The Warning or Illumination of Conscience


For all those in need of information on The Warning both to understand this great grace and to spread to others, I have attached a PDF (above) that was originally retrieved from  on 9/8/2012. The original website is no longer operating. It has been replaced by various other sites disseminating the information. I have also scanned the pdf as an image below but I will preface it with some information:

Is ‘The Warning’ biblical?

The short answer is, yes it is. Most people do not understand the Book of Revelations in the Bible. They can guess at likely interpretations but only the Lamb of God Himself can open the Seal and reveal its contents in full. This is a unique time in history in that this event has been revealed through a few significant prophecies given only in the last century. The Warning is also known as The Illumination of Conscience or the Great Day of Mercy. St Faustina tells us it comes before The Great Day of His Justice.

Why didn’t we understand this before?

In the book of Daniel Ch 10, a figure girded with the finest gold, is sent from heaven to Daniel. He says to Daniel “I am come to teach thee what things shall befall thy people in the latter days, for as yet the vision is for days” (verse 14). Revealed to Daniel is the contents of the book of Truth which is a heavenly book sent by God for the end times. Only he is then told to seal it up. True understanding is reserved until the end times (Daniel 12:4) I am revealing this to you now as I believe this event will happen soon, likely within a year. You are to remember this for when you need it, even if you scoff at it now.

Where is evidence for the Warning supported in Revelations?

It begins to be described in the 6th Seal. (Revelations 6: 12-17). All people, whether they believe in God or not, rich or poor, leaders and citizens will see signs in the sky beforehand and interiorly feel the intense shame of their wrongful doings, expecting God’s anger. Instantly, they will not question God’s existence and they will understand his rightful anger at their many sins, seeking to hide from Him. The Lamb (who is Jesus- God Himself) then breaks the seventh seal and “there was silence in the heavens for about half an hour” (Revelations 8: 1).The Warning image

What must we do during and after the Warning or Illumination of Conscience?

  • We must not despair but turn to God to plead for the forgiveness of all our sins and for help in living as He intends.
  • We should praise God for giving us this last opportunity before we are judged for eternity
  • We should amend our lives thoroughly, completely and honestly in accordance with God’s Laws (The Commandments)
  • We should seek to learn from His One, Holy, Apostolic Church and its traditional teachings of 2000 years (not the modernist or ‘innovated’ church). We should ask God to help us find true teachers (faithful shepherds) and allow ourselves to be taught and led by them.
  • We must not believe the lies of scientists and atheists who will try to convince us that this event was an illusion or was triggered by nature alone. There will be lots of lies to convince us that all was not as it seemed and to turn us away from God again.
  • We must not enter the One World Church who will subtly lead people to worship ‘the Beast’
  • We should pray for, encourage and help all people around us to know the Truth.

More information on The Warning  and Second Coming information and messages can now be found at various sites:  or or

A scanned image of the pamphlet with a summary of the basic information (as revealed to a few of God’s prophets) is below:

The Warning pamphlet 001

To Jesus, through the  intercession of Our Blessed Mother, we pray that we will be prepared with clear consciences and be free of all sin before this day arrives and we pray for the unity of families on this day. We pray for the conversion of all sinners  so that they too can experience this as a great joy and grace, rather than devastating shame. We pray for the conversion of all souls of other religions to the One True God; Father, Son and Holy Ghost. We pray especially for those souls who may die during the Warning from the effects of shock or heart attack- that in their final moments they may embrace God.We pray that afterwards souls may be quickly converted  and that we, his remnant army all over the world, may move to act and speak as God desires, prompted by the Holy Spirit, to bring in the harvest.

Thank you Jesus! Thank you Blessed Mother. We love you- SAVE SOULS! +

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