Is this Mercy or is this a diabolical disorientation?

Bergoglio commenced his talks on Mercy. As usual, there were blatant errors deliberately twisting the Truth. Excerpts are reproduced below. The complete article can be seen at:

The article explains the reasons for this new series of talks:

This week he began a new series of catechesis dedicated to mercy according to the bible, a decision he said he made so that we can “learn mercy by listening to what God himself teaches us with his word.”

Vatican City, Jan 13, 2016 / 04:34 am (CNA/EWTN News).- On Wednesday Pope Francis launched a new series of catechesis on mercy for his general audiences, telling pilgrims that the love and forgiveness of God can’t be overcome by anything, including our sin…

It’s always love that “makes the first step, that doesn’t depend on human merits but gives an immense gratuity,” he said, adding that nothing can stop divine solicitude, not even sin, because it knows how to go beyond sin, overcoming evil and forgiving it.” 

Error insinuated: we don’t need to confess or atone or be sorry for sin as nothing can stop divine solicitude; the evil in us is overcome and forgiven automatically-just by God’s mercy (or divine solicitude). Not true. We have free will. We cannot be forgiven without true repentance and desire for this. Mercy does not overlook evil or sin! As a friend pointed out:

If that were the case:

  1. Jesus would not have needed to be crucified for our personal sins or to remove the effects of Orginal Sin
  2. We would not need the Sacrament of Confession
  3. Everyone would automatically go to heaven
  4. Therefore we can do what we like without consequence!

This is not only erroneous teaching but promotes evil.

Bergoglio goes further. After references to the Old Testament, he proceeds with the story of the Prodigal Son:

Pope Francis then referred to the parable of the Prodigal Son. After the younger son took his inheritance and squandered it, the father never abandoned him or closed himself in resentment, but continued to wait for his return.
Once the younger son came back, the father ran to meet him and embraced him, Francis said, explaining that “so great was the love and joy for having found him again, (the father) didn’t even allow him to finish his confession – it’s like he covered his mouth.”

We all know what is wrong with this. It is NOT in the Gospel passage at all and there must be whole-hearted repentance, which we express through Confession. God is Perfect Mercy but also Perfect Justice. There cannot be one without the other. Is Bergoglio trying to set us up for the removal of the Sacrament of Penance, because we don’t need it if God’s mercy is all that is necessary?

Donna’s comment:

“That is so terrible! I had a horrible flash of being suffocated to death by his phrase that “the father didn’t even let him finish his confession; as if he covered his mouth”! Suffocating us to eternal death…

Only the father of lies would do or say that- prevent a true and full confession.

Confession is not for Father-God who knows all our sins, it is for US-who need to confess all our sins with true sorrow!!

The devil wants us to die in our sins unconfessed and be suffocated by them to eternal death.

This is a horrible, evil lie and deception. Woe to the man who listens and believes in what this false man says!

This is truly the work of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.



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