Synod Week 2 – Hidden Issues and Selected Quotes

We all thought the main issues at the synod were:

Communion for divorced and remarried and for those cohabitating before marriage and homosexual unions.

But what about the “hidden agendas” – which we have not seen yet.?

Cardinal Burke held a press conference on15 Oct. and we heard from 2 people concerning another shocking issue that is written in the Instrumentum laboris:
• Maria Madise, manager of Voice of the Family… which stated that paragraph 86 of the Synod’s working document (Instrumentum Laboris) “contains a direct attack on the rights of parents.

The paragraph states that “the family, while maintaining its privileged spot in education, cannot be the only place for teaching sexuality.” This statement is directly contrary to Catholic teaching which affirms the right and duty of parents to be the first and foremost providers of education to their children in sexual matters.”
• Also:” Dr Thomas Ward, a corresponding member of the Pontifical Academy for Life …told the assembled journalists that:
“In revealing language Section 86 of the Instrumentum Laboris states that courses are to be provided ‘in a proper language of sexuality’. There is no mention of the language of Jesus Christ of chaste love. Indeed the word purity is not mentioned. There is no mention that the courses must be authentically Catholic, nor that Catholic parents must control them and birth-control, abortion and homosexualist agencies must be excluded. There is also no mention that in Catholic schools it will be for parents, without pressure, to decide what if any access to these courses they will make. And there is no mention that parents must be told the content with due warning and then if they wish to opt in not out.”

• We know there were secret meetings before the Synod, and now we find that there are secret meetings being held during the synod. On Wed 14 Oct there was the headline:
Explosive Revelation: Miniature Shadow Synod being held with Pope and outside guests every day at Santa Marta

Some Quotes/ Headlines:

  • “The distinction between sin and sinner no longer works” (Fr Thomas Rosica)
  • “Is there still a sense of sin among the Synod Fathers?” [No]
    Roberto de Mattei, Corrispondenza Romana, October 14, 2015
  • Archbishop Chaput: (commenting on “regional solutions” by bishops)
    “The Catholic Church is described as Catholic in terms of, it reaches everywhere and out to everyone. But also it believes the same thing everywhere.”
  • Polish Bishops’ Conference: “civilly remarried divorcees” can never receive Holy Communion while still in Adultery.
  • Cardinal Pell: ‘no possibility’ of liberals getting their way on Communion for divorced and remarried

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