MDM messages – CP meeting Tuesday, 9th June, 2015

Book 1, p.332    28th August, 2011

Many souls are perishing in hell because of the sin of pornography

My dearly beloved daughter, hear my most holy word as I warn mankind of the urgency to beg my father for the forgiveness of their sins.
Time is short now, as the warning is almost upon us.
Never put off until tomorrow what you need to do today.
Remorse for your sins is crucial, before you ask for your sins to be forgiven.
for without genuine remorse it is useless.
So many blackened souls do I see in your world, my daughter.
There is little light and were you to witness the depths to which man has fallen, you would be shocked.
So many millions of my children are plunging daily, into an abyss of sinful corruption, from which they will find it impossible to pull away unless you pray for them.
They are blind to the truth and even if they were to be shown my light now, they would squirm and hide from me.
Pray for them.
My children who are guilty of hateful sin, enjoy the fact that their evil behaviour is applauded for its entertainment value.
Pornography seeps into so many homes around the world, by TV channels, which present these evil atrocities as harmless, humorous fun – these same channels which refuse to speak My name.
Violence also is glamorized not only on TV, but in games, making them so acceptable that people now consider the act of violence a natural thing.
Satan’s demons, when they enter souls, begin to manifest in the human body so that their acts become clearly visible to my followers, who cringe in horror at what they have to bear witness to.
The human body, infested with satanic demons will behave grotesquely.
their physical movements will be distorted and will emulate satanic messages used by the evil one to seduce like-minded weak people.
Weak souls, empty of love for God, will be drawn towards them and will eventually emulate them so that they, too, will honour satan and all he stands for in the way they too behave.
Children, can you not see how satan works?
My followers, you must tell those who do not understand how he works in the pornographic business.
This is when satan sets out to destroy souls and suck the participants into eternal fire.
Those guilty of sexually deviant behaviour and those who flaunt their bodies in an obscene, immoral way will suffer excruciating pain for eternity.
Help save them now, children, for they have no idea how their immoral impurity disgusts me.
They are covered in darkness.
Bring them to me, so my light can embrace them and save them from the fires of hell.
sins of the flesh are abhorrent to me.
So many souls are perishing in hell because of the sin of pornography and sexually deviant acts.
Let them know what their fate will be unless they show remorse.
Your beloved Saviour
Jesus Christ

Book 2, p.203     19th April, 2012

Never take unfair advantage of others, even in business, politics or any walk in life

My dearest daughter, I want you to tell all of my followers that their prayers are being heard and that many evil events are being mitigated as a result.
I also wish it to be known, that as a result of your suffering, my daughter, that I have been able to save four million souls.
My mercy has been poured over these children of God, who are still alive in the world today.
Other sacrifices, offered by those followers of mine who, through prayer and fasting, are helping me to save people from a terrible destiny.
Your strength, love, loyalty and perseverance means that satan’s power is being diluted.
It also means that the power of the global, one world group, is weakening.
You must know that prayer weakens evil in the world, the more prayer the less power that satan holds.
Never underestimate, even one person’s prayer and suffering, for it wields great reprieve, for those who would otherwise, face the fires of hell.
The love you feel, children, given to you as a natural gift at birth, is a pure thing.
Rarely does hatred enter your life, until you reach the age of reason.
children under this age are innocent, pure and humble in my eyes, and see things in a simple uncomplicated way.
This is the true love you must try to recapture in your lives.
When you look at life in a simple way, honour God the father, creator of all things and obey his commandments, then you become like a child again.
You become pure, loving, simple of heart and empty of malice.
Then you will be given the strength of the Holy Spirit, so that your faith will be unshakeable.
You will become like a child, but will be given the armour of a warrior, a true and honourable member of God’s army.
In time, you will reign with me, side by side, in the new paradise.
keep your love for others simple.
Never offer love on condition it offers you something in return.
Instead, offer love with no strings attached.
Offer love to others as a gift to god.
See everyone you meet in your life, through the eyes of God.
Each person was created by God.
Each brought into the world through the love of God.
Even though certain souls are born with a severe cross to bear, they are presented into the world by God with love.
Love each other, despite the faults of each other, in honour of my father.
Search out each face and look upon it as if you are seeing this person in the eyes of God.
Only then will you find it easier to refrain from judging others.
Try to find the best and the good in everyone.
show love and kindness to each other.
Never take unfair advantage of others, even in business, politics or any walk of life.
When you come across evil present in others, pray hard for their soul and offer a small token sacrifice to me, your Jesus, in atonement for their sins.
Suffering a little, making small sacrifices for the souls of others and prayer, can mitigate the intensity of future prophesised persecution.
When you do this, the Mercy of my Father can be poured out over the world in a deluge of graces.
Pray, pray, pray that your prayers will help prepare mankind, adequately, before the warning takes place so that few are lost before they are given the chance to see me present to them my great gift of love, mercy and reconciliation.
Your loving Jesus
Saviour of mankind

Book 1 p.341.    29th March, 2013

Today My Church on Earth will be crucified

Good Friday
My dearly beloved daughter, today my church on earth will be crucified.
Today marks the beginning of the changes, which will be rapid and which will come about to change the face of the Catholic Church in the world.
In its wake will come the merging of all doctrines, which will be seen in every public sign and demonstrated deliberately for the sake of public witness.
Watch now, as all I have told you will come to light.
I defy, those amongst you, to deny the awful truth when you are forced to swallow a lie.
You, my followers, must protect my sacraments and be vigilant.
You, my sacred servants, will soon be put to the test, as my divinity will be challenged.
God’s laws will be adapted, and as soon as my Holy Eucharist is tampered with, the hand of God will descend with such force that you will know, immediately, that these messages come from heaven.
My sorrow will become your sorrow.
Your grief, because of your knowledge of the truth, will make it impossible for you to accept the sacrileges, which you will be instructed to embrace.
Even then, if you do not accept my prophet and the words I give her, I will still give you time.
For very soon you will be asked to renew your vows by those leaders amongst you.
You will be asked to pledge your life through sworn testimony to the laws of paganism.
If you do this, you will be under the influence of the evil one and you will do battle with God.
You must persevere and remain loyal to me and you must beg me for guidance at a time when the man who sits in the chair of Peter, who refuses to follow in his footsteps or wear his shoes, will destroy your allegiance to God.
As you now witness the crucifixion of my church on earth, I will call you to proclaim the truth of God.
I will keep calling you in order to protect you.
I will ensure that my church, those who adhere to my teachings, my sacraments and the Word of God, lives on through the remnant who will never desert me.
There will be those amongst you who will betray me today.
others amongst you will soon denounce my sacraments, as you will be too weak to defend the word of god.
Those of you who already suspect the truth and who try to spread my word will suffer because you won’t have the courage to stand up for the truth.
Yet, you will still remain loyal to me, as you know that you cannot live without my love.
Listen to my voice.
Lean your weary head upon my shoulder and allow me to wrap my arms around you at this time.
I will always protect you.
Your Jesus

17th April, 2014

My new Paradise will become the World without end.

My dearly beloved daughter, my Resurrection from the dead happened for a reason.
It did not take place simply to prove my Divinity to those who did not accept who I was.
Up to that time, souls who died could not enter heaven.
They had to wait.
But, no sooner had my Resurrection taken place, than they were given new life in my Kingdom.
My resurrection brought eternal life for souls and death, therefore, would no longer have a hold over the human race.
My resurrection will be truly evident at my second coming, for then all those souls, who died in me and for me, will also be raised from the dead and be given eternal life.
They will rise in body and soul, in perfect union with the will of God and they will live in my New Kingdom, when the old earth and the heavens will disappear and a new world will arise.
My new paradise will become the world without end – as foretold.
All those who love God and who accept my hand of Mercy will enter my glorious Kingdom.
That was the promise I made, when I traded my earthly body in death, to give you all eternal life.
Do not forget that what God promises, He will always deliver.
What God foretold to all of his prophets will take place, for he does not say one thing and mean another.
When God told John that the world will divide in the latter days and his temple would be destroyed, he did not lie.
The reign of those who wish to destroy the word of God has commenced and the times for all those prophecies, as foretold to Daniel and John, are upon you.
Your Jesus

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