JTM Crusade Prayer Meeting Thursday 25th February, 2016

Our prayer theme today was Faith, Family, Nations.

Today we had a pleasant surprise! (Just in case anyone forgot that Jesus is always with is and guiding us.) The readings were chosen after the prayers by volunteers, after a prayer to the Holy Spirit – as always. And of course the readings were spot on – in line with the prayer theme we had chosen.

The first reading reminds us of God’s promise of the Kingdom, which is for all people. He describes the joy which is waiting for us – no hatred, evil or death; the Kingdom, which is now complete and ready, waiting for us. Jesus explains that satan’s reign is ended but the infestation continues..He tells us that “This mission was prepared from the very first prophecies given to the human race by God.” What an incredible thought – this means that we, who are part of this mission were chosen by God from the very beginning!

Jesus warns us against pride, which can blind us to God’s call, and to anything which may insult His Divinity.

The second reading continues on this theme. Our Mother of Salvation reminds us of God’s gifts to us: the messages to warn us, and the kingdom which is awaiting us. But she also warns us of what is to come: that all trace of her will be wiped out – that she and the church will be banished into the desert (as in Book of Revelation); she tells us that the Mass will cease and that the people will be too scared to stand up against the desecration which will ensue.

The good news is that at this time the remnant army will gather in every nation across the world. This army will have every power over evil and will speak the True Word of God at the time when every teaching on the Bible (which talks of sin) will be questioned and twisted in its meaning. Our lady explains how a new red book will appear with a goat’s head hidden inside the symbol of the Cross.

Despite the spread of paganism, Jesus’ light will continue to draw souls. Our Mother finishes by reminding us of the great ending that awaits us.

We had decided that we would only have 2 readings from the Book of Truth (plus the Bible Reading) instead of the usual 3, as our prayer meeting was already long, and there was a lot to think about (and for me to reproduce on our site. Well, it seems as if the Lord had other plans. We always ask Him to be with us at our prayer meetings.

After these two reading we were discussing the various things mentioned in the readings, in particular the false Crucifixes – many of which we had already seen displayed on the net and on some Rosary beads. While discussing these things, the book with the previous messages that we had read was put back on the table. Another one of our prayer group was fiddling with this book whilst we were speaking and suddenly called out ; “Hey, look at this”. She had inadvertently opened it (she was a person who never wants to open a book to choose a message). She had opened it up on “A new form of the Cross will be introduced”. I laughed because Our Lord obviously wanted us to have this third reading. It followed right on from our previous conversation.

The reading tells us what to expect: the desecration in the Churches, The Monstrance which will disappear, and amendments to the Mass (especially in regard to Holy Eucharist). Following from the previous reading, Jesus reminds us to gather up many Crosses in our homes.

We loved the ending, where Jesus tells us that we are His family . We understood that our prayer groups are like family – that we must strengthen each other and be there for each other. We understood immediately that this was, in fact, the case.

So to sum up – get ready for the changes and the deceit. Go to Adoration while you still can! Gather up many Crosses, Crucifixes and Bibles. And it sounds as if we should be on guard for when they throw out the gold tabernacles – rescue them if we can.

Finally, we opened up the Bible reading.
It was a nice reassuring ending. Short and sweet!

Book of Truth Readings

You must keep your eyes open to anything, which insults My Divinity

26 March 2013
My dearly beloved daughter, this message is for the world.
It is for Christians of every denomination, the Jews and all those religions who proclaim my Almighty Father, God the Most High.
This message is also for those who do not believe in God the Father, or me, his only begotten son.
It is also for those who could not care less what life lies ahead and whose indifference means that they cannot accept the existence of God.

Through these messages you are being warned of the danger to your future life and your wellbeing, so that I can bring all of you into the New Paradise, which was created for you when Heaven and Earth will merge as one.
This Kingdom is complete and the gates will be open to each of you.
This beautiful gift, where you will live in perfect body, mind and soul comes from God the almighty one, who created the world.
The time for your exile on Earth is almost over.
No longer will you have to endure the pain of sin, which creates havoc in every part of the world.
Hatred, which is kept alive through the infestation of Satan in the world, will no longer exist.
When hatred has been banished, evil will no longer sully the perfect creation of God.
His planet, his gifts of nature, his protection and his love will be renewed to give you a life of eternity where no death is possible.

Life on Earth, as it is now, will never satisfy you while Satan reigns.
His reign is already at an end, but those he infests will carry on spreading sin by sucking the innocent, and not so innocent, souls into the depths of despair.
This infestation will continue until as many souls as possible are taken and presented to the beast who will devour them.

I will come soon, finally, as prophesied the second time, to bring you final salvation and to present to you the key to my promised Kingdom.
My Kingdom will descend from the skies for the world to see before the final trumpet sounds.When the trumpets peal, only those who allowed me to salvage them and those true to the word of God will be taken.

This is why you must not allow pride to blind you to the call of God at this time.
This mission was prepared from the very first prophecies given to the human race by God.
Be thankful that, by the mercy of God, that you have been given this great gift.
Never allow pride to blind you to My Divine presence, for that is what will separate you from My Mercy.

I prepare you now, only so that I can save all humanity and not just the elect who serve me with great humility. I want all of you, no matter what you believe.
My Father has planned this mission in order to open your hearts so that you can be shown the truth in time, before the great day when I come to judge.
The gift of the Holy Spirit continues to be poured over this mission and cover all souls – especially those who stubbornly turn their backs on me.

The battle for souls is between My Kingdom and the terrible abyss over which the beast rules.You must keep your eyes open to anything, which insults my Divinity.
It does not matter where those insults spring from, but you must never accept them in my holy name.

Now is the time of great deceit and I urge you to pray to God for the wisdom to understand what truly comes from me and what does not.
Your Jesus

Mother of Salvation: They will present a new red book, with the head of a goat embedded within its cover

11 March 2014
My dear child, when I gave birth to My Son, this meant that I not only delivered the Son of Man, the Saviour of the world, but also brought about a new beginning.
The world was redeemed by the birth of my precious son and mankind was given a very special gift.This gift was rejected, but humanity still benefits today, because so many have accepted the truth.

The birth of My Son heralded the birth of his Church on Earth, as both were borne of me, a mere handmaid of the lord. It will be me, the woman clothed with the sun, who will be banished by the serpent, along with My Son’s Church, into the desert.
Every trace of me, the mother of God, will be wiped out.
Apparitions, which are attributed to me, will be ridiculed and people will be instructed, by the enemies in My Son’s Church, to reject all credence associated with them.
Then, My Son’s Church will be discarded, along with those who are true followers of Christ.

The holy Masses will cease and while all of this is going on, the serpent will scatter his servants and they will claim their seats in every Christian Church.
Such will be the magnitude of this takeover that many people, true believers, will be so astonished that they will be too frightened to stand up and object to the desecration they will have to witness, for fear of their lives.

During this time, My Son’s remnant will gather in every nation, the world over, and lead the lost and the bewildered, during this terrible period of infestation.
This army will be given great power over evil, which will be witnessed in what once were the Churches of My Son. They will, by the power of the Holy Spirit, preach the truth – the true gospels – the true word, given to the world in the holy Bible.

The Bible will be challenged openly, by imposters in Christian Churches and they will question every teaching, which warns of the danger of sin.
They will twist its contents and they will present a new red book with the head of a goat embedded within its cover, hidden inside the symbol of the cross.
To the outside world of unbelievers, this will appear to be a revolution and one, which will fascinate them and appeal to those who reject the existence of God.
Great celebrations will begin in many nations.
They will welcome the celebration of freedom, from all moral obligations, in the name of global unity and a celebration of human rights.

The light of My Son’s presence will be held high, like a beacon, by those who will lead My Son’s remnant army. This light will continue to draw souls, everywhere, despite the spread of paganism across all Churches, of every creed, with the exception of the two witnesses – the Christians and the Jews, who remain true to God’s will.

Then, when the great day dawns and after the three terrible days of darkness are over, a great light will appear over the Earth.This light will surround My Son and the sun, which will be at its greatest strength, will descend over the world – both at the same time.
Not one person will fail to witness this supernatural spectacle.The roar of the announcement will be heard by all through every form of communication known to man.

Therefore, all will anticipate a great event, but they will not know the time, the hour or the date.And then those, whose names are listed in the book of the living, will be gathered.
Pray, pray, pray that the world will not reject the preparation, which is needed before humanity can see the light of My Son’s face.
Your Beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation

*** Unplanned reading below.

A new form of the Cross will be introduced

30 April 2013

My dearly beloved daughter, my authority will never diminish, and like a light, will fade amidst the thick fog, but it will always be visible, even though it may be reduced to but just a faint glimmer.When the world changes again, as the spirit of evil creates division upon division, it will only be the light of God which will sustain you.

My presence will be felt by those who come to me for help, for I will never desert you, especially when you feel that all is hopeless.Nothing but the truth will help you to cope, when the lack of charity which is evident in the world today increases, as men’s hearts turn to stone.

The truth is contained in the holy Bible. It is the food by which man can live now and in the future.
Very soon it will become impossible to buy a Bible, as many nations will adhere to the new laws, especially in Europe, which will ban all books which promote the word of God.
The letter is being written now to beckon all those in the service of the Catholic Church.
Soon, all of My sacred Servants will be informed of the changes, which they will be told are for the good of the Church.

The new rules, which will see amendments made to prayers during the holy Mass, will seem innocent.To many, they won’t notice the significance, but it will relate to the Holy Eucharist and my presence within it.The word ‘commemorate’ will be used and all Churches will soon be stripped bare of their treasures.
The taking of treasures, including gold tabernacles – which will be replaced by those made of wood and stone – will be one of the signs that they are being gathered for the new world religion.

Churches will be changed within their walls and this will involve the desecration of altars.
The monstrance, holding the Holy Eucharist, will begin to disappear and the days when my holy host is exposed will come to an end.

Cast scorn upon my word now, and you will weep tears when these acts are brought before you. Soon, not long afterwards, the garments worn by My sacred Servants, will be altered and a new form of the cross will be introduced. The new atrocity will not be based on the simple cross. Instead it will feature, discreetly, the head of the beast.

I ask you to gather my holy crosses now and keep them in your homes, along with holy water.I urge all of you to hold onto the truth of what I have told you.
Then I want you to trust in me completely. Never believe that I am leaving you at the mercy of the evil one.I will remain close to you at all times.
I will pour special blessings on the heads of my beloved, loyal sacred servants to keep them entwined with my Sacred Heart.
Keep your hearts close to me and to each other.
Comfort and strengthen each other, for you must love each other, more than ever, before and during the times ahead.
I am your family. You are mine.

We will remain united, until the time when the trumpets peal out and the announcement is made that I am to reveal myself, finally, in my second coming.
Then you will feel the joy and peace which I have promised you.
Then all suffering will end.
Your Jesus

Bible Reading

NJBible Ezekiel 28: 24-26

4 “No more, for the House of Israel, shall any of the hostile nations surrounding them be a thorn that wounds or a briar that tears; and they will know that I am Yahweh.
25 “The Lord Yahweh says this: When I gather the House of Israel back from the peoples where they are dispersed, I shall display my glory in them for the nations to see. They will live on the soil which I gave to my servant Jacob.
26 They will live there in confidence, build houses, plant vineyards. They will live in safety, once I inflict punishments on all the hostile nations surrounding them, and they will know that I am Yahweh their God.”

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