More Archangel Prayers

Prayer to Saint Gabriel

Blessed St. Gabriel, the Archangel,

We beseech thee to intercede for us ast the throne of divine mercy:

As thou didst announce to Mary the mystery of the Incarnation,

so through thy prayers may we receive strength of faith

and courage of spirit,

 and thus find favour with God and redemption.

Through Christ Our Lord.

May we sing the praise of God our Saviour

with the angels and saints in heaven

forever and ever.


Prayer to Saint Raphael

Blessed St Raphael, the Archangel,

We beseech thee to help us in all, our needs and trials of life,

as thou, through the power of God,

didst restore sight and give guidance to young Tobit.

We humbly seek thine aid and intercession that our souls may be healed,

our bodies protected from all ills,

and that through divine grace

we may be made fit to dwell in the eternal Glory of God in heaven.


Published by

remnant survivor

Traditional Catholic; member of Jesus' Remnant Army and member of a Jesus to Mankind Prayer Group.