The Synod – Week 1 in a Nutshell

Day 1:
It seemed like a good start: Cardinal Peter Erdo had no intention of being side-lined again (after what happened at last year’s synod). He tried to set the tone for this year’s synod – he began the proceedings by arguing against the ideas proposed last year. (They were defeated last year at the last moment, but according to the rules, these items were not meant to be back on the agenda.)He fought for Truth and true Catholic doctrine, which the Church of Ages has always taught. He covered lots of ground, arguing against
– Kasper’s proposal for divorce and remarriage
– homosexuality and same-sex relationships
– abortion and euthanasia.
He was strong and encouraged other bishops to “not go soft in defending Church teaching.”

Day 2:
In contrast, by day 2 we had progressive bishops mention:
ordination of women to the diaconate (Archbishop Durocher)
polygamy – “a matter to be decided locally” (????)
– Bishop J. Bonny (of Antwerp) wants the church to bless sodomite marriages.

• A ban on communication imposed by Cardinal Balsissori means that the synod fathers can only publish their own statements, not those of others. They can’t comment on what others have said.
When Polish Abp. Gadecki published a summary of what various fathers had said during the day, it was promptly removed the next day. (This is a way of preventing the faithful from learning the truth of what was really said and what happened during the day.)
Why does mainstream media accept the Media blackout bans? (Whose side are they on?)

Cardinals such as Daneels, Kasper, Baldisseri, Spadara and many others (too many to keep track of) support heretical ideas. These were handpicked by ‘ f’ (i.e. the man who sits on the chair of St. Peter). and they are the ones who have prominence at the synod.

Cardinal Erdo was denied the microphone (after causing displeasure the first day by standing up for the Truth) and thus prevented from continuing his role as Realtor –General so that he can’t cause any more trouble by defending the Truth.

New Synod Rules – this was an intervention by ‘f’ so that all the power goes to him. He has to be guided by the bishops, who have to give him a list of choices. (But this is not a true choice because the only bishops that are heard are the “progressive” ones.) The bishops have to rely on only 3 things – the opening and closing address of last year’s synod and the Relatio of that same synod. This means that they have to ignore Cardinal Erdo’s speech at the beginning of this synod.
Cardinal Pell objected that these rules were being weighted one way. He was instantly put down by ‘f’ himself. In fact, 13 Cardinals and Bishops participating in the synod suggested that the synod was being ‘skewed’ by the General Secretary and ultimately by ‘f’ himself.

Sodomite propaganda was allowed to be distributed in the synod on 7th October, 2015.
What an insult on this great feast day!

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I am not looking forward to the next 2 weeks.

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