JTM Crusade Prayer Meeting Tuesday 19th January, 2016

Prayer Theme Salvation of Souls.

Prayer themes are followed chronologically, but the readings are chosen by volunteers, opening the book at random, after a prayer to the Holy Spirit.

Thoughts from the readings today.

The readings today , as always, are true to the theme (Salvation of Souls). They remind us of events which are happening around us in the church/world today.

The reading from the Bible ( St Paul to the Corinthians) speaks of heresies and schisms in the Christians who meet  for the Eucharist. Indeed this is true today.Many of those with whom we worship may be tempted to believe/ accept some of the heretical ideas being put forth by bishops, priests, cardinals and the false prophet. Another key phrase was “When you come therefore together into one place, it is not now to eat the Lord’s supper”. Eventually, those coming to  Church will not be there to receive the Eucharist, for they will no longer believe in the true presence.

St Paul continues to warn the early Christians about eating/ drinking of the Body/Blood of the Lord unworthily – reminding them that this brings judgement upon them. Today this reminds us of those who have been especially invited to do so by the false prophet himself.

The first reading from the Book of Truth, is a warning from Jesus to those who have committed the sin of abortion that without remorse, their punishment is eternal. What stands out is not those who have committed abortion, and those who actively participate, but those who “Accept abortion …”.

The second reading from the book of Truth is also about the Salvation of Souls. It is a loving invitation from Jesus, to ask Him for whatever we need and a promise from Him to protect us and even give us a sign, if we ask Him – “I promise that you will be given a sign that I have responded to your cry to me”.

The Readings:

1 Corinthians 11:18-30

[18] For first of all I hear that when you come together in the church, there are schisms among you; and in part I believe it. [19] For there must be also heresies: that they also, who are approved, may be made manifest among you. [20] When you come therefore together into one place, it is not now to eat the Lord’s supper.

[21] For every one taketh before his own supper to eat. And one indeed is hungry and another is drunk. [22] What, have you not houses to eat and to drink in? Or despise ye the church of God; and put them to shame that have not? What shall I say to you? Do I praise you? In this I praise you not. [23] For I have received of the Lord that which also I delivered unto you, that the Lord Jesus, the same night in which he was betrayed, took bread. [24] And giving thanks, broke, and said: Take ye, and eat: this is my body, which shall be delivered for you: this do for the commemoration of me. [25] In like manner also the chalice, after he had supped, saying: This chalice is the new testament in my blood: this do ye, as often as you shall drink, for the commemoration of me.

[26] For as often as you shall eat this bread, and drink the chalice, you shall shew the death of the Lord, until he come. [27] Therefore whosoever shall eat this bread, or drink the chalice of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and of the blood of the Lord. [28] But let a man prove himself: and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of the chalice. [29] For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh judgment to himself, not discerning the body of the Lord. [30] Therefore are there many infirm and weak among you, and many sleep.


The sin of abortion is a mortal one and those responsible will burn in the fires of Hell for eternity

 1 May 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, this intervention by me, the lamb of God, by revealing to the world these messages, has been foretold.
Those of you who follow the word of God must be at peace, as I do not want you to distance yourself, for I love you.
You must never fear My Love, even if sin separates you from me.
I open the eyes of all who want to see and my holy word will shut the eyes of those who refuse to accept my hand.

I hold out my hand to you, my beloved children, so that I can pull you to safety, away from the vultures who wish to devour your souls. Every day, from this day forward, you will hear many voices shouting – demanding that you listen.They will present you with diabolical lies and arguments, disguised with the sweetness of honey,
coaxing you, with a never-ending barrage of arguments, to hear their reasoning, in the name of humanitarian causes – which condone sin – they will not stop until you accept what they wish to force you to swallow.

Abortion, murder in the eyes of God, will be forced upon all nations as a sign of defiance against the Almighty Father, God the Most High.
When you condone this wicked abomination, you are guilty of terrible sin.
The sin of abortion is a mortal one and those responsible will burn in the fires of Hell for eternity. To those of you who refuse to accept this grave error, you have little time left to secure salvation.

For when the great day comes, unless you have turned your back on this wicked act, you will never see the face of God. Murder is one of the most serious acts of defiance against God and it will be punishable by castration.

The great divide, amongst the human race, has begun. Those who side with the beast and condone all that defies the word of God will be separated from their brothers and sisters.
Do not underestimate my warning.
Accept abortion and you accept the deliberate killing of a child of God.
If you cannot find remorse in your soul, then you will never see me.
I will cast you into the wilderness.
My Love and mercy may be great – I will forgive the most blackened of souls, but without remorse, My Justice is final. My punishment is eternal.

Love me and I will cherish you.
Destroy the life of another human being, created by the love of My Father, and you too, will lose your life.
Your Jesus

Ask and you will receive is not an idle promise that I make

3 May 2014

My dearly beloved daughter, when I ask people to trust in me, this is a very difficult thing, for many people to do. So many find it hard to trust in My Love for humanity, when they rely on their own faith, in order for them to surrender completely to me. It is only when you fully surrender yourselves, into my care, can you feel safe, protected and at peace. My Love, when sought out by you, will cover you, when you hold out your arms and call out to me as a little child.

Children place all their trust in their parents, when they are little. They know only the difference between what feels right and what feels wrong and so they rely completely on the adult to protect them. Children do not think twice about running to their parents for comfort and to seek refuge. The faith of a child is strong. He does not question, for he believes, truly that he will find safety in the arms of a loving parent.

I am to be trusted, for all that is asked of me will be done, if it is for the good of the soul.
Ask and you will receive is not an idle promise that I make. I relish the act of lavishing my gifts upon each one of you. When you ask me to help you, I hear, feel and respond to all that you desire. Allow me the chance to prove My Love for each of you. Let me show you the proof of my intervention.

It is at this time of existence, that I, Jesus Christ, will make my presence known in all that you ask of me. It is at this time, that I will enable you to feel my presence, witness my great acts of intervention in your daily lives and to understand the power of your prayers.
For these are the days of great miracles, which I bequeath to humanity, more than at any other time, since I walked the Earth.

When you truly place all your trust in me, I can work great miracles to bring you, not only relief from suffering, but to draw you even closer to my Sacred Heart.When a child knows that a parent loves him, he feels secure in the knowledge that he is protected. Know that by trusting in me, I protect you all and I will flood each of your souls with a deep sense of peace, which you will find nowhere else on this Earth. Come to me today and call on me to help you – no matter what worries you may have.

Recite this special prayer, every time you are in distress, and I will respond every single time.
Crusade Prayer (148) come to my aid:
O my Jesus, help me, in my time of great distress.
Hold me in your arms and take me into the refuge of your heart.
Wipe away my tears.
Calm my resolve.
Lift My Spirits and fill me with your peace.
Please grant me this special request (mention it here…).
Come to my aid, so that my request is answered and that My Life can become peaceful and in union with you, dear lord.
If my request cannot be granted, then fill me with the grace to accept that your holy will is for the good of my soul and that I will remain faithful to your word, forever, with a kind and gracious heart.

Always call to me, whenever you are sorrowful or in need of help and I promise that you will be given a sign that I have responded to your cry to me.

Your Beloved Saviour.
Your Jesus

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