Questions raised from Francis’ statements

The following are some of the questions raised from the Bishop of Rome’s various statements.

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• Can good-will replace theology?
• What is the family for the Church? Any type of union?
• The holy anger of Jesus is only pretence?
• Do Catholics and muslims worship the same God?
• Sects no longer exist, and now everyone is the ‘church’?
• Can youth be formed with neither God nor religion?
• Can a Pope defend communist ideas?

• The divorced and remarried are not excommunicated…but, do they enjoy God’s friendship?
• When the Church becomes closed, she becomes an ailing Church, she falls ill! The Church must step outside herself. To the outskirts of existence, whatever they may be?
• Francis says that there is no explanation for suffering. Is that true?
• Ecumenism justifies leaving out Jesus Christ in order to pray with Jews and Muslims?
• Can Catechesis be compared with yoga or zen?
• Can anybody be chosen as godparents? What does the Church think of divorce?
• The blasphemous crucifix of Evo Morales should not offend Catholics?
• Did Jesus rebel against the Father’s will on the Cross?

• What should a Catholic think about the Encyclical Laudato Si´?
• The Church and the Papacy can be transformed into something democratic, horizontal?
• To offer thousands of rosaries is a bad thing?
• Equality is the source of justice and happiness?
• The multiplication of the loaves was only a symbol?
Communism is good? It is concerned about the poor? It has similarities with the Church’s social doctrine?
The Eucharistic fast…a dictatorial burden?!
• Good vibes, positive energies, prayers – all the same thing?

Sins are a motive for joy and salvation?
• The Church learns about God’s will from the people? Her teachings on the family must be adapted to the times?
• Did the Virgin Mary rebel against God?
• What did Saint Paul really say about boasting of our sins?
• “Who am I to judge him?” Is homosexuality a sin?
• Can the Holy Spirit counsel good with evil?
Mercy takes away the gravity of sin?
Society has nothing to profit from the Church’s teachings? What is the much touted ‘culture of encounter’?

• It is impossible to find God with entire certainty?
Holy Communion is no longer the reception of the Body and Blood of Our Lord?
• Alms-giving is preferable to divine worship?
• To look for doctrinal clarity is outdated?
• Having a large family is a sign of irresponsibility?
• The Church should be reduced to a small minority?
• How should the other Christian churches be considered? Are their priestly ordinations valid?
• Is it impossible to know where to encounter God?
• Happiness…Where is it to be found?

• Is Fraternal Correction Good or an Evil?
The Church no longer needs to convert anyone?
• Does the Old Covenant still exist and is Judaism a valid way of salvation?
• God is not omnipotent?
• Did the Church stop looking to Jesus Christ?
• Is it necessary to reform the Church and to reduce the precepts?
• All religions lead to God?
• The Church should not attempt to form the consciences of people?
• Contemplative communities are spiritually sick since they do not go out?
• Are souls punished with annihilation?

• Is salvation guaranteed to all who belong to God’s people?
• Is material charity the most important thing in the Church?
God never condemns, and always pardons?
• In the end, do all go to Heaven?
• Is peace possible without Christ?
• Caution with evil is no longer necessary?
• Should the teaching of Morals be silenced?
Christ will not judge anyone at the Final Judgment?

The Church no longer excludes the divorced in second union from the Eucharist?
• Does the Church still teach the existence of eternal condemnation?
• The Church has no solution for the crisis of the family?
• Is Ecumenism the harmony of all Christian Faiths?
• Can anyone interpret God as he wishes?
Absolute truth does not exist?
• Is there a Catholic God?
Youth who live together shouldn’t be encouraged to marry?
• Is conscience totally free? Can one do evil so that good may result from it?

• Is conscience the last word on what is good and evil?
• Does everyone have a right to receive the Sacraments?
• Should the Gospel be adapted to contemporary culture?

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