Language of the Synod 2 – Error and Truth -Fr. Stravinskas

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Language of Synod: Integration


In Life site News, in an article by Pete Baklinski, Fr. Stravinskas called the language of “integration” in the final report of the Synod on the Family,… a “Trojan horse” designed to attack at its very heart Jesus’ teaching on the indissolubility of marriage.
“If it’s true that a person remains bound to their spouse, even if the marriage fails, that means that any subsequent sexual activity the person engages in is the sin of adultery…

Communion for Divorced and Remarried:

Fr. Stravinskas explained why it is gravely wrong for Catholics who are divorced and remarried to present themselves for Holy Communion.
“It’s the sin of sacrilege. The sin of sacrilege is unworthily approaching the holiest of Sacraments. St. Paul is very clear on that in his Epistle to the Corinthians. He said a person must examine himself first, and if he is not in the proper disposition, he must not receive the body and blood of the Lord. If he does — and here is the penalty — he eats and drinks condemnation to himself. It’s the gravest of sins,” he said.

Irregular situations:

Fr. Stravinskas said his parents’ testimony to the possibility of living in an irregular situation while being faithful to the teachings of Jesus is pertinent to the Church today.

He said that priests need to begin using their own example of living full happy lives while abstaining from sex as an example to encourage people to be faithful to God’s plan for marriage and sexuality as expressed in the Church’s teaching.
“Using their own witness of celibacy, priests can tell young people that it is possible to wait until marriage. He’s not asking them to do anything that he isn’t doing himself. Likewise, he can encourage people with same-sex attraction to refrain from acting out. Again, he can tell couples living faithfully the Church’s teaching against contraception but struggling with periodic continence that the Church is only asking them to abstain for a period of time, while the priest has abstained his entire life.”

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