The Secular World joins the fight for Marriage

We are fighting  the (spiritual) fight of our lives. As explained in previous posts, Australian Bishops took up the fight with their letter “Don’t mess with Marriage” and various other strategies since then. This fight is just not in our political sphere ( with the final bill still having to pass the Senate) in our country; it is not only a fight for our Faith, but a fight for society.

I was surprised (initially) to receive an email from “Citizen Go” which supports many good causes and puts great pressure on governments. Their network is able to collect many more petitions than we could even envisage.

Following is part of their letter:

In one of the more striking passages, they say:
“Their [husbands and wives] physical, spiritual, psychological and sexual differences show they are meant for each other, their union makes them whole, and through their union ‘in one flesh’ they together beget children who are ‘flesh of their flesh’. They share the sameness of humanity but enjoy the difference of their masculinity and femininity, being husband and wife, paternity and maternity. Same-sex friendships are of a very different kind: to treat them as the same does a grave injustice to both kinds of friendship and ignores the particular values that real marriages serve.” (p. 9)
With some frequency, the letter returns to the importance of being able to make distinctions between things that are the same and things that are different. Each time, however, the conclusion is the same: though we are called to treat everyone with equal dignity because of our same humanity, we must still acknowledge that marriage and same-sex friendship are different.

Support the Australian Bishops Conference: Don’t Mess  with Marriage!:
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