A Testimony of Healing and a Powerful Prayer!

Jesus promised us, in his messages, that He would be with us in all our Crusade prayer groups. He has given us prayers to help us in all our difficulties and trials and endows us with many blessings.He said that there would be miracles in our prayer groups, and indeed many signs have occurred. (see other posts in this category).

Following is a testimony of Faith and Trust in the promise of healing inherent in CP 94.. by a relative of one of our prayer group members

4th September, 2015
My name is J and I live in Qld, Australia.I am a nurse by profession.

On the morning of 13/06/2015, I woke up with my left eye closed completely. I had started getting migraines and severe headaches. I was admitted to the hospital, then was transferred to a specialist hospital for investigations.

After the completion of all these investigations, the doctors told me that I had a mini stroke and they couldn’t find the cause. They said it may take six months for my eye to open and 6 – 12 months for complete recovery. I had asked my cousin to pray for me and she, in turn, asked her Crusade Prayer group to pray for me.

All I had in my mind, was that I didn’t want to die before receiving the Anointing of the Sick. After six weeks of my struggle, I received the Sacrament and started to feel better spiritually. On 31/07/2015, I was told that there was 5 percent chance that m y eye may not open at all. When I asked whether I would be able to work, the Doctor said he would sign to release my superannuation – meaning that I would not be able to return to work. Then the Dr. proceeded to complete and sign the form.

Due to my hectic work load, my daily prayers had been reduced to the daily Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. My Crusade Prayers were reduced slowly and I stopped at one point. My cousin (who lives 1000km from me), had told me about miracles occurring after people had said Crusade Prayer 94. They had heard this from their spiritual guide (representing MDM) who had visited the prayer group and related various Crusade Prayer Group miracle stories from around the world.

At this stage, I started to pray the Crusade Prayers with my one eye which was compensating for both with double vision. It was very difficult to read this way.
After a few days had gone by, my left eyelid started to open slowly. I continued my Crusade prayers and now, twelve weeks after the stroke, I have been cleared to go to work, beginning on 09/09/2015 which is in a week’s time.

The doctor said that it was a miracle. He said that he had not seen anyone have such a recovery anytime within the first 6 months. Note that six weeks previously, he said that there was a chance of my eye not opening at all.

All glory be to God!

I thank the priest who offered Mass for me and all those who said prayers for me.

After this recovery, I made a commitment to God that I shall continue to pray my Crusade prayers until I meet Him in Heaven after I leave this exile.

This is my sincere testimony of the miracle of Crusade Prayers. I believe these prayers have come from God and I am a witness to their power.

My humble heartfelt thanks to everyone who prayed for my recovery and please keep me in your daily prayers.

My sincere gratitude goes to The Holy Trinity, One Undivided God and to the Mother of Salvation

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