Pilgrimage Part 8: Medjugorje – the last day.

We started the day by meeting in our hotel chapel for morning prayer (as we did each day while in Medjugorje), followed by the 20 minute walk to Mass and then back for breakfast. We weren’t being picked up till after 3pm for the airport, so we made a last  trip to St James church.

We found the place (in the Information Centre) where we could write down our petitions. These are then placed in a basket and then offered up to Our Lady at her next apparition by the visionary involved.

This was a lovely thought, so we spent a long time writing down all our petitions and those of our prayer group members back home.

It was also the 17th birthday of the youngest member of our group, so we went to lunch together with “Moses”. He had bought a beautiful bunch of yellow roses for her.

Later, we put the roses in a vase in the beautiful indoor garden around Our lady’s

Statues Reception Foyer incl St Anthony and Our Lady
Statues Reception Foyer incl St Anthony and Our Lady

statue in the foyer of our hotel.

At 3.30, 3 of us had to say goodbye for our long trip home. The 2 boys had left the day before to go to London to watch the cricket! (the Aussies Versus the Poms in the battle for “The Ashes”). That left 3 of our original 8. We said goodbye to “Moses” (our WYD friend), who had made a special trip to meet us at Medjugorje and stayed for the whole time to spend time with us.

At dinner time, the owner of the hotel had a big layered birthday cake for our 17year old. Sadly, the rest of us missed out. But apparently, they also had cake for breakfast the next day.

There was still much to see, but sadly this was the end of our pilgrimage!!!

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