Ready, Willing and Able – The Remnant Army


For the edification and encouragement of the Remnant Army


God has got this Remnant Army of thousands of willing souls,

most of whom probably didn’t need much persuading to join

because they had been long in the preparing,

and were ready to respond to the leadershipseal 2r_1

of the modern prophet who came out of nowhere

 in one of the previously most Catholic countries in the world

that had evangelized so much of the rest of the world

and then had fallen victim to the cunning of the Evil One

who had  for centuries

engineered a revolt in the heart of Catholicism

against the heart of Catholicism

B of TAnd because this woman of Ireland

had responded to the confidence placed in her by God,

a confidence that led her to accept great suffering

as a tool to advance the cause –

because this woman, commissioned to spread abroad The Book of Truth,

had so responded,

then others who believed in that response

                                                                      responded in their turn. 

And so the Remnant Army was born

and willing souls that they were and are

they were able to quickly and efficiently

do the work that the willing woman

at the distribution centre of it all had started.

And so it doesn’t matter so much

that the willing are so few compared to the unpersuaded.

The willing are willing enough to carry the slackers with them.

Disciples 2aAnd when the slackers realize their omissions

and some of them decide to join in the work,

there is a proven, substantial, stable base

for the work to rapidly and exponentially grow

and salvage so many unknown numbers of souls

from the surprised hands of the Enemy

who thought he had his plans against God all sewn up.

Rejoice, Remnant Army, and carry on!!!

By Crusader WILL

Published by

Remnant Disciple

Traditional Catholic; member of Jesus' Remnant Army; leader of a Jesus to Mankind Prayer group since 2010