Padded Pews for the affluent (Crusader Will)


A beggar at the rich man’s door

is not so easy to ignore.

But what if Lazarus lies curled

on the other side of Dives’ world?

In cracks in the pavement lettuce grows

not far from where they eat grass, too

in cities bombed and besieged as shows

of what could strike any local crew

caught up in the end-times battle

discreetly hid from pious people
amid the “neo-Modernist prattle”

gleaned by wise owls parked in the steeple.

Sheep who faithfully follow shepherds

are not good at becoming leopards

when wolves parade with a purloined crook.

Few seem to have studied the right book!

note; line 11  comes from LANDMARKS IN THE FOG by Christopher Ferreira

By Crusader Will

Published by

Remnant Disciple

Traditional Catholic; member of Jesus' Remnant Army; leader of a Jesus to Mankind Prayer group since 2010