Crusader Prayer Group Thurs. 11 June,2015 (Readings chosen at random)

April 28, 2012

God the Father:

As the Father of all humanity I Am ready to send My Son to reclaim His Rightful Throne

My daughter, these months have been a difficult time, not only for you, but for all of my beloved children.
i am the Father of creation and love, with a deep passion for each child of mine, no matter how they offend me.
There is so much preparation required to help prepare souls for the coming of my beloved Son, Jesus Christ.
much of humanity is suffering at this time because of persecution.

this persecution not only consists of poverty and lack of money, but hunger of spirit.

i can tell you it will be soon and that most of this generation, alive in the world today, will live for the day of my son’s return in great glory.
To guide them towards my kingdom i gave them the ten commandments, which are cast in stone.
They have never changed, yet my children feel they were smarter than they are and created new meanings, which are unacceptable to me.
This time for the end of the reign of all of the demons cast out and who flood the earth, is almost at an end.

This is my dearest and most treasured wish, to take all of my cherished children home to the rightful place to which they belong.
Your loving Father
God the Most High

Jan 12, 2013

The plan to destroy the Catholic Church, from within its own ranks, is already underway

My dearly beloved daughter, this is the time for the next phase in my plan to prepare the world for the new era, the new paradise, the kingdom, promised by me, the Son of man.

My army must now gather and link as one in prayer, for the battle for souls has now intensified.

The plans by the evil group, on a global scale, to legitimise wars, murder through euthanasia and abortion, is gathering momentum.
The plan to destroy the catholic church from within its own ranks is already underway.
Those souls in positions of power, and especially those within christian churches, who condone sin and try to legislate for it, know this:.
You will suffer terribly.
The hand of my father will intervene and destroy your plan.
For every man and woman who tries to bring in laws against the will of god, they will face a terrible chastisement.
not only will they be struck down, their own nations will also be chastised.

The earth will be shaken and not one man will fail to notice.

Prayer, and much of it, can halt this wickedness.
and it is because of your prayers that the divine interventions, to punish mankind, have been delayed.

Now, you must set up as many prayer groups for my crusade of prayers as possible in every nation.
by doing this you will allay the work of the evil group.

Your Jesus

August 1, 2011

Questions to Jesus

After receiving the message, entitled,
“Be prepared at all times,” the visionary saw an image of Jesus in which he appeared sad.
She then asked him a number of questions to which he replied.

Question to Jesus:
“Are you sad?”
“Yes, and weary.
The sins of man are tearing my heart in two.”

Question to Jesus:
“What will help?”
“Prayer and much of it.
The devotion of my followers, through the daily recital of the Divine Mercy and the Holy Rosary will save my children.
They, my followers, must persevere even if this is hard.”

Question to Jesus:
“What upsets you most?”
“Those who not only hate me, but who choose to worship satan in obscene rituals where they cannot see how they are being lied to.”
My sacred servants who have lost their love for me.”
“Those who persecute others.”
“Those murderers with no regard for the lives of my children.”
“Abortion, the worse form of genocide.
i spill tears every single moment for my little souls, who never get to take their first breath.”
“War and the ease in which it is inflicted, usually by those, who, if they were to be placed in the middle of a battlefield, would run away in cowardice.
Many of these people who declare war, only do so to gain power.
they offend me greatly.”

Question to Jesus:
“What makes you happy?”
The faith of my followers and those who are determined to help me save souls.
i love them with such tenderness and compassion.
they will be rewarded greatly in my father’s kingdom.”

Bible: (NAB) Wisdom 6: 1-21

Exhortation to Seek Wisdom*

1Hear, therefore, kings, and understand;a

learn, you magistrates* of the earth’s expanse!

2Give ear, you who have power over multitudes

and lord it over throngs of peoples!

3Because authority was given you by the Lord

and sovereignty by the Most High,

who shall probe your works and scrutinize your counsels!b

4Because, though you were ministers of his kingdom, you did not judge rightly,

and did not keep the law,*

nor walk according to the will of God,

5Terribly and swiftly he shall come against you,

because severe judgment awaits the exalted—

6For the lowly may be pardoned out of mercyc

but the mighty shall be mightily put to the test.

10For those who keep the holy precepts hallowed will be found holy,

and those learned in them will have ready a response.*

11Desire therefore my words;

long for them and you will be instructed.

17* For the first step toward Wisdom is an earnest desire for discipline;i

18then, care for discipline is love of her;

love means the keeping of her laws;

To observe her laws is the basis for incorruptibility;

19and incorruptibility makes one close to God;

20thus the desire for Wisdom leads to a kingdom.

21If, then, you find pleasure in throne and scepter, you princes of peoples,

honor Wisdom, that you may reign as kings forever.

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