Receiving Jesus’ Heart – Corpus Christi

(Jesus says)
“…The Eucharist is the Heart of God.

It is My Heart.

I gave you My Heart at the Last Supper.

I always give it to you, provided you want it…

When in a woman’s womb a child is formed. What is formed first of all?

The heart.

So it is with the life of the Spirit.

You will not give the Christ unless you form His Heart in yourselves by loving the
Eucharist –which is Life and true Life…

I communicate … pulsations to your hearts when you receive Me.

Your carnal and intellectual heaviness does not let you perceive them, but I give them to you.

Open yourselves entirely to receive Me…

My Heart is a living Eucharist.

Where does love start from?

From the heart.

What is the Eucharist?

It is love.

When you think then of the Eucharist, you can say to yourselves,

“This the Heart of Jesus’ Heart”…

(Maria Valtorta, 1944)

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remnant survivor

Traditional Catholic; member of Jesus' Remnant Army