Voice of the Spirit


Voice Of the Spirit  

  24th September, 1999

It’s  in the heart that the Spirit speaks

like a wisp of wind, so gently, it’s often overlooked or forgotten entirely.

It’s in the soul that the Spirit works,

transforming, unfolding, transfiguring the darkness into the very essence of light.

It’s in the conscience that the Spirit writes its words,

encouraging, and Divinely intervening, appealing to the righteousness of each being; as the image of God unfolds.

Alas, let us pray that the Spirit of Love consumes us,

the Spirit of God enlightens us,

so the Spirit of Heaven can cover our earth with the Supreme Will of our Creator.


Contributed by (Crusader /author) Evie

From the Rainbows are for Real Collection.

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remnant survivor

Traditional Catholic; member of Jesus' Remnant Army