JTM Crusade Prayer Meeting Tuesday 2 February, 2016

Prayer Theme: Protection

Readings are chosen after prayers are crusade prayers are completed. Books of Truth and the Bible are opened at random, after a prayer to the Holy Spirit.

Thoughts on today’s readings:

It is always amazing  how much there is to hear in these messages from the Book of Truth. Most of us have read them – from the beginning, (back in 2010)  when they first commenced, and each day we would eagerly look for the website to see what was new. But we need to read and reread them, in order to take it all in. In our Prayer Group, we always pick 2 or 3 readings from the Book of Truth. We love this “story time” – it is  Jesus or God the Father or our Blessed Mother, here with us: teaching us, reassuring us, telling us what will happen, reminding us of our strengths, telling us what to do. We reluctantly put a limit on how many readings we choose.

The first reading today was from God the Father in 2013. There was a lot to digest. Some key phrases stood out: “the seat of Peter has been desecrated“; the Church will survive outside of Rome. Of course we know that the Pope will have to flee, and that Rome will be destroyed. It also talks of the Warning which will “divide the world into 2 halves”. I liked this. It wasn’t ” into 2 sides” – of maybe 1/3 and 2/3, or 3/4and 1/4. Two halves sounds like there will be a lot of people on our side. This is very reassuring.

There were some references also which seemed to be meant for priests: “Stay together and pray that the infestation will not devour those souls who have given their lives up for My Son” and  sacred servants, in their hundreds of thousands, will be excommunicated”. We must pray very hard not only for lost souls, but for our priests – the Lord’s servants, many of whom will be weak, or misguided.

God the Father reminds us that he will go to any length to save all his children, and that it is through our prayers that those “who hide” from Him will be taken under his protection. He tells us “Every act of mercy, every miracle, and every intervention will be granted by me for the sake of My children.“He reminds us of His patience,  but tells us to be wary of His anger. There was much more – read it all again for yourself (below).

The second reading from June 2011  was short. Following the theme of “Protection” (which we chose today for our Crusade Prayers), Jesus tells us of His love which is “ablaze with the love for my special children” who rose to His Call. He tells us that we are the army who will lead His children and spread the messages. Jesus reminds us to go to confession now, and not to be frightened. He tells us to warn others to do this before the Warning. His promise of blessings and protection for ourselves and our families will be our reward for our devotion and faith. He loves us soooo much and always encourages us and coaxes us on.

The last reading was again, (like last week) a wonderful story from the Bible. It was about Joshua and Israelites who were in danger from some hostile kings. You know – the Joshua who tore down walls of Jericho, and who led people into Promised land. I didn’t know that this guy also managed to gain a few more cities. One in particular (Gibeon) had the local inhabitants and Israelites living peacefully together. A few kings gathered up their armies and decided to  take back this very important city. The people called to Joshua who came with his army. It tells the story of how God promised to help Joshua win the battle. It tells of a miracle of the sun, when the sun stood still (and no night), of giant hailstones, which killed more of the enemy than the swords… read the story below.

It was a great story of how God loves and fights for His people; it tells us to expect miracles and to expect what seems impossible; it tells us that God will keep us safe from the enemy, if we call on Him.

Just imagine being one of the first apostles and disciples – following Jesus around, listening to His parables and His reassurance and warnings of what would happen.

Well, we know Jesus is with is at every prayer group. He has organized our little lesson for today and you know what – we really are his apostles – the apostles of the end times, part of His remnant army!!!



God the Father: I, your beloved Father, have set the day for The Warning at last. Only I know of this date

 1 April 2013

My dearest daughter, the sacrifices made by me, your beloved Father, on behalf of humanity are coming to an end. Every attempt has been made, because of my pure love for My children, to save them from the evil of sin.
In these times, the final battle to save all My children of every creed and race is now in the final stages.
Who amongst you will stand up for the truth, when it has been given to you for so long?
Who amongst you will accept my holy word as it is presented to you in my Book of Truth today?

Those of you who scream at my prophet will be silenced, so that My children will be able to hear the sweet voice of My Beloved Son, as it draws souls into the safe haven, to prepare them for the New Paradise on Earth.

I call on all of My children, the strong, the weak, the vulnerable, the ignorant and those stuffed with pride, who think that they know the truth of the prophecies promised by me over the centuries, to respond to this call from my Heavenly Kingdom.
I, your beloved Father, have set the day for The Warning at last.
Only I know of this date. Only I know the date of the great day when My Son will return to claim the Kingdom I promised him.

The day of The Warning, given to you as a great gift, will divide humanity into two halves.
The first half will accept My Son’s Great Mercy. The other half will hide and run.
They will believe that they will have the power to withstand God’s intervention to save them. What they do not know is that I will pursue them right up to the last day to save them from the final horror, from which there is no return.

My children, do not fear me.
It is because of My Love for you that I have permitted the final persecution when evil will make itself known in a way like never before.
All Christian Churches will be knocked down in spirit. Some will be demolished.
The Catholic Church, above all others, will suffer the most, as it will now be contaminated from within its core.

This disease will be vicious, but the Church founded by My Son on Earth will survive this evil, although much of it will be outside of Rome, because the seat of Peter has been desecrated.

Rise up, all of you who swear allegiance to My Son.
Stay together and pray that the infestation will not devour those souls who have given their lives up for My Son. Oh how they will be tempted by the new laws, which they will believe are dictated by Heaven, through the seat of Rome.
How their hearts will heave with sorrow when disorder erupts.
How they will weep when those sacred servants, in their hundreds of thousands, will be excommunicated. Only then will they hold out their arms and call on My Son to guide them.

My Divinity will cover the world and gather all My children into My Son’s Kingdom.
You must await this call and accept, with grateful hearts, these gifts given to you as the weapons you need to fight against the wickedness, which will cover the Earth in darkness.
The meek and humble of heart, who love me, their Father, and those who accept the Divinity of my only begotten son, Jesus Christ, will be gathered first.
They, whose names are in the book of the living, will be called and will reign as leaders, along with the Saints, amongst the twelve tribes of Israel.
Those of you with lukewarm souls will then be enlightened and your burden will be heavier.

It will be through your prayers, that the others – those who hide from me – will be taken under the roof of my protection. The beast, who cowers before me, will not win the souls of those children of mine that easily. Every act of mercy, every miracle, and every intervention will be granted by me for the sake of My children.

Those who stand before me and My children will suffer a terrible chastisement.
Although I love all of My children, I will not hesitate to stop those amongst them who, if I allowed them, would take away My Kingdom, which I will fill with all my family.
Be wary of my anger. For although it is contained and my patience is great, I will cast upon the Earth a great affliction, even if it means destroying much of it.
Like a disease, which devours the human body, so too will the evil deeds of man against their brother, destroy the healthy cells. If this disease is not stopped and if I do not cut out, and cast away, the diseased flesh I cannot make the body whole again.

It will only be the whole, healthy body of My Son’s Church on Earth that can come to the door of my new Kingdom on Earth. Those who have removed themselves from the temptation of rejecting My Son will find it easier to be made worthy to join as one body, in union with My Son. They will be given eternal life and pain will be no more.
Your beloved Father
God the Most High

Confess your sins now – do not be frightened

29 June 2011

My dearly beloved daughter, the help I have sent you will now spread my word rapidly around the world using modern communications. My Heart is ablaze with the love for my special children who arose to My Call, for they are the army who will lead My children.
All my blessings envelop each of those who help carry my cross for the good of mankind.
The Holy Spirit is bestowed on those to enable them to spread these messages virally and with real impact.

My children, and all my followers, just remember the one thing that I want you to focus on. Warn the others to seek redemption before The Warning.
They must confess their sins now and must not be frightened. Instead, they must rejoice.
There are only a few months left for this great act of My Mercy. Do not waste time.
Go in love and peace. Do not flinch in this work. It is for the good of all My children.

All of those who work to spread my truth will be rewarded for their devotion and faith.
My blessings will protect each of them and their families.
Rejoice now, for the time is ripe for the world to finally hear my voice in the way they should.
Your Beloved Saviour
Redeemer and King of all mankind
Jesus Christ

New Jerusalem Bible: Joshua 10:1-27

(Catholic online)

1 Now, it happened that Adoni-Zedek king of Jerusalem, learned that Joshua had conquered Ai and put the town under the curse of destruction, treating Ai and its king as he had already treated Jericho and its king; and also that the inhabitants of Gibeon had made peace with Israel and were living with them.
2 There was consternation at this, since Gibeon was as important a town as any of the royal towns themselves (it was larger than Ai), while all its citizens were fighting men.
3 Consequently, Adoni-Zedek king of Jerusalem sent word to Hoham king of Hebron, Piram king of Jarmuth, Japhia king of Lachish, and Debir king of Eglon,
4 ‘Join me up here and help me to conquer Gibeon, since it has made peace with Joshua and the Israelites.’
5 The five Amorite kings joined forces and went up there, that is, the king of Jerusalem, the king of Hebron, the king of Jarmuth, the king of Lachish and the king of Eglon, they and all their armies; laying siege to Gibeon, they attacked it.
6 The men of Gibeon sent word to Joshua in the camp at Gilgal, ‘Do not desert your servants; come up here quickly to save us and help us, since all the Amorite kings living in the highlands have allied themselves against us.’
7 Joshua came up from Gilgal, he, all the fighting men and all the bravest of his army.
8 Yahweh said to Joshua, ‘Do not be afraid of these people; I have put them at your mercy; not one of them will put up any resistance.’
9 Having marched from Gilgal throughout the night, Joshua caught them unawares.
10 Yahweh threw them into disorder at the sight of Israel, defeating them completely at Gibeon; furthermore, he pursued them by way of the Descent of Beth-Horon and harassed them as far as Azekah (and as far as Makkedah).
11 And as they fled from Israel down the Descent of Beth-Horon, Yahweh hurled huge hailstones from heaven on them all the way to Azekah, and they died. More of them died under the hailstones than under the swords of the Israelites.
12 Joshua then spoke to Yahweh, the day Yahweh delivered the Amorites to the Israelites. In the presence of Israel, Joshua said: Sun, stand still over Gibeon, and, moon, you too, over the Vale of Aijalon!
13 And the sun stood still, and the moon halted, until the people had taken vengeance on their enemies. Is this not written in the Book of the Just? The sun stood still in the middle of the sky and delayed its setting for almost a whole day.
14 There was never a day like that before or since, when Yahweh obeyed the voice of a man — for Yahweh was fighting for Israel.
15 Joshua, and all Israel with him, then went back to the camp at Gilgal.
16 As regards the five kings, these had fled and hidden in the cave of Makkedah,
17 and news of this was brought to Joshua. ‘The five kings have been found hiding in the cave at Makkedah.’
18 Joshua said, ‘Roll great stones over the mouth of the cave and post men there to keep guard.
19 You yourselves, do not stay there doing nothing; pursue the enemy, cut off their line of retreat and do not let them enter their towns, for Yahweh your God has put them at your mercy.’
20 When Joshua and the Israelites had finished inflicting a very great defeat on them, to the point of destroying them, those who had escaped alive took refuge in their fortresses.
21 The people came back to Joshua’s camp at Makkedah; they were all safe and sound, and no one dared to attempt anything against the Israelites.
22 Joshua then said, ‘Clear the mouth of the cave and bring the five kings out to me.’
23 They did so, and brought the five kings out of the cave to take them to him: the king of Jerusalem, the king of Hebron, the king of Jarmuth, the king of Lachish and the king of Eglon.
24 When these kings had been brought out, Joshua assembled all the men of Israel and said to the chiefs of the warriors who had fought with him, ‘Come forward and put your feet on the necks of these kings!’ They came forward and put their feet on their necks.
25 ‘Be fearless and undaunted,’ Joshua went on, ‘be strong and stand firm, for this is how Yahweh will deal with all the enemies you fight.’
26 With this, Joshua struck and killed them and had them hanged on five trees; they hung there till evening.
27 At the hour of sunset, on Joshua’s orders, they were taken down from the trees and thrown into the cave where they had been hiding. Great stones were laid over the mouth of the cave, and these are still there to this very day.


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