JTM Crusade Prayer Meeting Thursday 28th January 2016

Prayer Theme: Salvation of Souls

Thoughts on today’s readings:

(*See readings which follow this segment)

The first reading reminds us of the schism in the Catholic Church, which is to come, and of the Antichrist who will soon appear and rule over the world’s churches. Jesus reminds us of what is to occur, so that we will not fall into the trap. Jesus tells us of the “alternative” temple which is to be built in Rome. He reminds us that the AC will “receive the seal of approval” from the False prophet. It seems that Jesus is guiding us and preparing us for what is to come. It feels as if it will be this year. The readings randomly chosen , follow a theme – a message to us . This reading speaks of the False Prophet, the new false church and temple, and false religion.

The bIble reading is very long, but tells us a wonderful story. Jesus is quite the teacher! First He reminds us of what is important, then makes this more relevant- with an amazing story!

The reading tells us of the prophet Elijah, who was trying to rescue Samaria from a severe famine. Its king was Ahab, who had persecuted and killed many people who adored the one true God. Samaria was a land of false prophets and people who adored Baal. Ahab had a servant, (Obadiah), known to Elijah and who had hidden many of the sons of Israel in caves, and fed them, etc. He was told by Elijah to announce his arrival to Ahab – he was afraid of doing this and of being killed, but he did what Elijah requested.

Ahab, Elijah, the 400 prophets of Baal and the people assembled at Mt Carmel for a showdown – with Elijah mocking the false prophets when their ‘gods’ could not light the fire. Elijah asked God to light the sacrifice – resulting in conversions to the one, true God and in rain; which fixed the famine. The prophets of Baal were slaughtered.

The lessons for us were: watch out for the false prophets- there will be many of them;  beware of the evil King (or ruler) who will persecute believers and  his false ‘god’: those who worship and side with him, side with evil and will be punished by God. There will also be those who will help hide and protect God’s true prophets and believers; and most importantly the message of retaining Faith in the one true God- who WILL save His people!!!

The next reading continues to impress on us Jesus’ mission to save souls -it reminds us of Jesus’ call to lost, empty and barren souls and His wonderful gift to those who just call on Him to help them – even telling them that they should ask for special favours to be granted. He speaks of the “flame of love” and the  “feelings of warmth, love and peace” which they will feel. Jesus will stop at nothing!

The last reading reflects themes from the first reading – the word of God which will be twisted/changed in all churches- and that we must remain true to God’s Holy Word.

Thank you Jesus. Amen.


This new temple, they will be told, is a church, which unites all because God loves all His children

Sunday, 7 April 2013 @ 18:40

My dearly beloved daughter, every single one of God’s Churches on Earth who honour me, the Son of Man and those who pay allegiance to My Father, will soon be divided.

Many, within each Church, will rebel and great divisions will emerge as more misguided, amongst their ranks, will try to introduce laws, which condone sin.
The moral obligations felt by those who love and know God’s Holy Word will be taken to task and they will be accused of being cruel and heartless.
Their crime will be to oppose sinful laws, which will come into being as Churches disband during the persecution of the Antichrist. When they divide and splinter, their foundations will be rocked. They will no longer be able to stand firm in the face of wickedness and injustice.

The time will then be ripe for many bewildered souls, who will become very confused, to witness an alternative temple of God. This new temple, they will be told, is a Church, which unites all because God loves all his children. And if God loves all his children, then he would want them to unite as one; that they must embrace each other, whatever their creed, their religion, their skin colour, their race, their laws.

All will become united, they will be told, in the face of God, and they will all be asked to send representatives to the new temple, which will be located in Rome. They will be told that this is the new Jerusalem, prophesised in the Bible and protected by God’s chosen leader – the False Prophet.

So many will fall for this great lie, a travesty of the Holy Word of God – which was given to John the evangelist. Every word given to this prophet, for the end times, will be taken, adapted and twisted to suit the agenda of the Antichrist.

Those who refuse to accept this new, so-called inclusive Church, will be deemed to be un-Christian. They will be bullied and made to look like fools. Only for the Holy Spirit, which guides them, they would be sucked into the false and obscene temple, which will disguise the ugly truth, which lies beneath its surface.

The Antichrist is about to make his grand entrance onto the world’s stage and it will be he, who will, not only reign over these Churches, but who will fool people into believing that he possesses special Divine gifts. He will be honoured for his great service to humanitarian causes. He, the Antichrist, will receive international awards for his charity work.

And then they will say he possesses the charisma associated with holy people. It will not be long afterwards when miracles will be attributed to him, until finally, he will say he is a prophet on a mission from God.

Many will fall for this terrible deceit because he will be supported by the world’s Churches and he will be given the seal of approval by the False Prophet. Finally, the world will believe that he is I, Jesus Christ. My word will fall on deaf ears as his presence devours the whole of humanity whose applause will silence the voices who proclaim the true word of God.

But, because of my Great Mercy, I will, with My Father’s hand, intervene every single step of the way. My messages will never stop until the very last day.
My voice will never die. God’s children, who remain true to his holy word, will never die.
Your Jesus

Bible Reading: 1 KIngs18

1 A long time went by, and the word of Yahweh came to Elijah in the third year, ‘Go, present yourself to Ahab, and I will send rain on the country.’
2 So Elijah set off to present himself to Ahab. As the famine was particularly severe in Samaria, 3 Ahab summoned Obadiah, the master of the palace — Obadiah held Yahweh in great reverence: 4 when Jezebel was butchering the prophets of Yahweh, Obadiah took a hundred of them and hid them, fifty at a time, in a cave, and kept them provided with food and water– 5 and Ahab said to Obadiah, ‘Come along, we must scour the country, all the springs and all the ravines in the hope of finding grass to keep horses and mules alive, or we shall have to slaughter some of our stock.’
6 They divided the country for the purpose of their survey; Ahab went one way by himself and Obadiah went another way by himself. 7 While Obadiah was on his way, whom should he meet but Elijah. Recognising him he fell on his face and said, ‘So it is you, my lord Elijah!’ 8 ‘Yes,’ he replied, ‘go and tell your master, “Elijah is here.” ‘
9 But Obadiah said, ‘What sin I have committed, for you to put your servant into Ahab’s power and cause my death? 10 As Yahweh your God lives, there is no nation or kingdom where my master has not sent in search of you; and when they said, “He is not there,” he made the kingdom or nation swear an oath that they did not know where you were.
11 And now you say to me, “Go and tell your master: Elijah is here.”
12 But as soon as I leave you, the spirit of Yahweh will carry you away and I shall not know where; I shall go and tell Ahab; he will not be able to find you, and then he will kill me. Yet from his youth your servant has revered Yahweh.
13 Has no one told my lord what I did when Jezebel butchered the prophets of Yahweh, how I hid a hundred of them in a cave, fifty at a time, and kept them provided with food and water?
14 And now you say to me, “Go and tell your master: Elijah is here.” Why, he will kill me!’
15 Elijah replied, ‘As Yahweh Sabaoth lives, whom I serve, I shall present myself to him today!’
16 Obadiah went to find Ahab and tell him the news, and Ahab then went to find Elijah.
17 When he saw Elijah, Ahab said, ‘So there you are, you scourge of Israel!’
18 ‘Not I,’ he replied, ‘I am not the scourge of Israel, you and your family are; because you have deserted Yahweh and followed Baal.
19 Now give orders for all Israel to gather round me on Mount Carmel, and also the four hundred prophets of Baal who eat at Jezebel’s table.’
20 Ahab called all Israel together and assembled the prophets on Mount Carmel.
21 Elijah stepped out in front of all the people. ‘How long’, he said, ‘do you mean to hobble first on one leg then on the other? If Yahweh is God, follow him; if Baal, follow him.’ But the people had nothing to say.
22 Elijah then said to them, ‘I, I alone, am left as a prophet of Yahweh, while the prophets of Baal are four hundred and fifty.
23 Let two bulls be given us; let them choose one for themselves, dismember it but not set fire to it. I in my turn shall prepare the other bull, but not set fire to it.
24 You must call on the name of your god, and I shall call on the name of Yahweh; the god who answers with fire, is God indeed.’ The people all answered, ‘Agreed!’
25 Elijah then said to the prophets of Baal, ‘Choose one bull and begin, for there are more of you. Call on the name of your god but light no fire.’
26 They took the bull and prepared it, and from morning to midday they called on the name of Baal. ‘O Baal, answer us!’ they cried, but there was no voice, no answer, as they performed their hobbling dance round the altar which they had made.
27 Midday came, and Elijah mocked them. ‘Call louder,’ he said, ‘for he is a god: he is preoccupied or he is busy, or he has gone on a journey; perhaps he is asleep and needs to be woken up!’
28 So they shouted louder and gashed themselves, as their custom was, with swords and spears until the blood flowed down them.
29 Midday passed, and they ranted on until the time when the offering is presented; but there was no voice, no answer, no sign of attention.
30 Then Elijah said to all the people, ‘Come over to me,’ and all the people came over to him. He repaired Yahweh’s altar which had been torn down.
31 Elijah took twelve stones, corresponding to the number of tribes of the sons of Jacob, to whom the word of Yahweh had come, ‘Israel is to be your name,’
32 and built an altar in the name of Yahweh. Round the altar he dug a trench of a size to hold two measures of seed.
33 He then arranged the wood, dismembered the bull, and laid it on the wood.
34 Then he said, ‘Fill four jars with water and pour it on the burnt offering and on the wood.’ They did this. He said, ‘Do it a second time;’ they did it a second time. He said, ‘Do it a third time;’ they did it a third time.
35 The water flowed round the altar until even the trench itself was full of water.
36 At the time when the offering is presented, Elijah the prophet stepped forward. ‘Yahweh, God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel,’ he said, ‘let them know today that you are God in Israel, and that I am your servant, that I have done all these things at your command.
37 Answer me, Yahweh, answer me, so that this people may know that you, Yahweh, are God and are winning back their hearts.’
38 Then Yahweh’s fire fell and consumed the burnt offering and the wood and licked up the water in the trench.
39 When all the people saw this they fell on their faces. ‘Yahweh is God,’ they cried, ‘Yahweh is God!’
40 Elijah said, ‘Seize the prophets of Baal: do not let one of them escape.‘ They seized them, and Elijah took them down to the Kishon, and there he slaughtered them.
41 Elijah said to Ahab, ‘Go back now, eat and drink; for I hear the approaching sound of rain.’
42 While Ahab went back to eat and drink, Elijah climbed to the top of Carmel and bowed down to the ground, putting his face between his knees.
43 ‘Now go up’, he told his servant, ‘and look out to sea.’ He went up and looked. ‘There is nothing at all,’ he said. Seven times Elijah told him to go back.
44 The seventh time, the servant said, ‘Now there is a cloud, small as a man’s hand, rising from the sea.’ Elijah said, ‘Go and say to Ahab, “Harness the chariot and go down before the rain stops you.” ‘
45 And with that the sky grew dark with cloud and storm, and rain fell in torrents. Ahab mounted his chariot and made for Jezreel.
46 But the hand of Yahweh had come on Elijah and, hitching up his clothes, he ran ahead of Ahab all the way to Jezreel.

Prayer Requests: Go now and call this request: My Call to Jesus

Monday, 14 May 2012 @ 18:00

My dearest beloved daughter, your gift to me is accepted and as a result will save a further 5 million souls. *
It is my dearest wish to bring an end to your suffering, but, this precious gift you bring me will now mean I can save more of God’s children.
Never forget that this mission is to save mankind from Hell.
I need your help and the help of others to do this.
Never feel alone, for I love you and am with you the entire time.
So many more of God’s children are beginning to hear my voice at last.
The work of the Holy Spirit will bear fruit and very soon the Love of God will be felt in the hearts of even the most barren.
Those lost, empty and barren souls will feel a flame of love and witness a familiar yearning to be part of my new Kingdom on Earth. Many will not understand why, but they will be unable to deny their feelings of warmth, love and peace. So many will be surprised and will want to speak with me.

You must now unite people everywhere to request the gift of My Love. They must ask for special favours to be granted. You, My daughter, must designate one day a week to this.
Each lost soul must ask me to help them. If their request is according to my holy will, then I will answer their prayers. This will instill in them a stronger link to my Sacred Heart and my Great Mercy.

Go now and call this request “My Call to Jesus”
My daughter, do this as soon as you can as I wish to ensure that those souls, especially those who do not accept that I speak now, they will finally realise how close I am to each single soul. Tell them that I love everyone and don’t exclude one single sinner no matter how grievous their sin. All I ask is for them to come to me and ask me to help them.
Your Jesus

*the souls referred to on the first line are to do with a personal suffering offered by the prophet and do not refer to the world as a whole, because billions are currently being saved through prayer.

When My Church upholds the Word of God, you must remain obedient to My Church

Tuesday, 14 January 2014 @ 16:53

My dearly beloved daughter, when My servants, my followers and all those who profess to be of me, say that they love me, this means two things.
They love me because they accept my word and they honor me by professing the truth.
When you love me, you must remain true to my holy word.
This means being obedient to my word in all things relating to the truth.
When you profess the truth of my word, as My sacred Servants, you must remain obedient to the word of God.
When My Church upholds the word of God, you must remain obedient to My Church.
But when the day comes when those with authority in My Church no longer proclaim the Truth, then you must remain obedient only to Me.
For I am the Church. Without me, Your Jesus, there is no Church.
When my word is tampered with and then adapted, it will no longer be my word.
You can only be obedient to the true word of God.
Should you follow a new man-made doctrine, which will replace my holy word in My Churches throughout the world, then, those responsible for this sacrilege will deny me.
Only remain obedient to those who proclaim the word of God, for if it is not my word then – it is not from God.

The word of God is sacrosanct. It may never be changed by anyone.
Obedience to My Church is important. Obedience to the word of God is what determines if you are a Christian. The day when you replace the word of God, with a man-made substitute, is the day you will disobey the word of God.

You can only remain obedient in my eyes, in My Church on Earth, if the truth is upheld.
You must never be frightened to proclaim the truth, because only the truth will set you free.
Your Jesus

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