Crusader Will – on the “last posts”


Today I made an amazing discovery. I had just posted Crusader Will’s latest poem, which he sent me. I was following a link on an article, and lo and behold, on another website, I found a poem of his. I found this an amazing co-incidence (or was it God-incidence?).

When I contacted him, he too was amazed. He had sent it to the contact email address on the  mdm site just before it closed down. He had also sent it to this other site, on which he used to sometimes blog. He emailed me the explanation/details about it. He said

“I didn’t receive a reply, nor was I expecting one. But I seem to recall that MDM was at the time saying that she felt the messages would soon stop coming from heaven, so I wrote the song, not knowing in advance anything exact about when the messages would actually stop.”

I didn’t know Crusader Will at that time. We have only come to know each other this year, via our website. It’s a reminder to us to keep going forward, dealing with each sad event as it happens and looking forward to the”joy” at the end.


17th March 2015


They’re the last posts.
We’ve come to the last posts.-

the rate of them slowing;
far fewer we’ll get.
But they’re a part of us –
gone to the heart of us,
who, reached by the Net,
have been told what is due,
and the things we must do
to survive doom’s onset.

They’re the last posts.
We thank all our kind hosts,
who’ve got them to pass on,
though most has been said.
But still we pray
they’ll wend our way
as each crisis comes to a head,
and the last post
sent by the Holy Ghost
becomes joy uppermost
some day.

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