Jesus is dealt another blow.


Today I was sad.
Today, our Blessed Lord was held, bound.
Today, our Lord was dealt another blow.
Today, authorities had the last Word,

Today, our priests also felt pain.
Today they could not give us Our Lord on the tongue.
Today they were forbidden.
Today, they said the virus was at fault,

Today, we felt joy.
Today, we received Our Lord Spiritually.
Today, the Lord conquered.
Today, we loved and desired Our Lord even more.

Today, we are persecuted.
Today, Our Lord is persecuted.
Today His Church is persecuted.
Today, we stand with Him at the foot of the Cross.

Today, let us fast.
Tomorrow we will feast!


A while back, the bishop instructed all parishes to remove holy water (well before Lent); people were  instructed not to shake hands at the Sign of Peace – because of the corona virus. Some people who receive on the tongue were still able to do this. If not, they received on the hand.
But today there was a new directive (from the Bishops’ Conference) – supposedly because of new health guidelines from Dept. Health. There was to be no Communion on the tongue.

This has affected also the Extraordinary form of the Mass.

Our Latin Mass priests can not give Communion in the hand.

We don’t want to receive Communion in the hand.

So we all attended Mass, and were there to offer up the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to God.

There was a beautiful sermon which inspired us all.

And we all made Spiritual Communions!!!

We are ready to stand with our Blessed Lord for as long as it takes.

Some of our Novus Ordo Prayer group members, have pledged to stand with us and not receive on the hand when they attend Mass, but make a spiritual Communion.

Is this is a new way to get rid of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass?

The gates of hell will not prevail.