10. Discerning Prophets: Messages from the Book of Truth

16 January 2012 @ 1:20pm

God the Father: Final messenger to herald the Second Coming

My daughter, when I send prophets into the world, they will usually be those whom you least expect.

Never will you find them in the highest echelons of My Church. Nor will they be the most outwardly holy souls.

In many cases, they will not be worthy of this special Gift. Yet, I chose imperfect souls from unusual, but simple, walks of lifeso that I can mould them into the creatures I so desire.

My prophets for the end times are no different. They will not be accepted easily. As in the beginning, when I first sent My prophets to prepare mankind for the arrival of My beloved Son, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, they found it difficult for their voices to be heard.

The voices of My genuine end time messengers will not be listened to at the start of their mission. Yet, in time, they will be recognised, for it will be My Voice that will become easily identifiable. You, My daughter, are the final messenger sent to herald the arrival of My beloved Son, Jesus Christ, for His much anticipated Second Coming.

This is frightening for you and, at times, very difficult to digest. Yet it is the Truth.

This Work, when you will be given Divine Messages to prepare the remnants of My Church on Earth for The Second Coming, will be difficult.

While I have selected many chosen souls up to now and will continue to communicate with them for the good of all mankind, their lot will be easier.

Your lot will be difficult in the extreme and you will be persecuted because of it.

I bless you with every Grace from My Heavenly Kingdom.

You will move forward, as the chosen instrument, to impart My Most Holy Word to the world. This Work will be protected at all times.

Yes, you will be attacked, almost daily, but know this. If this Work were not so important, do you think that it could escape the notice of Satan and his dominion of fallen angels?

They, My daughter, have infiltrated the Earth and have crawled, in many cases, unsuspectingly, into the hearts and souls of many of My children.

The Holy Path of your work, you the final messenger, sent to Earth to help save humanity from the final grip of Satan, has been foretold in the Scriptures.

The world has been awaiting these instructions, by My Holy Command.

Many false prophets will try to block this, My Holy Word, through the spread of lies and confusion.

These Messages will be questioned and examined by My Church, for errors. Yet they impart only the Truth.

Much of the Truth, ignored by My churches down through the centuries, will emerge again.

More revelations as to the Truth of your Eternal Life, children, will be revealed to you.

This Work will cause outrage, My daughter. You will be spat upon, ridiculed, looked down upon and blocked in every way imaginable.

To those who find difficulty with the Truth given to you, the final end time prophet, hear now My pleas.

You must ask Me for the Gift of the Holy Spirit, before you can open your ears to hear My Voice, to the Truth of My Holy Word and to the instructions that I will give you all, so that you can have Eternal Life.

My Words will be made simple so that every man, woman and child can follow My Holy Word. But, you must know this. While there will be much Love and Light shining through My Word, there will also be an Air of Divine Authority, which you will find impossible to ignore.

That is how you will know that it is I, your God, your Eternal Father, who speaks. My Love will invade your souls and lift your hearts in union with Mine.

All preparations are in place. After My beloved Son’s Great Mercy, the time will be set aside to prepare the world for His Second Coming.

Yes, children, I Am now arranging to save My children from the darkness. I Am reclaiming My Creation, My children, and I Am taking you to your rightful home, your inheritance, The New Paradise.

Be patient, children. Just remember I love you. Trust in Me and in My Holy Word given to you through My end time prophet, Maria Divine Mercy.

Your Eternal Father,

God of the Most High

Creator of all things.

Key Points Discerning Prophets:
  • True prophets are usually those whom you least expect.
  • They will not be from the highest echelons of My Church.
  • They will not be the most outwardly holy souls.
  • In many cases, they are not worthy of this special Gift.
  • God chooses imperfect souls from unusual, but simple, walks of life;- so that He can mould them into the creatures He desires.
  • God’s End-Times prophets will not be accepted easily
  • Genuine end time messengers will not be listened to at the start of their mission.
  • Yet, in time, they will be recognised, for it will be God’s Voice that will become easily identifiable. 
  • Maria Divine Mercy is the final messenger sent to herald the arrival of Jesus in His much anticipated Second Coming.
  • This Work is the giving out of Divine Messages to prepare the remnants of God’s Church on Earth for The Second Coming. It is a difficult Mission.
  • There are other true prophets (chosen souls) who were selected before now, and God is still communicating with them for the good of all mankind.
  • Those (other) true prophets, however, will have an easier lot.
  • Maria Divine Mercy’s lot will be difficult in the extreme. She will be persecuted because of it. She will be attacked, almost daily.
  • She is the final messenger, sent to Earth to help save humanity from the final grip of Satan. This has been foretold in the Scriptures.
  • Many false prophets will try to block this, God’s Holy Word, through the spread of lies and confusion.
  • This Work will cause outrage, My daughter. You will be spat upon, ridiculed, looked down upon and blocked in every way imaginable.
  • You must ask God for the Gift of the Holy Spirit, before you can open your ears to hear His Voice, to the Truth of His Holy Word and to the instructions that He will give you so that you can have Eternal Life.
  • God’s Words will be made simple so that every man, woman and child can follow His Holy Word.
  • There will be Love and Light shining through His Word There will also be an Air of Divine Authority, which you will find impossible to ignore. This is how you will know that God, your Eternal Father, speaks. His Love will invade your souls and lift your hearts in union with His.
  • Remember God Loves you.
  • God asks us to Trust in Him and in His Holy Word,  given to us through His end time prophet, Maria Divine Mercy.

The Great Apostasy – an Epic poem

I love Crusader Will’s work but I don’t always understand all the hidden meanings or references to history past. So he decided this time to write an explanation of key points and references.I have put these in italics and in a purple font.

Every stanza follows the same acrostic pattern of THE GREAT spelled out downwards with the first letter of each line,
and APOSTASY spelled out upwards with the last letter of each line.
The first stanza is printed with this pattern emphasized.


The prophets have always said there would come our way
Huge faith upheavals, but it has taken us
Extremely long to discern the present drama.
Gethsemane knew. It cost Jesus the blood-filled sweat
Recorded in scripture  but not there ascribed to taunts
Emptied in one straight-Satan facts-farrago
Announcing  to Jesus ours the time of the Cup
To be drained again on salvation’s arena.

There’s nothing new about rampant heresy:
Hard heads at the helm; in their wake the massed light-weights –
Easygoing dupes of this topnotch miasma
Grimly extolled by churchmen off their own proud bat
(Righteous-pretending but stubbornly erroneous).
Exceptional the lay or clerical hero
Assured enough to back the Book of Truth up.
Time now to get candid with these arcana.

Stanzas 2/3  This refers chiefly to the Arian heresy  rampant in the early Church, which was largely defeated by the efforts of the laity; but the same success with other heresies is not being enjoyed today, despite the efforts of many lay-persons and some clergy.

3. The mayhem depends on a mix of villainy,
Happenstance and lethargy to cause the morass
Everyone gets shown as on a diorama.
God desires,  for those who seek him, enlightenment
Regarding the small-circle initiatives
Endorsed by the masses almost in toto;
And, failing a repeat past Church-faithful rise-up,
The damage now amounts to a major trauma.


The piece you may now be reading carefully
Has its origins in mind-and-spirit arts
Employing faith-received as faith-apologia.
God’s recasting my late-life discursive-verse craft.
Roping thought and word into a case of fixed forms,
Era-straddling highlights flaws those ‘Novus-Ordo’
Accept. But my type tends more to a whole-truth grasp,
Though it’s starter’s-stage in my fine arts-agenda.


The Awful Disclosures of Bella Dodd supply
Heaven-sent chances for Fatima-background facts.
Even years before, pleas were made to Lucia –
Giant in promise –  for a simple joint event
Requiring hierarchy and pope to take steps
(Explained in full) to stop a warped scenario –           
At source – in Russia – from spreading world-wide.This step       
The Evil One stymied with his vast militia.

5/6. Bella Dodd was a Communist who converted to Catholicism and revealed that a huge infiltration into clergy in the Church had been made by men who were without any faith or any commitment to chastity. The purpose of this was to destroy the Church from within.
This manouvre, originating with Stalin, was not ostensibly revealed when Our Lady requested the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart, which she said would result in the conversion of Russia,  and in the cessation of the spread of errors by Russia throughout the world. This Consecration has never been made.
The phrase ‘Awful Disclosures’ comes from the title of a mendacious 19-century anti-Catholic book. namely The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk, about sexual misconduct in a convent


The Church has never made, since, specifically,
Heart-of-Mary-Immaculate consecrations
Expressly aimed at Russia, to convert Russia.
Gaps like this Stalin filled with evil intent,
Rallying young men to infiltrate,  with huge success,
Every corner of the Church. Dark their proviso :
Asked – Church-destructive from within,  faith-frauds,  hip –
To form ordained homosexual substrata.

The ‘Third Secret of Fatima’ Sister Lucy
Had a disclosure time-frame for, which went amiss,
Eventually turning out soap-opera.
Gingerly was the text opened;  then squinted at;
Read; then poked back in a Vatican recess.
Emphatically: an untimely ‘no-no’.
Agitators brokered why it was for the chop:
The great apostasy bore its broad schemata.

  1. The exact content of the Third Secret of Fatima is hotly contested. The interpretation favoured by contemporary Traditionalists is that it refers to the situation known as the Great Apostasy which has been building up for a long time, emanating from various quarters, including the heresy known as Modernism and the secret society known as Freemasonry which has an enormous influence on the modern world, including the Catholic Church.


Time for the ‘treatment’ to be shown Freemasonry:
Hell’s ancient masterpiece. Variously: blandness
Ensconced down a quiet street; grim esoterica
Glaring from an eerie film; or bright tommy-rot
Reverberating from opera stages.
Essentially: a behind the scenes imbroglio,
Activating malign developments from top
To bottom of a mind-set out of Ruritania.

  1. My inspiration for lines 2-5 is: a typical Masonic hall exterior in any town; the film Eyes Wide Shut; and Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute. Ruritania is an imaginary country appearing in literature and stage-works to depict a certain Central European atmosphere.


The land of the Blarney broached the Real McCoy.
Heaven had said it all long long before. Bliss-
Eternal planned (though millennial euphoria
Grappled with current goings-on for a judgment
Right on the mark).  Then there the Book of Truth was:
Exact, exhaustive; a massive portfolio
Astounding and authoritative,  summing up
The times before, during and after the Parousia.

  1. The ‘Land of the Blarney’ is,  of course, Ireland, home of the visionary known as Maria Divine Mercy,  to whom was dictated the Book of Truth, which deals in great detail with the world situation unfolding over the past while in the lead-up to the events called the Warning and the Second Coming.  The word ‘parousia’ refers to the return of Jesus to the earth.  These and other details also occur in further stanzas.


The precise extent of the great apostasy
Has long eluded most of the faithful like us.
Even the warned-against misplaced charisma
Granted our leaders as lay matter-of-fact
Rapidly started shrinking as deceived persons
Emptied from the pews,  or, pulpit-starved of credo
As past-practised, were led from these same pews to hop
Tracks onto roads leading to a Modernist Nirvana.


The dynamics of apostasy are so sly.
Heterodox gangs pick up on the Fall in us,
Easing our skewered  gaze into a replica
Grown from the twists and turns in their darkness of heart.
Righteousness wilts. Poor example paralyses
Each good streak else.  Boxed fruit (one bad) rots quid pro quo.
A lone erratic can bring vast schemes to a stop.
Turbulence now congests our world panorama.


The remedial process will not be pretty.
Hardened sinners have no clue as to the horrors
Earmarked by experts for the phantasmagoria
Godless planners think a peak-experience treat
Replacing any kingdom-come hopes in Christians.
Even inventing myths (dear to Pope Bergoglio)
About the Tribulation they see building up,
They’ll be still more shocked than friends of Christ-Omega.

  1. The New World Order has been long in the planning. It will be short in duration.Bergoglio’ is Pope Francis’ birth surname. It is often used as a protest against his papal reign.
    Climate-change and ‘eco-salvation’ myths are part of the Tribulation that we are experiencing but which he may not recognize as apocalyptic.
    ‘Omega’ as in alpha and omega – the beginning and the end.

13.Truth is a Book open to Divine Mercy’ .                         
Here is a Google- search among many that leads
Exactly to the cosmic memoranda
God planted in Daniel but (unplumbed in the past)
Revitalized my old age despite grave doubts
Entertained for soldier-skills to be gained solo,
After this my ‘secret-agent’ phase. It’s a wrap
(Though some ploys not aired here pose a real dilemma).


The leadership has a gigantic role to play.
Hell could have snared many of our acquaintances,
Even friends and family. Church-ruled millennia,
Geared to atonement measures against such age-old taint,
Run into the prime problem of these stubborn times:
Exponentially, sin meets less preached embargo
As impenitence pours harder into the Cup
That Garabandal said neared peak-anathema

  1. The Garabandal prophecies of Our Lady are very important, though less well-known than Fatima. They bear out the Warning prophecies in the Book of Truth.


There’s a small range of options to deploy –
Hardily, secretly –  given the grave crisis
Everything’s now converging on (packed with data
Garnered from the traditions of our chequered past).
‘Remnant’ is a Biblical term,  reworked; ‘Maquis’,
Exhumed from secular conflicts not long ago –
Alternatives to qualms about the ‘ schism-trap’.
Time to preview the ‘Church of Catacombia’.

  1. There may only be a ‘remnant’ still faithful when the Lord returns.  The word ‘Maquis’ refers to the French Resistance organisation set up to defeat Nazi occupation.The ‘schism-trap’ is a phrase used to refer to the quandary facing some faithful who wonder if to cease attending parishes that practice  or will practice  grave heresy imposed on them  by  apostates in Rome,is to create schism or escape schism. Already dissenters from apostasy among the clergy are being called ‘schismatic’.
    ‘Catacombia’ is a term of my coinage, coming from the word ‘catacombs’, hiding places for the Church persecuted in ancient Rome.


This is the issue for which I’m pressed to lobby.
Hard times, allayed by providential promises,
Egg me on with this Church ‘final-test’ schema.
Grace perfects nature;  planning  – accomplishment.
Reality will some time be: Church-homelessness
Everywhere but a properly prepared ghetto.
An essential for every autonomous group:
Table your own Abomination-agenda.

  1. The ‘final test’ is a phrase occurring  in the Catechism of the Catholic Church to refer to the greatest crisis in her history, just before the Second Coming,  a crisis which many believe is what we are experiencing now within the Church and soon also outside the Church with the arrival of the mysterious figure known as the Antichrist. The Book of Truth gives us instructions about a number of protective measures we can take, which are referred to in this poem as ‘providential promises’.
    ‘Abomination’ is the climactic sign of desecration.


The Church in ‘Catatonica’ disarray
Has by contrast  the power to show what is
Exactly the Church Next – same as graced the era
Going before the travesty of the present.
Righting it nowadays will not meet with much success.
Emergency measures will only work so-so.
Average, lukewarm, ignorant, in fraudsters’ grip,
The Catatonics will shun a Latin gala.

  1. ‘Catatonica’ is a term of my coinage, derived from ‘catatonic’, used to describe those who are in a trance of ignorance about the errors already imposed on them or soon to be imposed by apostate leaders in the Church.  ‘Latin gala’ refers to the  somewhat growing spread of the Tridentine rite.


Those Tridentine-born, but New-Mass as adults, stray
Hardly ever,  if they had firm faith groundings
Early on.  But, turned off the Francisco-mania
Gripping pews solely Novus-Ordo, I now post
Resistance online comment-calls for measures
(Either ad-lib or campaigned-for) to be all-go
Again : old-style devotions; sermons with pep;
Try-out private-clubs; freelance priests (inter alia).

  1. The Tridentine Rite is the Latin liturgy that prevailed until Vatican II, after which a vernacular rite was invented called the ‘Novus Ordo’. Most Catholics today experience only the latter, but many now elderly experienced as youngsters not only the Tridentine rite but also extensive instruction in the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church, which many believe are not taught today to most Catholics.


The English had a penchant for the verse essay.
Here’s the point so far. The big or bit players
Execute moves not all know are on-camera
(Grand-denouement-doomed to grind to a halt).
Racing to ruin with who knows what survivors
(Excluding me?), the field, amid great ballyhoo
About the jumps (each saddled with some handicap)
Take to the last stage of this extravaganza.


The catacombs spur my ‘Catacombian’ ploy.
However my ‘Maquis-Underground’ updates
Entail no literal ‘down below’.  ‘Sub rosa’
Gravitates us more inclusively.  Precedent
Recalls priest-holes, ‘hedgerow’ liturgies, house chapels –
Emblematic of whole countries turned ‘no-go’,
As ‘seals-of -protection’ mine (if not gold stored up)
Tack Book-of-Truth tips on my ‘tabula rasa’.

  1. lines 5-6 refer to procedures from the past that were employed in times of persecution in England under the Tudors or in Ireland before Catholic Emancipation. 


The circle round ‘Maria Divine Mercy’
Has to watch its words.  It may have strategies
Excluded from the public, due to brouhaha
Granted prophecy (but net your ‘secret agent’).
Ready waiting:  ‘Antichrist’, ‘warning’, chastisements.
Events, persons such  – lag behind this verse promo.
Apocalyptic gloom precedes times to rev up
Three months of post/great-apostasy fiesta.

  1. The ‘three months’ is, according to the Book of Truth, how long the celebrations will last after the Second Coming.

Crusader Will


Maria Divine Mercy and The Book of Truth: A theologian speaks


As an eminent theologian, with his expertise in Marian prophecies, and as an author of many books, one of which has an imprimatur, Dr. Kelly Bowring compares these messages to other major prophetic events such as Fatima, Medjugorje, Garabandal, Akita, etc. 

The video answers major questions and concerns:

        1. Who is Maria Divine Mercy?
        2. Is Maria Divine Mercy (MDM) a fraud or not?
        3. What does the Book of Truth contain and where does it come from?
        4. How does it compare to other messages?
        5. Are her messages authentic?
        6. Which prophecies have occurred?
        7. What does it say about the Church and Francis?
        8.  Where do we stand and what do we need to do next?

This will be vitally helpful for current believers in the messages proclaimed through The Book of Truth and for those discerning the truth.What is also essential is committing to prayer and a proper process of discernment. See more about that at the link below:


You will need 1 hour and 26 mins to view this, but it is worth every minute.

This video is essential viewing.


Some highlights of the video are listed below:

7.10 min: What sort of person is MDM?

9.30 mins: The Archbishop  of Dublin’s negative opinion/statement: How does it conform to Church requirements? What his statement does allow.

11.40mins: Cardinal Ratzinger’s comment (as Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith) in 1998 regarding another visionary.

16 mins: The assessment of MDM’s messages

19 mins: the 7 last messengers

29.58 mins: Who is Maria Divine Mercy?

31 mins: Foretold in Book of Daniel

35 mins: The messages that have come true

48 mins: A warning for priests-  new Mass and oath of allegiance for priests and other warnings

53 mins: The Remnant Army

1 hr. 9mins: the role of Crusade Prayer Groups and the weapons.

1 hr. 15 mins: Story/analogy of 5 farmers.

Please also be sure to read the full description under the Youtube video by Dr. Kelly Bowring.

For more information on the Book of Truth: https://remnantdisciplesjtm.com/what-is-the-book-of-truth-all-you-need-to-know/

Be assured that our prayer group is praying for you! And so are thousands of others who join in unison- all over the world.

In Jesus, through Mary!

(Jesus to Mankind Crusade Prayer group  dedicated to”St. Benedict”)

See more of Dr Kelly Bowring at Two Hearts Press: https://twoheartspress.com/



Prophecy being fulfilled: Churches Will Close

Prophecies Book of Truth

Not long ago I watched a video where the large number of churches being closed was discussed. This reminded me that there are several messages given through MDM  a few years ago, where Jesus gives a  warning that there will be about an increasing number of churches closing and also what to do. One of those prophecies is below, followed by the video by Church Militant TV.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013 @ 20:00
My dearly beloved daughter, My Heart heaves as I have to endure the wretchedness and the suffering which the whole of humanity will have to endure.
It is not my hand which will cause this but the curse of Satan, as his spirit roams and devours souls along his path.
So unsuspecting are they to this influence of evil that people blame everything else for their suffering.
They place the blame of their hardship upon…

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Crusader Will’s Testimony: From MGM to MDM (Part 2)

Ring of Kerry lscp+AMDG+






Fast forward to 1999. Ireland. The Ring of Kerry.

A lookout from which to admire the offshore Skellig Islands.

In the lookout there was a statue of Mary, quite the most beautiful I have OL Ring of Kerry Irelandever seen. Not the least bit kitsch. A busker was playing. I danced about, mesmerised by Mary, got back on the bus.

“Something’s happened to you,” said another fellow traveller. The bus took off. I burst into tears. Not only had all doubts about the Rosary disappeared. I got the distinct impression that Our Lady was telling me that the problems that the Irish had in their own Diapora was a hang-up from the grave sense of exile that afflicted Irish migrants.  The bus driver told me that many people of Irish extraction had similar tearful experiences in the Ring of Kerry. He ascribed it to all the ruined cottages that were a legacy of the Great Hunger.

But I knew that Mary had “got” me at last.  I incorporated this experience into a long narrative poem which I wrote based on the European travels that this incident was part of. The poem I called “Trip the Other Side by Aloysius Guise”. I expanded it with an epic poem on my Irish/Scots/English pioneer legacy.

2001, 9/11.

A few weeks after that event, I started a very long poem on matters apocalyptic, including updates on recent Catholic prophecy. This poem I called “Wars and Rumours”. One section of it dealt with a century of Marian prophecy.

This I sent off to a lady friend. She wrote back and said it reminded her so much of  a lady named Maria Divine Mercy, that she felt she should tell me about her.

 I was hooked.

My informant had had her own experience of Mary.

She was operating the overhead projector at a meeting dedicated to the Medjugorja seer, Ivan. My informant was no particular devotee of Our Lady. But she felt a wind go past her and saw the hem of Mary’s garment, whom she could sense above the altar.

I had absolutely no numinous experience on that occasion. But years before I had done what I called a Jericho Walk round the church where the (aforementioned) apparition occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand. This Jericho Walk entailed prayerfully marching on my own, round the church a number of times (some multiple of seven)I was not intending that the walls come crashing down. I was doing it to encourage a revival of Catholicism locally.

Came the great earthquake of February 2011, which flattened two cathedrals and many churches, but not this one, though it destroyed the adjacent presbytery.

As a result of the continued quakes of which this was just one, I fled several hundred miles north to a small town which is the sunniest in New Zealand.

It was from there that I sent my friend (who had not fled Christchurch) that poem about Our Lady Queen of Prophets. 

There is a story about those earthquakes and those cathedrals, but here is not the place. 

Suffice it to say that I was instantly hooked on the Book of Truth, and I have been a remnant disciple ever since, living through an apocalypse that I never thought I would personally experience, though the Christchurch quakes were a foretaste.

 But this is not the place for recounting that, except to say that I feel the Christchurch quakes were a parable about the destruction of Christ’s Church.

the end


The Warning or Illumination of Conscience


For all those in need of information on The Warning both to understand this great grace and to spread to others, I have attached a PDF (above) that was originally retrieved from http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com  on 9/8/2012. The original website is no longer operating. It has been replaced by various other sites disseminating the information. I have also scanned the pdf as an image below but I will preface it with some information:

Is ‘The Warning’ biblical?

The short answer is, yes it is. Most people do not understand the Book of Revelations in the Bible. They can guess at likely interpretations but only the Lamb of God Himself can open the Seal and reveal its contents in full. This is a unique time in history in that this event has been revealed through a few significant prophecies given only in the last century. The Warning is also known as The Illumination of Conscience or the Great Day of Mercy. St Faustina tells us it comes before The Great Day of His Justice.

Why didn’t we understand this before?

In the book of Daniel Ch 10, a figure girded with the finest gold, is sent from heaven to Daniel. He says to Daniel “I am come to teach thee what things shall befall thy people in the latter days, for as yet the vision is for days” (verse 14). Revealed to Daniel is the contents of the book of Truth which is a heavenly book sent by God for the end times. Only he is then told to seal it up. True understanding is reserved until the end times (Daniel 12:4) I am revealing this to you now as I believe this event will happen soon, likely within a year. You are to remember this for when you need it, even if you scoff at it now.

Where is evidence for the Warning supported in Revelations?

It begins to be described in the 6th Seal. (Revelations 6: 12-17). All people, whether they believe in God or not, rich or poor, leaders and citizens will see signs in the sky beforehand and interiorly feel the intense shame of their wrongful doings, expecting God’s anger. Instantly, they will not question God’s existence and they will understand his rightful anger at their many sins, seeking to hide from Him. The Lamb (who is Jesus- God Himself) then breaks the seventh seal and “there was silence in the heavens for about half an hour” (Revelations 8: 1).The Warning image

What must we do during and after the Warning or Illumination of Conscience?

  • We must not despair but turn to God to plead for the forgiveness of all our sins and for help in living as He intends.
  • We should praise God for giving us this last opportunity before we are judged for eternity
  • We should amend our lives thoroughly, completely and honestly in accordance with God’s Laws (The Commandments)
  • We should seek to learn from His One, Holy, Apostolic Church and its traditional teachings of 2000 years (not the modernist or ‘innovated’ church). We should ask God to help us find true teachers (faithful shepherds) and allow ourselves to be taught and led by them.
  • We must not believe the lies of scientists and atheists who will try to convince us that this event was an illusion or was triggered by nature alone. There will be lots of lies to convince us that all was not as it seemed and to turn us away from God again.
  • We must not enter the One World Church who will subtly lead people to worship ‘the Beast’
  • We should pray for, encourage and help all people around us to know the Truth.

More information on The Warning  and Second Coming information and messages can now be found at various sites:  http://thewildvoice.org  or  http://www.ewtn.com.au/devotionals/mercy/coming.htm or http://mdmlastprophet.com/

A scanned image of the pamphlet with a summary of the basic information (as revealed to a few of God’s prophets) is below:

The Warning pamphlet 001

To Jesus, through the  intercession of Our Blessed Mother, we pray that we will be prepared with clear consciences and be free of all sin before this day arrives and we pray for the unity of families on this day. We pray for the conversion of all sinners  so that they too can experience this as a great joy and grace, rather than devastating shame. We pray for the conversion of all souls of other religions to the One True God; Father, Son and Holy Ghost. We pray especially for those souls who may die during the Warning from the effects of shock or heart attack- that in their final moments they may embrace God.We pray that afterwards souls may be quickly converted  and that we, his remnant army all over the world, may move to act and speak as God desires, prompted by the Holy Spirit, to bring in the harvest.

Thank you Jesus! Thank you Blessed Mother. We love you- SAVE SOULS! +