Padre Pio and his Guardian Angel.

We all have a guardian angel, to protect us and guide us.
St Padre Pio had a great devotion to his guardian angel, and he encouraged his “spiritual children” to do the same.

Father Alessio, (Padre Pio’s attendant), told Padre Pio about a woman who had just written with a question about her job. He was surprised at his response. “I am very busy right now,” Padre Pio replied. “I cannot answer your question at this time.”

Father Alessio was confused. It was obvious to him that Padre
Pio was not busy. He was sitting alone with his Rosary in his hand.
He always had his Rosary in hand. Father Alessio remained silent.
“There have been many guardian angels here today,” Padre Pio
explained to Father Alessio. “They were bringing me messages
from my spiritual children. Did you see them?”

One day, Father Alessio was sitting by Padre Pio’s side, thinking
about his problem with oversleeping. He felt ashamed of
himself for being so unreliable. He told Padre Pio that he could
not understand why his alarm clock failed to wake him up. “You
must buy yourself another alarm clock,” Padre Pio said. “I am
not going to continue to send my guardian angel to you each
day to wake you up!” It was then that Father Alessio realized for
the first time who had been knocking on his door and calling to
him in his sleep.

On one occasion, when a man was making his confession to
Padre Pio, it became apparent to him that Padre Pio was aware
of his needs, even before he had a chance to verbalize them.
“The angel told me about your problems,” Padre Pio explained.

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(Fr Alessio Parente wrote a book “Send me your guardian angel” which is very easy and light reading and which tells more stories of Padre Pio and his guardian angel).

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