faith as guide? Could he propose otherwise? Truly, each yields according to its kind.

In closing we ask, wouldn’t it be more appropriate for a father and shepherd to request prayers for the impoverished Venezuelans, the persecuted Cubans, the massacred Syrians, the aborted children or the broken marriages?

But it was deemed more politically correct to recall the indigenous peoples; not in order to catechize and baptize them, but rather to confirm them in their ancestral paganism.

Is this the attitude of a father and shepherd?

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