(dedicated to the Sacred heart of Jesus)

29th January, 2000SONY DSC


It was so dark,

My heart was an empty shell.


My tears fell freely and heavily

Back then.



You came so silently,

You covered me with Your Love.

Then I felt Your warmth surround me –

It was then.



You set alight the fire inside me,

That I saw had gone out

Back then.


729519d21d52584382df7f7cd23a3dc6And then I felt whole,

And then I felt loved

And then I could give love,

And only then.

Contributed by (Crusader /author) Evie

     From the Rainbows are for Real (Private) Collection.


Padded Pews for the affluent (Crusader Will)


A beggar at the rich man’s door

is not so easy to ignore.

But what if Lazarus lies curled

on the other side of Dives’ world?

In cracks in the pavement lettuce grows

not far from where they eat grass, too

in cities bombed and besieged as shows

of what could strike any local crew

caught up in the end-times battle

discreetly hid from pious people
amid the “neo-Modernist prattle”

gleaned by wise owls parked in the steeple.

Sheep who faithfully follow shepherds

are not good at becoming leopards

when wolves parade with a purloined crook.

Few seem to have studied the right book!

note; line 11  comes from LANDMARKS IN THE FOG by Christopher Ferreira

By Crusader Will

Crusader Will – on the “last posts”


Today I made an amazing discovery. I had just posted Crusader Will’s latest poem, which he sent me. I was following a link on an article, and lo and behold, on another website, I found a poem of his. I found this an amazing co-incidence (or was it God-incidence?).

When I contacted him, he too was amazed. He had sent it to the contact email address on the  mdm site just before it closed down. He had also sent it to this other site, on which he used to sometimes blog. He emailed me the explanation/details about it. He said

“I didn’t receive a reply, nor was I expecting one. But I seem to recall that MDM was at the time saying that she felt the messages would soon stop coming from heaven, so I wrote the song, not knowing in advance anything exact about when the messages would actually stop.”

I didn’t know Crusader Will at that time. We have only come to know each other this year, via our website. It’s a reminder to us to keep going forward, dealing with each sad event as it happens and looking forward to the”joy” at the end.


17th March 2015


They’re the last posts.
We’ve come to the last posts.-

the rate of them slowing;
far fewer we’ll get.
But they’re a part of us –
gone to the heart of us,
who, reached by the Net,
have been told what is due,
and the things we must do
to survive doom’s onset.

They’re the last posts.
We thank all our kind hosts,
who’ve got them to pass on,
though most has been said.
But still we pray
they’ll wend our way
as each crisis comes to a head,
and the last post
sent by the Holy Ghost
becomes joy uppermost
some day.

“Rue is for Remembrance”- a tribute to Our Blessed Mother


        RUE IS FOR REMEMBRANCEhqdefault

The Lady, love-so-lavished-on,

will  t r i u m p h,

despite them all

that may not all



Who would be so churlish

as to begrudge

the Mother of Sorrows

the joy her due?

The sun will gladly


to see such light
burst in on the dark –

The Immaculate

at her Absolute Zenith

By Crusader Will

The Offering


The Offering  

21st February, 2000

I had such a trying day today Lord,

And I forgot to say thank you.

Thank You for offering me Your Cross.

I had such a beautiful surprise today Lord,

And I forgot to say thank you.

Thank You for showing me Your Love.

I had such a disappointment today, Lord

And I forgot to say thank you.

Thank You, as Your Will be done, not mine.

My heart soared today, Lord.

I was betrayed today, Lord.

I laughed, Oh I cried today, Lord

And I wanted to say thank you.

Thank You,

For Your lesson of despair brought patience,

Joy – encouragement,

And surrender – complete faith in You.

Contributed by (Crusader /author) Evie

From the Rainbows are for Real (Private) Collection.

The Forgotten Friend


The Forgotten Friend 

16th November 1999


My Soul shines out rays of light,


Purifying all within my gaze.


My Heart bleeds out sacrificed Blood,Sacred Heart

Paining Me –

For so few turn their gaze to Heaven.


My Hand reaches out to touch, and bless and help all –

It is always there

For each to simply grasp.


My Tears are awash in the magnificence of Heaven –

Console Me, reach Me, seek Me.

I await your heart’s response.


Contributed by (Crusader /author) Evie

From the Rainbows are for Real (Private) Collection.

Yes Lord I Am Ready !


Yes Lord I Am Ready  

10th December 1999

Seal imageYes Lord, I am ready

To walk in the Will of God

Yes Lord, I am ready

To clash with the forces of dark

Yes Lord I am ready

To plant seeds of hope in others’ hearts.

Yes Lord, I am ready

For Your Spirit lives in me

                                                                  For Your Spirit lives in me.

ChorusYes Lord I am ready

This world needs truth shared

`Yes Lord I am ready

This world needs evil bared.

P1000914Yes Lord I am ready to stand and sing your praise

Yes Lord we are ready:

Together for our Faith.

Yes Lord I am ready

For all persecutions and trials

Yes Lord, I am ready

To carry your Cross an extra mile.

Yes Lord I am ready

To walk the path to Calvary

Yes Lord, You were ready

Your sacrifice set us free

Your sacrifice set us free.


Yes Lord, make us ready

To be worthy of your love

Yes Lord, make us ready

Shine your mercy from above.

Yes, Lord make us ready

Grant us your strength each day

Yes Lord, make us ready

Make us ready Lord, we pray.

Make us ready Lord we pray.

Contributed by (Crusader /author) Evie

From the Rainbows are for Real Collection.

Voice of the Spirit


Voice Of the Spirit  

  24th September, 1999

It’s  in the heart that the Spirit speaks

like a wisp of wind, so gently, it’s often overlooked or forgotten entirely.

It’s in the soul that the Spirit works,

transforming, unfolding, transfiguring the darkness into the very essence of light.

It’s in the conscience that the Spirit writes its words,

encouraging, and Divinely intervening, appealing to the righteousness of each being; as the image of God unfolds.

Alas, let us pray that the Spirit of Love consumes us,

the Spirit of God enlightens us,

so the Spirit of Heaven can cover our earth with the Supreme Will of our Creator.


Contributed by (Crusader /author) Evie

From the Rainbows are for Real Collection.

Ready, Willing and Able – The Remnant Army


For the edification and encouragement of the Remnant Army


God has got this Remnant Army of thousands of willing souls,

most of whom probably didn’t need much persuading to join

because they had been long in the preparing,

and were ready to respond to the leadershipseal 2r_1

of the modern prophet who came out of nowhere

 in one of the previously most Catholic countries in the world

that had evangelized so much of the rest of the world

and then had fallen victim to the cunning of the Evil One

who had  for centuries

engineered a revolt in the heart of Catholicism

against the heart of Catholicism

B of TAnd because this woman of Ireland

had responded to the confidence placed in her by God,

a confidence that led her to accept great suffering

as a tool to advance the cause –

because this woman, commissioned to spread abroad The Book of Truth,

had so responded,

then others who believed in that response

                                                                      responded in their turn. 

And so the Remnant Army was born

and willing souls that they were and are

they were able to quickly and efficiently

do the work that the willing woman

at the distribution centre of it all had started.

And so it doesn’t matter so much

that the willing are so few compared to the unpersuaded.

The willing are willing enough to carry the slackers with them.

Disciples 2aAnd when the slackers realize their omissions

and some of them decide to join in the work,

there is a proven, substantial, stable base

for the work to rapidly and exponentially grow

and salvage so many unknown numbers of souls

from the surprised hands of the Enemy

who thought he had his plans against God all sewn up.

Rejoice, Remnant Army, and carry on!!!

By Crusader WILL