JTM Crusade Prayer Meeting Tuesday 15th December, 2015

Readings are chosen randomly after the prayers.

Prayer theme: Special Graces

Douay Rheims Bible:  Acts 13: 8 – 12

[8] But Elymas the magician (for so his name is interpreted) withstood them, seeking to turn away the proconsul from the faith. [9] Then Saul, otherwise Paul, filled with the Holy Ghost, looking upon him, [10] Said: O full of all guile, and of all deceit, child of the devil, enemy of all justice, thou ceasest not to pervert the right ways of the Lord.
[11] And now behold, the hand of the Lord is upon thee, and thou shalt be blind, not seeing the sun for a time. And immediately there fell a mist and darkness upon him, and going about, he sought some one to lead him by the hand. [12] Then the proconsul, when he had seen what was done, believed, admiring at the doctrine of the Lord

Mother of Salvation: Pray for Pope Benedict XVI who is in danger of being exiled from Rome

20 March 2012

My child, there is stillness, like the calm before the storm, as the Catholic Church will soon be plunged into crisis.
I call on all of My children, everywhere, to pray for Pope Benedict XVI, who is in danger of being exiled from Rome. He, the most Holy Vicar of the Catholic Church, is hated in many quarters within the Vatican.

An evil plot, planned for over one year, will be seen all over the world shortly.
Pray, pray, pray for all of God’s holy servants in the Catholic Church, who will be persecuted, because of the great divide within the Church, which will come about soon. The great schism will be witnessed by the whole world, but it will not be seen to be the case immediately.

The false pope is waiting to reveal himself to the world.
Children, do not be deceived, because he will not be from God.
The keys of Rome have been returned to My Father, God the Most High, who will rule from the Heavens.

Great responsibility will be placed on all those holy priests, bishops and cardinals, who love My Son dearly. They will need much courage and Divine fortitude to lead souls towards the New Paradise.

Every effort by these holy disciples, to prepare souls for the second coming of my dearly beloved son, will be opposed by the other dark side.
I urge all of My children to pray for the strength needed, as the Antichrist and his partner the False Prophet will rise to prominence.

You must ask me, the Mother of Salvation, for prayers to ensure that the Catholic Church will be saved and that the true word of My Son is salvaged.
The truth of My Son’s promise to return in great glory will be tampered with.
You, my dear children, will be given a series of untruths, which you will be expected to honour and accept in the holy name of My Son.

My Crusade Prayer (38) must be said for the next month, every single day, to ensure that God’s holy priests do not fall for the wicked deceit, which is being planned by the False Prophet and his followers.
“O blessed Mother of Salvation, please pray for the Catholic Church in these difficult times and for our beloved Pope Benedict XVI, to ease his suffering.
We ask you, Mother of Salvation, to cover God’s sacred servants with your holy mantle, so that they are given the graces to be strong, loyal and brave, during the trials they face. Pray too that they will look after their flock in accordance with the true teachings of the Catholic Church.
O holy Mother of God, give us, your remnant Church on Earth, the gift of leadership, so that we can help lead souls towards the Kingdom of your son.
We ask you, Mother of Salvation, to keep the deceiver away from the followers of your son, in their quest to safeguard their souls, so that they are fit to enter the gates of the New Paradise on Earth. Amen.”

Go, children, and pray for the renewal of the Church and for the safety of those sacred servants, who will suffer for their faith under the rule of the False Prophet.
Mother of Salvation

Deny sin and you deny Me

4 October 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, no man can fight me and expect eternal salvation, unless he surrenders in full to me.All of God’s children must know that the time is drawing close when the world must know that my final call is almost upon them.

Never fear My Call. Welcome it, for I bring you love, peace and salvation.
Ignore me at your peril, for I only give you so much time to respond to My Call from Heaven. You, My beloved followers – no matter who you are – will find yourselves isolated soon and cut off from my true presence.
My presence, my word and the true teachings of God are to be banished and you will find yourselves in a very lonely state.

Those of you who scoff and mock these, my holy messages of love to the world, will be left wondering how this can be, when you follow the path of deceit.
The further you walk along this path, the greater the distance you will put between your souls and My Mercy. When you love me, you will believe in My Teachings.If you know me, you will recognize my holy word in the Scriptures.
If you know me and accept that I would ever allow my Holy Word to be turned into something that it is not, without intervention on my part, then you cannot say you know me.

If you believe that I, the Son of Man, who died a brutal death, on your behalf, to save you from sin, could sit back and condone such a situation, then you deny the Word of God. Deny sin and you deny me.
Accept sin as being a good thing or believe, for one minute, that I will excuse it, without reconciliation, then you can no longer claim a place in My Kingdom.
I warn you that this period ahead of you will lead you on the most dangerous path of destruction, unless you remain true to my holy word.

My word is eternal.
My Kingdom is yours when you accept my word as it was given to you.
Dare to tamper with it or accept any form of new adaptation and you will suffer for this.

My anger is rising now, as I see how little respect many of you show towards the truth as it was written in My Father’s book. There can be no other truth.
Any form of deviation can never be accepted by God.
No arguments. No human reasoning. No exceptions.
The truth will live for eternity.
Lies will drive you into the arms of the beast.
Your Jesus


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