An epic poem (in 4 parts), by Crusader Will

Part 4 of 4.


Both sides have had a master plan

Ever since the world began.

God’s is longer, and will outlast 

All of Satan’s treacheries past.

Our original-sin behaviour

Has meant us needing all a Saviour..

So Jesus died upon the Cross

To spare us from eternal loss

And founded a Church with holy priests

That modern sin has turned into beasts

Denying us the Bread of Life.

All is now showdown-set for strife -.

The whole world heading devil’s-domain

With rampant lacks and little gain

But for prophets and a promise

To quell the doubts of any Thomas.

The Church is fast being overhauled

For once more God’s body badly mauled.

Leave the soon-to-be Remodeled Mass

To the hierarchies of the crass.

Lockdown may graduate to walk out

Sparked by laity in their raw clout,

Though most stick with the Compromised Church

Denying/denied the True-Faith search

For ‘Remnant’ worship, had safe and sound

In a Seal-protected underground.


JtM Crusade Prayer meeting Friday 2nd August, 2019


Prayer Theme: Faith, Family, Nations

Prayers are Groups A & F: (See https://remnantdisciplesjtm.com/crusade-prayer-group-format/ for details).

Reading from Book of Truth

October 29, 2013 @ 7:30pm

Mother of Salvation: My Son’s Church will become the seat of the antichrist

My sweet child, the Heavens all join, in union with my Son, to come to the aid of those holy priests, who will find themselves in the middle of a great battle. So many of these precious souls will have to endure terrible pain and suffering when they will have to witness the heresies, which will spring from within the Church. They will be confused, frightened and many will feel that they have nowhere to turn. This is when they must turn to me, ask me to Consecrate them to my Son, so that He can pour over them every drop of His Precious Blood. When covered with this Gift, they will know what to do. They must know that I have warned my children, all down through the centuries, of this wicked apostasy, which is being planned by the evil one. 

My Son’s Church will become the seat of the antichrist and now that the Truth has been revealed, many will feel frightened and will suffer the pain of my Son’s Scourging. My Son’s Church will be persecuted, destroyed, desecrated – until eventually, it will house the throne upon which will sit the antichrist. It will be from here that he, the antichrist, will declare that he is the Christ and that the world will be saved through him.

By accepting lies, you deny the Truth. By ignoring the Truth, you will believe in a fabricated web of deceit, spun by the evil one and this will entrap you. Once entrapped, you will be tempted to follow the crowds, in every nation, who will pay great respect to the antichrist. Please, children, recite this Crusade Prayer to fight the heresy, which will cover my Son’s Church on Earth.

Crusade Prayer (125) To defend the Most Holy Word of God

O Mother of Salvation, help me, a humble servant of God, to defend His Most Holy Word in times of torment. Consecrate me, dear Mother, to your Son, so that He can cover me with His Precious Blood. Grant me, through the Intercession of your Son, Jesus Christ, the grace, the strength and the will to remain true to the Teachings of Christ in the times of Tribulation, which will devour His Most Holy Church on Earth. Amen.

Go to my Son, dear servants of Christ. You belong to Him. He will help you during the persecution. He will never desert you in your time of need.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation